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Estadio Nacionale joins Harry Brady to discuss the challenges of supporting Celtic from afar along with the challenges of Doha traffic and getting a decent roll and bacon.  Harry then rambles on about the last 16 draw against Juve and then The Human Torpedo presents another tale from the Celtic Wiki - A Rapid Exit.

The music this week are two charity tracks to be downloaded from iTunes - Rod Stewart and the Justice Collective and with our inevitable run to Wembley, Estadio chose Nothing Can Stop Us Now to close.

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This week, Harry Brady is joined by Lachie Mor and we also have the return of The Human Torpedo.

Lachie joins Harry to discuss the last three games - Good, Nervous and Ugly.  They discuss getting through to the last 16 and how the atmosphere through the game was tempered by events in Spain.  Then then move on to domestic matters and the pleasing Killie performance and only breifly discuss Arbroath - we won, that's about it!

There is then a new Celtic Wiki bit - Ten Twinkle Toes, narrated as usual by the Human Torpedo

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After the car crash podcast number 184 where Harry Brady tinkered about to see how the controls all worked, this week he has been released to do a full podcast.  Harry starts off by explaining that Michael Dolan has crossed the stream but that his history has been taken forward by the special guest Hullbhoy.

Harry tries to start the new era in controversial fashion by talking about the disapointing nature of home domestic form, but the two lads quickly get onto the wonderful European run.  Oh and at the end there is some Jim Traynor bashing just for old times sake.

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