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This week, the guys move off the subject of the Celtic Champions League XI and move onto business matters - The 2013 Celtic AGM.

Harry & Hullbhoy share their business expertise to come up with the perfect preview of a plc AGM - The guy with the deepest pockets gets his way!  Whilst it's not quite like that, the Harry & Hullbhoy preview the meeting by agreeing that the first 9 resolutions are the board's and will be passed by upwards of 96% of the vote.  They agree that non board resolutions have a challenge being passed but that the board do listen to the pressure of many hands at the AGM.

The three non board resolutions (10,11 & 12) are;

10 - A more robust structure around the fan liaison officer

11 - The living wage proposal

12 - The SFA are crap and cheated on Rangers.

Next week we will discuss the Dam Square debacle and the football v Ajax and Ross County.  Then there will be a review of the AGM.

If interested get yourself along to the AGM at 10:30 on Friday 15th November.  If you can't, @HarrybradyCU, @Celticrumours, @CelticAGM and @Theceltictrust and others will all be tweeting live - follow #ticagm and (clubs one) #cfcagm and decide which version of the truth is real!


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