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This week Harry has a long range podcast with a guest who's packed more into the last 25 years than many would pack into 2 lifetimes - former ... well former many things including;

Wannabe footballer, Model, Boy Band Star, Host of MUTV, Celtic TV, Setanta Sports, Sky Sports, ESPN and currently beIN Sport based in Doha, Qatar.


A fascinating guest, Ally's ability to bounceback from adversity and move on to bigger and better things is clear in this podcast.


Ally & I spoke for an hour and a half and could have gone on for the same again.


If interested in more his book Begg to Differ can be bought online;




Ally can also be followed on twitter @ally_begg

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Lachie Mor is back in the house and Harry & Lachie discuss the ghost of Celtic Past, Present & Future and conclude that it's always good to support the hoops.


The bhoys discuss the recent performances where a total of 20 goals could have been scored against Motherwell & St Mirren (but weren't).


At almost the halfway stage in the season Harry tries to get Lachie's best Celtic 11 for this crop and the bhoys also discuss the upcoming visit of Inter from Milan.  Oh and they also wonder what the heck is going on at Ibrox...then decide who knows and who cares.


Merry Christmas and God Bless Us All.

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1978-79 was a season like no other, marking the end of an era and transition to a different world in more ways than one.  Jock Stein had managed Celtic for the final time and his European Cup winning captain was to take over the reigns.  The Rangers team which had been succesful in the post 9 in a row years were ageing and two clubs from the North East were starting to show how they would come briefly challenge the perceived order of Scottish Football.


Off the field season 1978-79 started with a song from the film of the summer at number 1 You're The One That I Want from Grease was there for 9 weeks, with 3 Times a Lady replacing it and in politics too we saw major transition.


The Labour goverment had lost its majority in parliament and despite being ahead in the polls, Jim Callaghan saw no need to call an election.  Over the course of the season we would see that lead of the old order be lost, the winter of discontent and the season ended with a woman prime minister.  Changing days indeed.


With all of this going on Celtic came from mid table oblivion to a final game showdown to face Rangers.  Only a victory would allow the Celts to secure another title and in 58 minutes at 1-0 down Johnny Doyle was sent off.  Things did not look good but the players rallied around and TEN MEN WON THE LEAGUE.


Stephen Murray has written a book about that almost mythical season and this podcast finds out more.


Listen to the end to find out how you could win asigned copy.  If you can't win one, buy one:



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The podcast this week sees St Anthony join Harry Brady to discuss the patience of fans past and presence. The bhoys start off by discussing a very exciting new book - St Anthony's review of the remarkable 1978/79 season which culminated in the game which has entered the folklore of the Celtic support, the famous 4-2 game when 10 men won the league.  From this the bhoys find a way to weave the patience of the Celtic fans for a new manager to the slightly less mellow fans of today.


The bhoys discuss the pro's and cons of Ronny's team selections and their hope that the run of 6 wins in the last 7 games points to the new dawn we all hope for.




Both gents are on twitter;



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The old sage of Celtic Underground returns.  With the feast or famine nature of modern football fans, couple with the desire of the Scottish media to pounce on any negitivity at Celtic, the changes at Celtic have resulted in pressure on Ronny Deila.  Lachie Mor and Harry Brady therefore decide to look beyond the easy "it's no working" comments that abound to see if there are indications that it is working...and they do.


Lachie and Harry discuss the challanges of creating change and how this doesn't happen overnight.  They also talk about fitness and diet and how, to think debate on this is taking place at the club not set in the context of how it improves football ability is ludicrous.




The contributors can be found on twitter;



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Lachie Mor is back.  Whilst his convalescing continues Lachie finds time to discuss Celtic with Harry Brady with a more considered approach.  The pair discuss the fortunes of the team to date, the challenges of changing the culture of the club and how the internet provides an outlet for the less tolerant fans.


In view of Peter Lawwells comments following the clubs exit from Champions league football about the lack of domestic talent, the pair also discuss the problems here and the fact that, with our own academy, we are as much part of the problem with regards domestic talent.


The participants can be found on twitter;





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This week Harry is joined by St Anthony to discuss the Maribor disaster analysing the many areas where things went wrong and looking for any positives which there may be to take from it - the guys don't think there were any.

After discussing what wasn't good about the game, the guys also discuss their hopes that Ronnie will get things right, some fears he may not but mainly criticism of the board for not adequately supporting him.

After this, the boys decide that now we're in the Europa League we may as well enjoy it and they look forward to who we may get in the group stages of that competition. With the games ongoing as the lads speak they make it up as they go along but decide it will be fun to see something different.

Please do your best to enjoy!

The bhoys can be found on twitter;




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With all the shenanigans of the last few weeks, in fact with everything that has gone on at Celtic since the departure of Neil Lennon Harry decided it was time for a podcast discussing the breif season so far.  Who better to join him than man in the know, musical expert, golf aficionado and @bythemin mogul Lawrence Donegan?


Lawrence and Harry discuss Lennon, Deila, Iceland, Warsaw, Perth and all things in between - and there has been a lot in between.


Also on the podcast is music from the Bluebells and Gary Bird.  The Bluebells track is a special one - it was written by Lawrence MANY years ago, when he was a fresh faced lad of 19.




The two contributors can be found on twitter;







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This week St Anthony returns with another former hero as his guest.  Danny Crainie got his big chance at Celtic due to a big break - the leg breaks of Nicholas and McGarvey and he grabbed it with both hands.  The return of Nicholas and McGarvey limited his game time and then with a change of manager from McNeil to Hay and the arrival of McClair and Melrose it became time for Danny to move on.


Danny was at the club in that time when the challenge to us came not from the south of the city but the North East of Scotland...imagine that!  




St Ant and I are on twitter


and of course the long serving presenter is still noising people up


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This week St Anthony is joined by another star of the hoops from the late 70's and early 80's, Davie Provan.  For the 40 somethings and upwards Davie was an excellent winger who (along with Murdo McLeod)  was able to fire in the odd spectacular free kick the most famous of which gets a wee airing on this podcast.


Davie was perhaps unforunate to come up against John Robertson and Davie Cooper otherwise he may have won more caps for Scotland and his career was cut short by ME, an illness which some 30 years later is still not that well understood.  His impact on the team and the way the fans thought of him perhaps reflected in circa 42,000 turning up for his testimonial on a cold November night in 1987 (these were the days when a big crowd was 35,000 against Hibs or Aberdeen).  For younger fans Davie is a media pundit.


The first song is from the chart when he signed, the last when he scored THAT free kick. 




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This week St Anthony is joined by another star of the hoops from the late 70's and early 80's, Davie Provan.  For the 40 somethings and upwards Davie was an excellent winger who (along with Murdo McLeod)  was able to fire in the odd spectacular free kick the most famous of which gets a wee airing on this podcast.


Davie was perhaps unforunate to come up against John Robertson and Davie Cooper otherwise he may have won more caps for Scotland and his career was cut short by ME, an illness which some 30 years later is still not that well understood.  His impact on the team and the way the fans thought of him perhaps reflected in circa 42,000 turning up for his testimonial on a cold November night in 1987 (these were the days when a big crowd was 35,000 against Hibs or Aberdeen).  For younger fans Davie is a media pundit.


The first song is from the chart when he signed, the last when he scored THAT free kick. 




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This week St Anthony returns with another former Celtic star from many of our youths - Mike Conroy.


Mike signed for Celtic in 1978 and scored on his debut - unfortunately that was a 4-1 defeat to Hibs.  Mike was at Celtic at a time when the middle of the park had good young talent and competed for a starting place with the likes of Tommy Burns, Mudro McLeod, Davie Provan, Johnny Doyle, Dom Sullivan and Paul McStay.  These were the days before squad rotation and when teams won leagues using the same 11 starting players week after week.  Like our previous guest Sullivam, Mike eventually moved on to find regular first team football.  A man with Celtic heritage, Mike gave his all for the jersey.



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This week St Anthony joins Harry Brady to discuss all things Celtic, the season past, manager past and the manager future.


At the time of recording the two gents had a good idea that Ronny Deila would be the next Celtic manager, but nothing was confirmed.  This didn't stop them from doing what all good Celtic fans have been doing online and extrapalate from the 3 online articles in English about Deila into a full and detailed review of the "potential" new guy.


In addition to the new guy, the pair also take time to discuss the best signing strategy and Harry decides to play the awkward bugger and play devils advocate to every idea St Anthony proposes - ENJOY!


Contibutors are on twitter;



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This week Harry is joined by a non-Celtic guest - Richard Gordon of BBC Sportsound fame.  Richard discusses his love for Aberdeen, but more importantly his passion about Scottish football and his career covering the game and some of the challenges covering the Dons (strangely enough 9-0 at Celtic Park sprang to mind!)


Richard has a book coming out covering the first World Cup he has a memory of; West Germany 1974.  The book is out on May 12th.



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This week Harry is joined by financial whizzkid Hullbhoy to discuss Celtic, Lee Griffiths  and the implications of Scotland's newest club joining the ranks of Third Lanark, Gretna and Rangers as deceased clubs.


Before all of that discussion, Harry has a brief chat with Mark from the Celtic foundation about how to get involved in assisting the club raise funds for homeless charities in Glasgow.  The last game of the season special Celtic Foundation "Football For Good" badges will be available to buy with minimum donation of £1.  Helpers are required to rattle the buckets and sell the badges.  We often talk about what makes us different and the foundation of the club around charitable aims.  That charitable function disappeared for most of the 20th century but was re-instigated by Fergus.  As we know, March was the 20th anniversary of Fergus saving our club from the embarrassment of administration and how fitting that whilst other clubs use their charitable arm to stay trading (allegedly) our charity is going from strength to strength.


If you want to put something back and help our charity with deeds as well as money, email cfcfvolunteer@ceticfc.co.uk

Contributors to this weeks podcast can be found on twitter;





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This week St Anthony is joined by former Celtic midfielder Dom Sullivan.


Dom signed for Celtic in 1979 from Aberdeen for the not too triffling amount of £80,000, following the road taken by his former manager Billy McNeil.  This was a time when squads were small, typically championship winning teams could have as few as 15 or 16 players making first team appearances through the season therefore when a young Paul McStay broke into the side, eventually Dom moved on in 1983.  


In his time at the club Dom made 113 appearances scoring 15 goals.


More podcasts are to come but meantime if your making your plans for the last game of the season, don't forget the badge day for the Celtic Foundation;



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Sorry but how could I possibly have someone on discussing a CQN Book and not make one podium reference?  Anyway, this week I am joined by Brogan Rogan Trevino & Hogan to discuss the latest output from the Celtic conglomerate CQN - Seville: The Celtic Movement.


BRTH sets explains that at times many of us (especially the online Celtic community over the last 2 -3 years) can get too hung up on all the politics surrounding the Scottish game and forget that going to the football with your mates or family is a fun social event, none more so than Seville.  The book therefore is a celebration of that communal fan spirit that was never more evident than around that game.  The book therefore is a fans book telling the fans tails of the game - or more importantly getting to and from the game rather than accounts of the match itself.


Like all good book sellers BRTH refuses to divulge any of the stories (you need to read the book) but the lads do a little reminicing whilst discussing everything around the game.


Both gentlemen are on twitter;




The book can be purchased "in all good book stores" inc;


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This is our first podcast since becoming the champions again and cenemting ourselves as the most succesful living club in Scotland.  No matter how succesful we become we must savour every success and one man who knew that was Sean Fallon.  A Celtic great for decades, Sean saw many good and bad times and his biographer, Stephen Sullivan is the guest for this weeks podcast.


Stephen, formerly of The Celtic View and Celtic website joins St Anthony to dicsuss all things Celtic and specifically his biography of the great Sean Fallon - Celtic's Iron Man.


St Anthony and Stephen Sullivan can both be found on twitter;



@Beverlyhill90210 sorry I meant @stephen62572390


You can buy the book in various places inc;


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This week St Anthony returns with another fantastic guest able to provide an insight into the history of the club - a man with a very famous name in the club's history: Neil Mochan.


Neil Mochan Jnr discusses his fathers 40 years plus association with the club and also the fothcoming book.  An excellent listen.


St Anthony can be found on twitter  @Stephen62572390

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This week Harry Brady managed to sneak back into Celtic Park for another interview with fan liaison officer John Paul Taylor.


JP was on a podcast at the start of the season outlining the purpose of his new position back at Celtic Park and after 8 months Harry re-visits to see if it's all going to plan.  JP is his usual open and honest self, providing an overview of his work to date and also where the club are with the Green Brigade, safe standing, kick off times and other matters.  Also the recent fans forum meeting is discussed and JP outlines the club's thinking on this.


John Paul can be contacted by email, letter or telephone at Celtic Park and also on twitter;



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"The Game Is Over, The Rebels Have Won"


These words are burned into my soul, won of the most defining moments for our club in my lifetime.  Our club was miandering towards oblivion, caught in the headlights of the Ibrox juggernought.  Following the Ibrox disaster, Rangers had created the most modern stadium in Scotland.  Complete with commercial revnue streams available to no-one else they had then taken advantage of thefreezing out from European football of English clubs to hoover up the best of British talent.  Our club had neither the facilities nor the people to compete.  We were heading towards administration.


Thanks to the work of the guys at Celts for Change and business people with the the support was galvanised future of Celtic their only concern, the bills were paid and Celtic stayed in business.


There then followed the most amazing transformation of our club.  Rangers couldn't compete and turned to cheating to stay on our coat tails, eventually going bust under the burden of competing with Celtic.


This podcast focusses on that time with archive from Matt McGlone, Brian Dempsey, two tales from the Celtic Wiki and a brief audio history of some of our heroes.



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This is the second of our two podcasts with forner General Manager Jock Brown where he discusses his time at Celtic.  This week there is more on his relationship with Wim Jansen and Murdo McLoed, how he would do anything to ensure there was no 10 in a row and his sadness at the leaks coming from the lesser member of that management duo.  Brown alos talks of his respect for Dr Jo and the excitement when Dr Jo took him to see Lubo.


If you've not listened to 210 (a) I would suggest doing that first, this one will then make more sense.


Any ideas for a podcast?


Email Harrybradycu@gmail.com

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This week Harry is joined by another man from Celtic's recent history, but this time it is one of the more controversial figures - former general manager Jock Brown.


At the club for just for 17 months, his tenure coincided with the final push of the failed Murray regime to achieve ten in a row and consequently this period also saw the hight of the media campaign to unsettle Celtic.  Many would argue Fergus assisted that campaign by dismissing Tommy Burns and then appointing Brown along with "the worst thing to hit Japan since Hiroshima" in a very different structure to anything else in British football.


Those around at the time will recall the events and will have their own recollections - this is Jocks.

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This week St Anthony is joined by the ever young Joe Miller.  For me Joe was the start of the realisation that I may never ever get to play for Celtic.  Born in the year of the lisbon success, I was studying for my O Grades when this young lad, the same age as my brother burst onto the scene at Aberdeen.  I began to realise I may be too late...


After 60 first team games for the Dons young Joe signed for his bhoyhood heroes and graced the hoops for 6 years.  Joe returned to the Dons and appeared a further 149 times for them.


St Ant & Joe discuss his career and his role in setting up the Celtic former players association.


St Anthony can be found on twitter;


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January 1994 and Celtic football club is approaching its lowest ebb. Whilst the new owner of Rangers decides to accelerate the south side's clubs splash the cash philosophy, over at Celtic the club lurches ever closer to oblivion. In a desperate attempt to hide the reality, the Celtic board provide manager Macari with some limited funds to spend on players to appease the fans. In come the likes of Martin, Biggins and Miggleton.

History has not judged that Celtic team well but were all the players THAT bad? It wasn't until Carl Muggleton's 7th league game for Celtci that he conceeded his first goal and on this weeks podcast Harry Brady is joined by Carl to discuss that time and his career in general. What comes through is a guy who, despite everything, remembers his brief time at the hoops fondly and more than anything is a guy who just loved playing football.

Both can be found on twitter;




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Once again this week Harry makes way for the professionals as St ANthony talks with author of Paradise road, Mr Stephen O'Donnell.

Paradise Road tells the story of Kevin ‘Garra’ McGarry and his assortment of Celtic fan mates from Kirkintilloch as they struggle to get by in their mundane lives which are only brightened by the existence of their favourite football team.

Both authors can be found on twitter;


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I know, you wait for ages for a podcast then two come along at once however you don't have to suffer Harry Brady twice as (apart from a wee intro) this week it is St Anthony who takes the reigns and he is joined by Pual Dykes, author of the book The Quality Street Gang.

This book details the story of a bygone age when a collection of promising youngsters joined Celtic in the 1960's and became the most talented reserve side that Scottish football has ever had the privilage of witnessing.  Today's podcast contributors can be found on twitter;



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This week marks the first podcast of 2014, and first footing Harry is Lachie Mor. Armed with his lump of coal and hawf, Lachie discusses the performance at Motherwell and again the pair discuss the point of many fans - they're not fussed about a winning run if it is replaced by a run of games for some of our younger players.

After discussing this and just how good VVD is, the pair also touch on where the club was 20 years ago because we have a very special anniversary looming.

The contributors can be found on twitter;



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