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After the loss to Malmo in midweek, everything online with Celtic got a bit hectic and frenzied with lots of gnashing of teeth and searching for a villain to pin the blame onto.


With such a critical online atmosphere Harry decided that a more calming and measured perspective was required and therefore asked Hullbhoy, with his calming Hull tones to provide his overview.  The bhoys started by discussing the Europa League draw and then moved on to review Tuesday.  Harry asked who was to blame and what could be done.  Hullbhoys responses were interesting...






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This week Harry is joined by leading sports commentator Mr Derek Rae.  This was recorded the morning after the night before and the first topic of conversation is the Malmo game, but the chat soon moves on to wider topics covering Derek's varied (by location) broadcast career.


Derek started broadcasting for hospital radio at just 15 and as he goes onto explain, got a lucky break at 19 which resulted in becoming a lead commentator at Radio Scotland.


Since then Derek has established himself in Scotland, left, established himself in the United States and now, again, finds himself back in Scotland covering the game he clearly loves.




The boys can be found on twitter;



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Scott Allen - Welcome to Celtic!

Celtic have signed another Scottish talent and in the process managed to get three of their targets into one.

Scott started his career at Dundee Utd - Tick

Scott has been signed from Hibs - Tick

Rangers fans were singing his name as they thought THEY were signing him - Tick and Ha ha ha ha ha

With Celtic playing in Europe (West Asia Region) this past week Harry thought he should speak with some of the globe trotting Celts to get a feel for what is what like.  Paul The Tim was otherwise engaged hunting down Scott Allen for his selfie pic so that left only a handful of others and Mark Cameron (@leftybhoy) fitted the bill.

The bhoys chat about Qarabag, Killie and have a little chuckle at the expense of the fans formerly known as huns.  New club, same old fannies!

Anyway - it's late and we want Celtic chat when we make a new signing so here you go...



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This week, fresh from getting 1 step closer to the Champions League we have St Anthony in conversation with another former Celtic hero - Joe Craig.


Craig, a striker, joined Partick Thistle in 1972 from Sauchie Juniors. After an impressive start, scoring seven goals in his first twenty games, he helped the club to the First Division title in season 1975-76. Joe signed for Celtic in September 1976 for £60,000 where he won the Scottish Cup and League Championship in his first season. He moved to Blackburn Rovers in September 1978 where he remained until 1981 when he joined Hamilton Academical. He retired in 1983.

Whilst at Celtic, he earned his only international cap against Sweden in April 1977. He started the match as a substitute and came on after 75 minutes and famously scored before having even kicked the ball, scoring a header just two minutes after replacing Kenny Burns.



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