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Just in time for the schools breaking up, the world's longest running football fans podcast brings you another feast of football chat to get you through the dearth of quality chat in a tournamentless summer (yes I know there's the women's thing but that doesn't count).


This week Harry is joined by Grant Russell of STV, known to those on twitter as @STV Grant.  The boys discuss Grant  credentials as a real fan of a lesser team before getting on to the meat of the discussion...how they'd cover the game if they ruled the world.





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You may be all just about to embark on your summer holidays with the prevailing sports of golf, cricket and tennis on the tv but football never goes away and neither does the worlds' longest running fan podcast!


The last Scotland game was just a week ago but the Celtic players are back in training, the fixtures are out and the Champions League draw has been made so we know you want some football chat so your quest is fulfilled here with St Anthony in conversation with Graham Spiers, the man who proves Scotland's deference to authority by getting all the respect in the world just by dressing like a teacher.



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It's milestone in more ways than one.  We have now reached the end of the first season of the Ronny Deila era and it's also the end of the first 250 podcasts from Celtic Underground.  Eddie may be still living in a cave but we still have enough regulars from the podcast to have a multi-cast review of Ronny's first term.


Hullbhoy & Lachie passed on their apologies but we Harry was still joined by St Anthony, Mak Cooper, Mark Cameron and Lawrence Donegan to doscuss season 2014-15.


The bhoys start with the departure of Lenny and the fact that they weren't really surprised (not that they didn't appreciate the work Lenny had done, just that there seemed to be a natural ending to his time).  The rambling chat rolls along from there through the preparation of the squad for Cahmpions league and then onto the "challenge" from the Dons, stopping off for a discussion on youth before a quick look over the fence at next term.








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