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Welcome Home


The podcast is back for another episode and we have some old and older voices for you in the names of Lawrence and Eddie.  Yes, Lawrence is on and fresh from his recently return on a Sunday night on Twitter Spaces, we are joined by Eddie Pearson.


The boys go on to discuss Ange-ball, whether the board should get praise or not for the transfer window.  Also following the departure of French Eddie we discuss the top 3 post Larsson strikers.  We also take 5 mins to discuss the weird and wonderful world of “fan media”.



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Ange-ball Rolls On


Celtic have tonight come through what was at times a very nervy evening (a very self-inflicted one) to progress to the group stages of the Europa League and they can now prepare for Sunday.


I was unsure about organising a post game podcast.  I always recall Mark Cooper bemoaning that everytime I organised one with hime we lost.  But I am not a believer in “what’s for you won’t go past you” or the concept of “tempting fate” so I organised one.  We lost but we’re through and that’s all that matters.


I am joined this evening by Anthony and Season to review the game, discuss our stresses and celebrate the overall result.  We also breifly touch on how crap the other clubs are to not achieve the Conference League and have a brief review of Sunday.



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The Game Episode 7 - Barca 125


November 7th 2012.  The night before a Mass was held in St Mary’s to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the forming of Celtic Football Club and that week illustrated that Big Billy’s words about there being a fairytale about this club were never more true.


We has invited the board of Barca to share in our commemoration mass and the following night they visited the Cathedral of noise that was Celtic Park as 60,000 fans and 13 players put on a show that had the whole world talking.


On this weeks podcast Antony Murray and I discuss The Game with Ewan McLean (@_ewanmclean).  We talk about what he was doing at the time and the marvel of that evening.  Paul Hayward of The Telegraph wrote “ Somehwere between madness and love, this fanaticism did for Barcelona on a night when the Celtic team and their disciples were indivisible.  Money can’t buy you that”


What a night! The world's greatest team beaten by the world's greatest club….

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Celtic and our Irish heritage


This week St Anthony takes control of the podcast to discuss Celtic and it’s Irish heritage.  Saint is joined by Sean McDonagh who lecture politics and Scots/Irish history at OU. 


There cannot be a Celtic fan out there who does not know some basics of the coubs formation and heritage however it is always good to get  the details from an expert in the field and Sean provides that in spades here.



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The Game Episode 6 - Udinese draw and F’ UEFA


The current situation at Celtic could be better and so our guest wanted to pick a game from happier times.  It’s the winter of 2011 and the team has had a dramatic turnaround since being 3 nil down at Rugby Park and Neil Lennon looked like being on the way out.  They pulled things back in the 2nd half of that game and started to really motor.  At the same time RFC where spiralling to their death and we were all having a right laugh on this podcast.


Our guest, Matthew Mochan was listening in and enjoying every moment and he wanted to recall a game that took him back to those fun times.


Celtic went into this game still with a chance of qualifying past the Europa League Group stages.


It wasn’t to be but we did have a very good performance in this 1-1 draw and we also had a UEFA fine because some fans unveiled a banner that said “F**k UEFA”.



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Podcast Xtra


Ange & the starman


On Saturday31st July Celtic commence the new league season away at Tynecastle.  The current state of the first team squad has some fans concerned but we have the new Swede and an update on the new Japanese striker in these pre-game interviews from Ange Postecoglou and Carl Starfelt.



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Season 16 - Let’s go round again
Baby we’re back!  Welcome to the 16th season of the world’s longets running football fans podcast.  To celebrate our new season we will have
NO new features
NO new graphics
NO new music
NO new opinions
The podcast will be just as you like - same old usual rubbish but it’s this consistency that has kept our listener numbers the same all these years.
We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to listen or rate us on iTunes.  We don’t have any awards but then, you have to self nominate so where’s the fun in that?
CU - The podcast for the generally optimistic but occasionally midly irritated middle aged Celtic fan.
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Welcome Ange & Dom


Today was the official unveiling of Ange Postecoglou as Celtic manager and of Dom McKay as Celtic CEO.  Both spoke very well.  Talk is cheap as the negative people say however I was very pleased with what I heard today.


No-one comes into a new job and criticises the people or the past but it’s clear, reading between the lines, that Dom wants to address the stagnation in our business model over the past 10 years and Ange will have his own people in coaching roles sooner rather than later.


We have the fan media questions first followed by the broadcast media press conference.



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The View from Down Under


Ange Postecoglou is the new manager of Celtic.  Fans are filled with trepidation about a manager with no European track record.  The pessemists are trotting out the usual “he’s sh!te3” stuff whilst the optimists are noting the exceptional level of positivity coming out of Australia for this guy.


Based upon this mixed view, I called up our friend Mike Mehall-Wood (now based down in Aus) and sought his view.



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Ange Postecoglou First Interview


Celtic have today appointed Ange Postecoglou as the new manager of the club and we have the audio from his first interview.  Interstingly in the chat that follows with Dom McKay, he once again mentions modernisation.   It seems to be his theme and listeners to the last podcast will know we heartily agree.


Dominic McKay: Ange is an outstanding leader and an outstanding manager


Dominic McKay is delighted that Celtic have appointed an experienced manager who knows what it takes to win, and he believes that Ange Postecoglou’s vision for the future of the Club aligns with his own.

In an exclusive interview with Celtic TV, the Club's incoming Chief Executive, who officially takes over on July 1, explained why the Australian manager is the right fit for the Club, and explained that he has already started working with the new Celtic manager to pave the way for future success.

“I’m delighted that we’ve managed to secure Ange as the new manager of Celtic Football Club,” said Dominic McKay. “Ange is an outstanding leader and an outstanding manager.

“In all my discussions with him to date, I’ve been really impressed by his enthusiasm for Celtic, and his keenness to work with me to modernise and develop the footballing structures and the non-footballing structures to make sure we are the successful club that we need to be for the generation ahead.

“His experience at the international level, having taken Australia to World Cups is hugely impressive, as is his experience of winning both in Australia and Japan, so I’m excited about securing a winning manager and in securing someone who wants to drive forward the club in a way that I think everyone will be really proud about.

“We’ve spent a lot of time chatting through the playing side, the coaching side and the footballing operations side.

“It would be fair to say his phone’s been busy over the last number of weeks and I’m excited that we’re getting information across to him to make decisions and get feedback on all the various aspects you would expect us to be considering ahead of the new season.

“We’ve been talking about recruitment in particular and the plans for the season ahead, so we’re very active in that regard. There are some important fixtures coming up so we need to make sure the team is in the best shape it can be, and I’m sure Ange will share more information with the Celtic support as soon as he can.”

Dominic McKay also shed light on how his own vision for delivering success to the club aligns with Ange Postecoglou’s ambitions.

“We have a shared vision and that was very important to me to make sure we had a new manager who bought into the modernising, evolution and development of the club, both on and off the field,” the new Celtic CEO said.

“In terms of his style of play, I think he will excite the fans. In terms of his communication, I think he will be great in engaging with supporters and, importantly, his philosophy, which is borne out of his experience at international level going through World Cups but also in winning competitions. I wanted a winner and I’m delighted that we’ve managed to secure Ange.”

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An analogue club in a digital age


This week we’re back to talk about The Celtic! We will be having more of The Game series but we thought we’d take a break from that to discuss the managerial situation at the club.  First we’ve had the rejection by Eddie Howe and then the appointment of Ange (or at least the likely appointment of Ange as nothing has happened yet…).


This week we get Saint Anthony, Hullbhoy and Sean together to discuss the situation at the club.



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The Game Ep5 - Tirollercoaster


This game had everything - a new team under a new manager with a new striker scoring an og in a 9 goal thriller where Celtic were out with just 6 minutes to go.  It had a full house and so everyone who was a Tim at the time could say “I was there” but for some reason it’s never one of those games everyone talks about with reverence…and it should be.


Celtic 6 Tirol Innsbruk 3.  What a night.


The Celtic Wiki describes it as follows:


An incredible European night. A nail-biter all the way down the line finally settled by goals in the 87th and 94th minute.


  • It looked like Anoni was for the off. Allegedly this was all down to a training ground bust up between him and Jansen on pre-season in Holland and he had been on the injury list for some time. And just to prove it Jansen included him in the squad – so much for newspaper rumours.
  • Surprise surprise when Bebeto was not going to be signing for Celtic. The 33 year old returned to Spain and although it was said he would return to Deportivo la Coruna he eventually joined Sevilla.
  • Darren Jackson was taken ill prior to the match and immediately after was admitted to hospital for tests. He complained of a migraine and was too ill to play.



Celtic: Scorers: Donnelly (34, pen 69), Thom (44), Burley (70, 94), Wieghorst (87)


Tirol Innsbruck: Scorers: Mayrleb (39), Larsson (45og), Krinner (82)



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The Game Ep4 - Boavista Away 2003


For those of us lucky enough to remember Seville it was all made possible by this night - a victory away at Boavista.  A crap game, a sclaffed shot and a penalty claim….but we were through.


Remy of ByTheMinCeltic fame joins Antony and I to share his recollections of The Game.


This is how The Celtic Wiki describes it…


With so much at stake, the opening exchanges were tentative, but Celtic settled first and created the game's first decent goalscoring opportunity. A hopeful Alan Thompson free-kick was flicked on by the head of John Hartson, allowing Larsson a sight of goal, but the Swede uncharacteristically pulled his shot wide under pressure from Eder Silveira.


Celtic were forced to bring Chris Sutton into the fray rather earlier than planned when Paul Lambert was forced off with an ankle injury with just over half an hour gone.


In the second half Alan Thompson had a fierce drive deflected wide on 70 minutes as they sought that elusive away goal. It finally came eight minutes later, when Larsson played a slightly fortunate one-two with Boavista defender Filipe Anunciacao before finishing clinically from 12 yards.


The performance may not necessarily have been vintage and will be overlooked by the Celtic supporters as we prepare for the trip to Seville, where the team will play Porto in the final on 21 May.



Boavista v Celtic, 24 April 2003, was one of the most frustrating games of football I’ve sat through. Needing to score, for 78 minutes Celtic were moribund; they made not a single attempt on goal. Instead, they did what most teams do away from home, condensed midfield and defended, while Boavista, who would qualify for the Uefa Cup final if the game ended goalless, did much the same.


The goal appeared to take place in slow motion. Henrik Larsson moved forward to the end of the D and tried to pass to John Hartson, but a defender intercepted. Unfortunately for Boavista the ball was returned from the interception to an unmarked Larsson on the edge of the box.


It spun from his preferred right foot onto his left but the shot gently arced inches away from the goalkeeper’s grasp. The goal was a deflection, although we didn’t see it at the time. The keeper was moving his weight from right to left as the ball drifted to his left.


It may have been a turgid game of football decided by a deflection but it was also one of the most intense sporting occasions in our 125 year history. The sheer release of tension when the goal went in was incredible. 15 minutes, and one generous refereeing decision later, Celtic were in a European final.


Since then we have become accustomed to our position as a credible European team but it was very different in season 2002-03. This was the first Christmas Celtic were in Europe since 1979; each milestone along the way, Blackburn Rovers (a far more credible team at the time), Celta Vigo, Stuttgart and Liverpool, was celebrated with something close to astonishment.


The triumphs of this season, qualifying for the Champions League group stage instead of losing to Basel, then progressing to the knock out rounds, are greater than the achievements of April 2003, but they will never feel that way.


That game, that season, trophy-less though it was, changed our entire landscape. Nothing would ever be the same again.



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The Game Ep3 - Partizan Belgrade


To this day, this is one of the most incredible games I have ever attended.  Yes I’ve been at the Barca game, the Invincibles Cup Final Game, victories and defeats at Ibrox but for utterly incredible drama few can match this game - Celtic 5, Partizan Belgrade 4.


A future Dundee Utd Manager, the dad of a future Celtic striker and a guy wearing trackie bottoms - this game had it all (all except a Celtic victory).


Antony and I are joined by Lawrence Donegan as he name drops his way through his memories of The Game.


Here’s how the Celtic Wiki describes it:


This was one of the most remarkable games ever viewed at Parkhead with an absolutely disastrous ending for a brave Celtic team.


Scoring went as follows: 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 4-3, 5-3, 5-4.


With Celtic leading 5-3 and going through on aggregate with just two minutes left, Joe Miller lost the ball at the Partizan goal corner flag. A quick break down the left wing saw a cross come in and Scepovic headed it for goal. The despairing Bonner got a hand to out and only served to divert it past Paul Elliot who was on the goal line and would have cleared had Bonner not knocked it past him.


Celtic players and fans were devastated at time up and stood in stone silence as jubilant Partizan players and coaches danced for joy on the Parkhead turf.


Billy McNeill was heavily criticised afterwards for not making one substitution when Celtic were leading 5-3 with minutes to go which would have broken the game up and killed some time.


It is thought that Darius Dziekanowski could have laid on another cert, but went for a personal five. He was later lambasted in the changing room despite having scored four goals, and maybe others were more culpable for the defeat than Jacki.



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The Game Ep2 - Palm Sunday


This week marks the 30th anniversary of the Palm Sunday gubbing of Rangers, a game that holds special memories for our guest Kevin Schofield as it was his first Glasgow Derby.  It was dark times for the club and these victories were smal glimpses of light.


We had beaten Rangers the week before for what became known as the ST Patrick’s Day Massacre.  That was a game that saw Rangers receive 3 red cards and so for this match, Not The View gave out red cards and Nisbet duly obliged by getting himself sent off and leaving the pitch to a sea of aforementioned red cards from the crowd.  Anton Rogan was the star of the day, scoring the opener in the 3-0 victory over Rangers in March 1991, his first against them (just day before his birthday), but he also set up the second and cleared a goal off the line.



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The Game Episode 1 - Shame Game


10 years ago this month was The Shame Game.  A silly title for a game that saw no shame apart from the terrible behaviour of the soon to be defunct Rangers players and assistant manager.  But with its notoriety and coming to the fore we thought  we’d kick off the new series with a review of that game.


Here’s how the Celtic Wiki describes it:


As one-side a match against the Huns you'll ever see. Celtic were on top throughout this game, and despite the Huns being able to break well at points, they were simply playing for penalties from early on. With injuries/resting players like Lafferty & Jelavic, the Huns were relying on some rough tactics with heavy tackling on the menu. Luckily, Celtic's pressing on fairer referees has paid off with Murray officiating well and taking to half measures. He allowed around 20-25 mins before dishing out yellow cards, and Whittaker was first to be ordered off with two yellows. Harsh the first card may have been but it wasn't for that challenged alone (he had committed a few bad tackles before hand).


From then on, Celtic took control (in particular in the midfield) however we weren't makign enough of our advantages. Wilson was exceptional and has been on a bit of a goal glut of late (3 goals in 6 games) and he scored with his second chance today just after half-time to send the support into raptures. From then in, there was only one team in it. Rangers had a late burst but their runs were cut short..... and Rangers were out the cup!!!




More important is the rammies that occurred. Diouf was in everyone's' face, with match offs with Brown and then inexcusably with the Celtic bench. He should have been sent off early but the referee was too soft. Next there was a rammy with Mjallby for Djouf in the tunnel at half-time! It was comical.


The unbookable Bhougeira was sent off! Amazing! Daft tackles were the cause, he's scum like Diouf.


Diouf was sent off after the final whistle for not keeping control of his senses (not possible for him). A farce and scumbag.


The home support were in his face and we all laughed. The worse he is on the pitch, the worse his antics are...


Match ended with a spat between Lennon & Ally McCoist (Hun assistant manager). McCoist approaced Lennon in our dugout, Lennon politley held out his hand, then McCoist whispered something in his ear, Lennon retorted, then it blew with some shoves and people jumping in to separate the two. McCoist should be hammered for it.


Anyhow, we won, it's great to be a Celtic.


Crazy: The match has been criticised by the First Minister as a disgrace with head police officer calling for possibly stopping all games v Rangers or play them behind close doors! Absolute joke, total mock outrage.



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Podcast Xtra - John Kennedy & David Turnbull


Celtic are looking to engage better with the fan media and this was the first step in 2021 of that new engagement with a specially organised fan media press conference.  To be fair to the club, bringing this together is slightly more complicated than it seems.  As I’ve joked recently, there are now a plethora of podcasts and how do the club make sure everyone gets access, how do they balance this with those fans who do excellent written work but not the spoken word - do they let on every podcast and website (not matter the numbers of listeners readers).  Do they have a cut off and how do they measure that cut-off? etc etc.


Regular listeners and readers will know that we have been fortunate enough to have engagement before but it is good to have some further engagement after a little bit of a hiatus.


We have David Turnbull and John Kennedy first up, John being especially generous with his time and providing very full answers.  I have met with John before and found him a very impressive and engaging man.  I have yet to meet a football person who isn’t impressed by John.  I hope you are too.



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Pieces of Eight


Yes, it’s the pirate podcast (you’ll understand when you listen) and we are reviewing the tenure of Neil Lennon as Celtic manager.  We look at his departure last time, his re-appointment and assess whether this was some catastrophic turn of unlucky events for Neil or the inevitable outcome of appointing someone not qualified for the job and I would suggest that the panel have a range of opinions along that spectrum.


A change is gonna come at Celtic and we suspect that it will have an alpine look to it but whatever it is, there are always grounds for omptimism when you support Celtic so we (mainly) agree that next season is going to be very exciting.


Saint Anthony, Sean and Antony all discuss.


Also, we’re pulling together a series on Celtic matches, key games that might now have mythical status among the support.  We’ll be starting with The Shame Game.  Email your memories of this and also let us know hat games you would like us to feature.





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Celts on The Rocks


This week I am joined by Lachie Mor and Duncan Smillie of Glasgow Rocks to discuss the current situation at Celtic.


We review the inept Ross County performance and then go on to discuss the nature of the vitriol against senior people at the club (manager CEO) and question if that is the “Celtic Way” - can we not disagree with the board’s decision on Lennon without being so disagreeable?  Duncan has a go at me for the agressive language of the Ferencvaros podcast.  Lachie is taken aback and patently didn’t listen to it!


We review the need to get more young players coming through the academy into the first team and generally wish this season would just go away.




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Marketing Celtic


I know, I know, all we want is a succesful team on the pitch and you have no time for all this marketing and “brand” chat that revolves around modern football and if that’s the sum total of your thoughts on marketing a football club then this podcast is not for you.  If, however, you see maximising income as the way of getting the best players in the pitch then hopefully you will find this of interest.


I look at our club as failing to communicate well with the supporters.  I therefore wonder if we are so poor at speaking with the fans, are we even worse at communicating with a wider audience, and is that poor communication impacting on the business as a whole? 


Whilst I can have a view, I always think it best to ask an expert and so I asked the Managing Direcor of Sporst Marketing experts Fuse for some input.  It does help that not only is Stephen an expert on sports marketing, he’s also a huge Celtic fan.  We therefore have a marketing expert talking specifically about our club and how we might get those marginal benefits that allow us to get better players on the park.



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And so after 17 years in the job Peter is leaving. 


Peter Lawwell was first employed by Celtic as the club's Financial Controller from 1990 to 1991 under then Chief Executive Terry Cassidy. In September 2003, he returned to Celtic succeeding Ian McLeod as Chief Executive. The job title was changed for Lawwell to Executive Director, Head of Operations as many of the previous Chief Executives had performed poorly in that role.  Arsenal were interested in appointing Lawwell as their chief executive in 2008, but Lawwell rejected their approach.  Lawwell has been credited with increasing revenue, reducing debt and is considered a tough transfer negotiator. He has attracted criticism since 2008, however, as Rangers had won three championships in a row. In particular, Celtic fans cite the club's refusal to increase their offer for steven Fletcher in January 2009, after which Rangers overhauled Celtic to win the 2008/09 SPL. In 2010 it was reported that Lawwell earned a wage of more than £700,000 a year, after receiving a 25% rise from his previous contract for the 2008–09 season.


Everything at Celtic changed in 2012 when Rangers went to the wall and this saw the club commence an incredible period of dominance, winning trophies and building cash in the bank for a rainy day,  We had the Brendan era followed by the appointment of Neil Lennon in the showers and for many, the diasters of the current season were sewn on that day.


Peter leaves and Hullbhoy and I assess his legacy.



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Dear Dr Jo


This past week saw the passing of Big Shuggie Edvaldsson and formerCeltic manager Dr Jozef Venglos.


Jóhannes Eðvaldsson signed for Celtic in 1975 and made 127 appearances for the club.  He scored 24 goals for Celtic playing in defence, midfield and attack but made his name mainly as a central defender.


Dr Jozef Venglos was the first foreign born & raised manager of a club in the English top tier league(now it's the EPL): Aston Villa.  He won the European Championships at under 23 level, and then his finest moment in coaching, the full European Championship with Czechoslovakia in 1976, beating Netherlands in the semi-finals and West Germany in the Final, as well as reaching the quarter-finals of the Italia 1990 World Cup.  Appointed President of the European Coaches Union in 1995 as well as being chosen to coach European and World select teams in the 1980's and 1990's.  AT Celtic he signed the great players Lubo & Mjallby for Celtic. Truthfully, he never made a bad signing.  Disgracefully treated by the local press whilst in Scotland (quite petty patronising racism in some cases).



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Tell me when it’s over


And the hits just keep on coming… This past week Celtic have dropped points to Livingston twice (once to a team made up of their fringe players) and still the management team remains unchanged.  On the podcast we discuss the possible rational behind this, the issues with the players, the Livi game and of course that press conference.


As a podcast that has (at times) been very aggitated with the team - coaches and players, we try our best to take a step back and assess how and why.  We discuss the board and what we should be doing.  Tanks on the lawn with a firm statement of intent that this will never happen again.



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What’s going on?


Who could have predicted, that going to Dubai, in the middle of the world’s worst pandemic in 100 years could end up being a PR disaster…?


Sunday night the news broke that we had a player with Covid. Then it started to come out that, due to the nature of everyone being in close proximity, 13 players and 3 coaches would be unavailable for the game against Hibs.  With perhaps a 5% chance still left of winning the league, we needed to win every game left this season and this wouldn’t give us the best chance of starting that run, yet we nearly achieved it.


Antony Murray and I discuss the game, the trip and basically ask - Celtic - What’s going on?!?



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2020 - A Year in Review


Twenty Twenty vision was hard work - a year of two halves.  We ran away with the league until Covid came and we were robbed of the 9iar celebrations.  When won a quadruple treble and again robbed of the celebrations.  In the grand scheme of things it will be just one year of missing going to games and there are worse things happening in the world however it hurt to miss them all the same.


It WAS supposed to be a review with @antonymurray25 and @hullbhoy @stephen4_2 and myself but for a variety of reasons it was just Saint & I but we still managed to ramble on for 2 hours reviewing the seasons past and present in 2020.


Hullbhoy and Antony will be on again soon.


Meantime, please enjoy…

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I don’t want to talk about it!


The maltesers edition.


And there it was - in the 62nd minute the final flickers of the 10iar dream were snuffed out when Nir Bitton climbed all over the back of Alfredo Morelos and Madden was presented with the opportunity to reduce us to 10 men and any chnce of clawing back the huge deficit went.


It wasn’t the Bitton sending off that killed the chances of winning the league and securing the 10.  The seeds of this defeat were sowed long ago with a various key points since February 2012 when, presented with an opportunity, Celtic made the wrong choice.  The key to losing the ten was when the club decided to focus on demoestic rather than European dominance.  Set your standards low and and you achieve low.


Antony Murray and I review a game which, for the first hour, was dominated by Celtic.



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