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This week was an emotional one at Celtic Park with the passing of Big Billy and today’s game was never going to be easy.  We also have a team who have been playing since July and a new temporary manager who doesn’t know whether he’ll be in post next season.


Despite the managerial changes amazingly we started today with 6 players who were at the club when Lennon was last here.  A point which perhps highlights the one failing of Brendan - his signing policies.


Anyway we eventually won and it was amazing that the winning goal was scored by our Number 5 when the clock was showing 67 minutes - As someone once said “There’s a fairy tale about this club”



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Today saw the passing of Celtic’s greatest ever Captain, Billy McNeill.  The grandchild of Irish and Lithuanian immigrants Billy forged a unique career and a unique position in the folklore of Celtic and world football.


A one man club as a player from 1957 - 1975 he captained the club in each and every one of the 9 in a row seasons.  He captained Celtic in 2 European Cup finals and in two semi finals.  He managed the team to a European Cup quarter final and to an incredible double in the Centenary Season.  In 132 seasons, the club have one 106 trophies.  Billy McNeil has picked up 31 of them.


In world sport, few athletes are part of iconic moments with fewer still fortunate enough to have one simple image that encapsulates all that they have achieved.   In the moment when Big Billy lifted that trophy; the first Scot, the first Briton representing the first non-Latin side to achieve that accolade a moment was captured that will live with us forever.


Billy McNeill - Goodnight and God Bless

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