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This podcast was recorded the night before the day of departure, so we discuss the Motherwell game, preview the Hearts game and in the middle discuss the increasing rumours coming through by text, DM and Whatsapp that something was afoot.  Despite getting the rumours we still couldn’t believe he’d actually go.


We knew he would be leaving in the summer, but couldn’t believe he would leave this close to the end of the season but unfortunately the only thing that matters to Brendan Rodgers is Brendan Rodgers.


No point wasting energy over him, he’s gone.


Here’s to the title and here’s to the treble



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The podcast is back following a momentous week of statements and games.  We’ve had the last-minute Kilmarnock victory which led to the Ayrshire club’s statement on Boyd and seats.  When then had the return tie with the black bat of Valencia and we have the upcoming Sunday fixture against Motherwell.


Interspersed into all of the Celtic stuff, we’ve had the Rangers Killie game where, once again, one club got fortunate decisions which were subsequently overturned once the game was completed and that club had won.  Hmmmm.


Following the Kilmarnock cup replay at Ibrox, Steve Clarke had an “astonishing” rant where he stated the obvious - people who obsess with religious related abuse at football are Neanderthals and Scotland still has a major problem… “astonishing!”  This was then followed up an interview with Barry Ferguson about the questions his kids asked when he was verbally abused.  This was accompanied with a tear jerking picture of his poor kids wearing scarves with anti-Catholic and Ulster Terrorist slogans.  It really hit the right note(!)


Anyway, to mark this auspicious week in Scottish football, we have a new section on the podcast - Statement of the week…



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The podcast is back with Hull’s proudest proponent, Hullbhoy himself.  On this week’s podcast we review the Valencia game and preview the Kilmarnock league match.  We discuss how much human error impacted on the Celtic and Valencia performances - that basically Celtic played well for 20 mins and then a series of human errors seemed to spread fear and trepidation through the Celtic ranks.  That when the Valencia goal hit the back of the net, you got the impression the ref could have blow the final whistle there and then and both sets of players would have been quite happy.


The bhoys then move on to the Killie game and the impact of a plastic pitch and a Kilmarnock Cup replay may have on the attitudes of both sets of players.  Consequently both bhoys go for a 2-0 victory to the hoops.  Here’s hoping.




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