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This past week has seen the feel good factor kicked the the baws at Celtic Park with the stramash over the Green Brigade followed by the Rangers Fraud whitewash and then the lack lustre home performance against Rosenborg.  The Rosenborg game was played after this podcast was recorded and this is actually part 2 of the long chat Hullbhoy and I had about all things Celtic earlier in the week.


Part 1 has already been uploaded and covers the football and the supreme court decision.  This podcast is all about the Green Brigade, their banner and their subsequent ban.  We tried to not make this adversarial and discuss the issues at hand.



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So, what do we have to talk about….Harry and Hullbhoy pondered that question and the chat quicker meandered into 2 hours of Celtic chat so we’ve decided that this should be cut down into two podcast - one mainly football and one mainly banners.  This is mainly football, with a bit of what to do with cheats.


The bhoys discuss the recent Linfield victory and the forthcoming tie against Rosenborg but as this podcast was being recorded the SPFL made some more noises about letting cheats go free so Hullbhoy and Harry also discuss that.  If you want banners, bans and brigades discussions - along the corridor, third door on the left.


The cover songs this week are Oasis Cum on Feel The Noize and Scott Bradley’s Post Modern Jukebox covering Creep.



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The world famous Celtic Underground Top Ten is finally here.

Celtic are about to kick off in the first competitive game in season 2017-18 and so we thought it about time that we finally unveil who you, the Celtic Underground podcast public voted for in the top 10 players of season 2016-17.

We pulled together some of the team and we all sat around a Skype mic and ran through that ten. Lachie Mor, Mark Cooper, Saint Anthony and Harry reviewed and discussed the ten along with the Samaras Award for top moment. So who won?
No spoilers here, you’ll need to listen all the way through.


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David Friel is a former journalist at The Celtic View and has previously written a Celtic Book - The Century Bhoys.  If that wasn’t enough to put him off David has taken the bravery pills and dived into the world of football authors again to write about the Invincibles.  We have a copy of the next book to give away and the question is at the end of the podcast.


David tells us about the book and that leads into a discussion about the marvellous past 12 months and specifically what makes Brendan so special.


The music is a tribute to Tony Hadley leaving 80’s band Spandau Ballet and also following my comments on the intro to Superstition last week, Andy Gronneberg suggested Waterfront - so there you go Andy.



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The big talking point in Scottish football is the Supreme Court decision which confirms the scale of the Rangers cheating during the latter half of the calamitous David Murray era.  We will no doubt have a detailed podcast on that soon but one key point to know - The top clubs DO have a large say in the actions of the football authorities.  Pressure from Celtic, Aberdeen and perhaps Hibs & Hearts would result in a judicial review of the LNS decision.  Celtic have made an important statement on this.  The silence of those other clubs is deafening.


The role of fans will now be vital.  We await fans of clubs like Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts making sure their clubs follow Celtic lead.  Meantime we have our chat on BBC GMS with Graeme Spiers.



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This week Harry is joined by Martin McCardie…you may not know his name but you will be aware of his work.  A writer and producer on River City, Martin has also starred in, written and produced many well know works on Scottish TV and also written and starred in Scottish plays.  Martin is here because he has also re-written the ply Lions of Lisbon, 25 years on from its debut to fit for its 50th anniversary.


This is a fascinating podcast for anyone who loves Celtic and anyone who’s thinking of getting into play writting or acting.  Oh and also tells a wee story that left me speachless about Mo Johnstone still being a Celtic fan…!