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This week I'm joined by Hullbhoy and we discuss the only game in town - Celtic.

Reserves thumping Celtic.

Figures that spell show we're on the best financial footing.

Juve in last 16 Champions league.

If Carling did football clubs…we know what the Juve result would be!!


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And the podcast returns!  Just as you thought I'd done a bunk and joined Eddie as a monk in his cave, after a 6 week absence the podcast is back!

This week I am joined by St Anthony of CU, KDS and Celtic Wiki fame.  We discuss the 4 goals a game enjoyment of SPL home games, the disaster at Hampden v St Mirren, league reconstruction and have a brief look forward to Juve.  Hope you enjoy.

Oh and at the end we have a musical tribute to raving Loony Charlie Green.

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