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Welcome Ange & Dom


Today was the official unveiling of Ange Postecoglou as Celtic manager and of Dom McKay as Celtic CEO.  Both spoke very well.  Talk is cheap as the negative people say however I was very pleased with what I heard today.


No-one comes into a new job and criticises the people or the past but it’s clear, reading between the lines, that Dom wants to address the stagnation in our business model over the past 10 years and Ange will have his own people in coaching roles sooner rather than later.


We have the fan media questions first followed by the broadcast media press conference.



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The View from Down Under


Ange Postecoglou is the new manager of Celtic.  Fans are filled with trepidation about a manager with no European track record.  The pessemists are trotting out the usual “he’s sh!te3” stuff whilst the optimists are noting the exceptional level of positivity coming out of Australia for this guy.


Based upon this mixed view, I called up our friend Mike Mehall-Wood (now based down in Aus) and sought his view.



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Ange Postecoglou First Interview


Celtic have today appointed Ange Postecoglou as the new manager of the club and we have the audio from his first interview.  Interstingly in the chat that follows with Dom McKay, he once again mentions modernisation.   It seems to be his theme and listeners to the last podcast will know we heartily agree.


Dominic McKay: Ange is an outstanding leader and an outstanding manager


Dominic McKay is delighted that Celtic have appointed an experienced manager who knows what it takes to win, and he believes that Ange Postecoglou’s vision for the future of the Club aligns with his own.

In an exclusive interview with Celtic TV, the Club's incoming Chief Executive, who officially takes over on July 1, explained why the Australian manager is the right fit for the Club, and explained that he has already started working with the new Celtic manager to pave the way for future success.

“I’m delighted that we’ve managed to secure Ange as the new manager of Celtic Football Club,” said Dominic McKay. “Ange is an outstanding leader and an outstanding manager.

“In all my discussions with him to date, I’ve been really impressed by his enthusiasm for Celtic, and his keenness to work with me to modernise and develop the footballing structures and the non-footballing structures to make sure we are the successful club that we need to be for the generation ahead.

“His experience at the international level, having taken Australia to World Cups is hugely impressive, as is his experience of winning both in Australia and Japan, so I’m excited about securing a winning manager and in securing someone who wants to drive forward the club in a way that I think everyone will be really proud about.

“We’ve spent a lot of time chatting through the playing side, the coaching side and the footballing operations side.

“It would be fair to say his phone’s been busy over the last number of weeks and I’m excited that we’re getting information across to him to make decisions and get feedback on all the various aspects you would expect us to be considering ahead of the new season.

“We’ve been talking about recruitment in particular and the plans for the season ahead, so we’re very active in that regard. There are some important fixtures coming up so we need to make sure the team is in the best shape it can be, and I’m sure Ange will share more information with the Celtic support as soon as he can.”

Dominic McKay also shed light on how his own vision for delivering success to the club aligns with Ange Postecoglou’s ambitions.

“We have a shared vision and that was very important to me to make sure we had a new manager who bought into the modernising, evolution and development of the club, both on and off the field,” the new Celtic CEO said.

“In terms of his style of play, I think he will excite the fans. In terms of his communication, I think he will be great in engaging with supporters and, importantly, his philosophy, which is borne out of his experience at international level going through World Cups but also in winning competitions. I wanted a winner and I’m delighted that we’ve managed to secure Ange.”

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An analogue club in a digital age


This week we’re back to talk about The Celtic! We will be having more of The Game series but we thought we’d take a break from that to discuss the managerial situation at the club.  First we’ve had the rejection by Eddie Howe and then the appointment of Ange (or at least the likely appointment of Ange as nothing has happened yet…).


This week we get Saint Anthony, Hullbhoy and Sean together to discuss the situation at the club.



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