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On Saturday 23rd December Celtic defeated the second best team in Scotland 3-0.  The first half was tight but once Celtic scored there was only ever going to be one winner.


After the game Kristopher Ajer, Brendan Rodgers, Mark Reynolds and Derek McInnes spoke to the press.



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Following the 2 goal victory over Partick Thistle the Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers spoke with the press.  He gave his opinion on the game, the way the players improved through the match and also gave some post match comments about the Thistle player who thumped the ball into the crowd.



Following Brendan Alan Archibald gave his post game thoughts and then finally there was the well groomed and lovely haired Stuart Armstrong.


That will be our final podcast out before Christmas so may all of us at Celtic Underground wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas.



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It happened!  We lost!  3 Players slipped on their arse, the goal keeper had a headrush and pulled down a Hearts player and we thumped it long all second half.  Apart from that we also played poorly…! Yet despite ALL of this we remain top of the league and remain on course for another title and part of the way there to a remarkable back to back treble.  We broke a 100 year record and went 69 games unbeaten.  And of this has happened when you and I are alive.  You’ll tell your grandkids about these days!  Anyway, enough of the rambling…


After the game against Hearts and the end of the record breaking run I thought I should quickly pull together a podcast and discuss the game, the fall-out, the magnificant run and our hopes for the furture.  It’s all here along with the music.


We have Adam Glen with his debut single These Towns and Elvis with Martina McBride singing Blue Christmas from the ‘68comeback concert.



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The past week has seen Celtic lose a two goal defecit to Hibs (a game we should have won by 5 or 6) followed by the Europa League Draw, followed by a FREEZING victory over Hamilton and then all rounded off with a lovely Christmas letter to all season book holders from the club.


With such an action packed week we’ve already squeezed a podcast extra in but have also decided to get @LachieMor1 back on to review the week.


Just before uploading the podcast I asked for cover versions or great intro’s on Twitter and was bombarded.  I have noted all and will get to them all.  Meantime I picked the request from @Hullbhoy for a Sinead O’Connor song and went for her cover of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (should have saved for @markocooper) and Los Colorados cover of Katie Perry.  It’s quite unique!



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The slump continues as Celtic reach 69 games unbeaten in domestic football.  At this rate we’ll be slumping ourselves to back to back trebles!  Following on from completely dominating the game against Hibs but losinga  2 goal lead we had the visit of Hamilton.  An excellent strike and a Jozo gift almost lead to Hamilton getting two goals in this game too but in truth this was a game that would only ever have one winner.  Ntcham was excellent again and Edouard had some good chances that he just couldn’t quite convert.


After the game we had Brendan Rodgers, James Forrest and Martin Canning chat in the media conference.


For music we have Morcombe and Wise and a cover of Kings of Leon.



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Tuesday night was a pivotal game in our season.  Provided we didn’t lose by 3 or more goals we could enjoy European football after Christmas and this was achieved but perhaps not in the way we would have liked…but we’re there.


Following the complaint by Mark Cooper that he always gets the graveyard shift of a post Euro defeat I decided to get another guest on this weeks podcast and so we have Lachie Mor.  As the podcast was recorded we received breaking news about the basket case of another Glasgow Club and so we have a wee laugh for a minute or two at that too!


Music this week is from The Life of Brian and Madness.



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Well that was the PSG double header then…12-1.

We all knew we would get beaten by the most expensive team ever and whilst none of us like heavy defeats, to channel my inner half glass full guy, there were some positives to take from that game…not many, but more than the home leg.


Immediately following the game i decided to ring up my pal Mark in Argentina in an attempt to pick the bones out of the performance.  We both decided that there was no point in analysing the game on a goal by goal basis and trying to pick out who was at fault.  we lost, let’s move on, learn what lessons we can and win on Sunday.


The music this week in, at the front end, expected - it’s Atmic Kitten with their cover of the Lustig song.  At the end of the podcast it’s the Nirvana cover of the Bowie classic The Man Who Sold The World.



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This week I am joined by St Anthony in a chat that was supposed to be about our marvellous 100 yr record breaking achievement but in typical Celtic Underground Podcast fashion it went on a meander.


We started with the Anfield Wrap (neither of us could remember the name) briefly touched on the winning run and then got onto the meat and bones of the team and the challenges of team building.  It finished with Saints Ross County preview and has a few mentions of Lawrence Donegan in between.


In recognition of this weeks Country Music Awards the covers have a country fell and also are two generations  apart.  We have Harry Styles covering Girl Crush and Ray Stevens from 1975 covering Misty in a Country Music style.




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This week Harry is joined by Guardian Football and Golf correspondent Ewan Murray.  If you pick up your copy of the Guardian at the local paper you will be aware of Ewan for his coverage of the major games in Scottish football and perhaps have worked out that he is a Jambo.  If you’re aware of Ewan from his online presence you will either like him or loathe him or see him simply as a “hurting Hun”.


I normally can’t be bothered with people who occassionally take to trolling on twitter but in Ewan’s case I make an exception and must admit I find his interaction with many quite amusing.  Ewan and I have a very long ramble through his career and then onto Scottish football.  We recorded this just after the loss at home to Bayern so that performance is covered as is Hearts, their new stadium, Pedro, SEVCO coverage and…Airdrie.  It’s all explained when you listen.


The music this week is cover versions of a Bee Gees 1971 song and a Stevie Wonder classic.  We have the Rev Al Green version of How Can You Mend A Broken Heart and As by George Michael and Mary J Blige.



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Celtic have fanzines older than some top flight clubs - Not The View is 30!


For fans under the age of 40 it’s always been there but for those of us of a certain age it was an essential part of Celtic culture growing up.  Perhaps it was the arrival of Souness at Rangers that spawned it or perhaps it was just luck but with everything that happened at Celtic in the first 7 years of its existance NTV was essential reading.


Without NTV perhaps Celts For Change may not have happened.  Certainly without NTV you wouldn’t be listening to this.  It is an essential part of our modern history and St ANthony met up with some of the guys to discuss the 30 years of history.


Prior to the NTV chat we have Brendan pre-Bayern game and Dedryck post Bayern.  Enjoy…

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This weeks podcast extra is Brendantastic.  We start off with a brief chat before Brendan went on stage for his book launch at the Armadillo in Glasgow and then we have both Brendan and Leigh in fine fettle after the 1-1 home draw against Kilmarnock.


There is irritation in from Leigh about the failure to get a win and frustration in Brendan’s body language but none of us will complain if we get another treble but more importantly if resting players for ushc games facilitates Europe past Christmas.



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Sorry for the break for the past few weeks but we’ve been busy but we’re back.  A football fans podcast from the guys behind The Celtic Underground and now in our 12th season possibly the greatest time in those 12 years to be a fans of the hoops and maybe longer.  Officially the best football fans in the world, we support a great team that is also in a different league to the rest of Scottish football.


Since the last podcast we’ve defeated Hibs to reach the first final of the season, bossed the 2nd best team in Scotland on their own patch and moved close to European football after Christmas.  With all of this (and the sacking of Pedro and construction of a 1960’s office block by Hearts) there was so much to chat about we needed two guests - Mark Cooper and Hullbhoy.


The music this week is Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox with a cover of Shake it Off and Morcombe and Wise.  Ohh and it’s the Basque Atletic Bilboa and not the Castillian Athletico Madrid.



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Following the comfortable 2-0 victory in our second Glasgow Derby of the season (after a more tightly contested game against Glasgow’s second club at Firhill) we now have perhaps our most important Champions League game of the season coming up.  With such an important fixture I thought I’d continue our new podcast guests with a foreign based journalist, from Airdie, working for a French news agency.


New music comes from Tuvband and Mark Sharp.



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We Battered Them


Make no mistake, whilst this wasn’tanother 5-1 victory we once again showed, on their patch, that the newest version of Rangers Football Club are a million miles away from competing with Celtic.  Not only are they a million miles away from competing with Celtic but as today’s league table shows, they’re quite a way from being the second or even 3rd best team in Scotland.


Audio was recorded at the game to try and capture the emotion of the day and then I dialled up Henrik Vegetable on the way home to try and capture the joy of the supporters in the immeidate aftermath of the game (so excuse the audio as the podcast is recorded in the car on the way back).


Rangers couldn’t cope with our movement in the first 15 minutes and were nothing after the 2nd goal - their heads went down and our superior fitness told.  Yes, we are 35 - 40 minutes fitter than them.  That is a huge gulf.



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This week Michael McCourt of The Celtic FC Foundation joined us to discuss the new fund raising initiative the Hail Hail Trail.  Time to coincide with our 130th Birthday on 6th November, Michael explains how everyone, everywhere can get involved in this 130 mile walk over a 6 week window - listen in and see what you can do (already 2 sistsers in San Francisco have signed up).  Prior to Michael we have Brendan’s press conference following the Ross County game.


The Covers this week are Mayssa Karaa covering the Jefferson Airplae classic White Rabbit and then we have Adele’s cover of Steeldrivers If It Hadn’t been For Love.



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Tonight (as we record this) Celtic were on the reciving end of a 5-0 defeat to PSG.  I expected to lose so I’m not too down because I believed that this group would always come down to the head to heads between ourselves and Anderlecht for European football after Christmas.


Mark & I therefore discuss the game and highlight our flaws, but hopefully in not a too negative way.  Personally my biggest fear is the consequences of the idiot who came onto the park and the hope that this doesn’t result in a stand closure or worse.  Here’s hoping.


We have two new music tracks for you.  My Green Machine and Ecletic Electric by Bluevale St.



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The Champions League is returning to Celtic Park and we will have a team with over £800m worth of talent gracing the green green grass of home… and PSG are not too bad either (boom boom).


Prior to the UCL first group stage game, there was the usual round of press conferences and we managed to get the audio from Brendan and Olivier Ntcham pre-game.  There is a wee bit of the translators in there and also if it sounds like Olivier is answering some questions with a French accent & some with a Scots one, it’s because when asked a question in French he replied in French and therefore we have the translator answer only.


With regards to the music covers this week, the first one is from @Joebloggscity with the Flying Lizards and Money (which I thought was apt) and the second is from Derek McLean suggesting Elvis Costello & The Attractions ‘(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love & Understanding - a Nick Lowe cover.  Apparently it’s Derek’s wife’s favourite all time song.



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With the wonderful nature of modern social media and without any overhyping from the club, fans have managed the make the return of Patrick Roberts the signing coup of the last few seasons.  That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, just a wonderful way the fans have whipped up the fervour on this.  As we pull this audio together it’s looking like another French translator may be required at the club, but we’ll see.


This is the audio from the #PR7 press conference and some exclusive chat we were able to grab with him at the end.



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The end of summer is signaled by the Champions League Draw.  It is the moment when Europe’s elite are drawn together for nights of excitement under the lights and today we got glamour and and possible hope for Europe past Christmas.


Harry spoke with Hullbhoy and the two discuss the draw and how we got there with the victory over Astana.  we also hear from assistant boss Chris Davies and Kieran Tierney and Olivier Ntcham.


Cover versions were suggested by Sean Hamilton and Derek McLean with Waterloo sunset by The Jam and I Saw Her Standing There by Elton John.



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So close you can almost touch it.


Wasn’t Wednesday fantastic?  Reaching this round of Champions League qualification is very special.  We know we have European football until Christmas but these two games will determine whether that in the Champions League or the Europa League.  The anthem starts, the nerves jangle and the game gets going for a crucial double header.  There was much debate on whether the sigings had been enough but Brendan had faith that the Invincibles squad is good enough and in Brendan we trust - a 5-0 hammering!


For music we had to have something that recognised the UCL atmosphere so Cum on Feel The Noize (Oasis cover of the Slade song) and I am The Walrus (again Oasis covering, this time the Beatles).


It’s Harry chatting with Hullbhoy - Enjoy…

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CU Xtra - Brendan & Astana Manager


If you thought only Colonel Gaddafi held press conferences in a tent then you’ve not been to Celtic Park on a Champions League night.


Following the stunning 5-goal victory we had the press conferences.  I expected the defeated coach to say a few words and go.  Unfortunately he was first in and he talked.  And the transaltions were long!


To avoid the pain I swapped around the order and we have Brendan followed by the Astana Manager.  as best possible I edited out the translations.



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This weeks podcast features Danny wilson, Franz Ferdinand St Anthony and Harry Brady - quite a collective!


St joins Harry to discuss the great start the the campaing with the thumping of Hearts in the league and then Kilmarnock in the league cup.  we discuss who played well and our thoughts on various players but are stunned mid podcast as we discover the startling news that Rangers have been drawn AWAY in the League Cup…


The cover versions this week are from Franz Ferdinand with Bowie’s Sound & Vision and the some more Danny Wilson with the Abba classice Knowing Me Knowing You.



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Saturday saw the opening game of the new season with the league flag unfurled for the 6th consecutive year and the umpteenth year if we discount the cheating years.  After the game Jon Daly, Leigh Griffiths, Christophe Berra and Brendan Rodgers spoke with the press.  We couldn't be arsed getting in to hear Daly and therefore missed the newsworthy chat!


Anyway, here's the others who took part.  PS - The hearts media guy has a weird haircut.  It looks like he cut the fringe himself after a night on the lash!

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This weeks podcast is all about the finances of Celtic - is there scope for growth or are we all maxed out?

We know that the only thing that matters in football is winning on the pitch but that is determined by the quality of player and quality of manager at the club and THAT is largely determined by the money you have to spend, specifically when it comes to the Champions League and European Football in general. With the draw for Europe pending I therefore wanted to speak with two Tims who could give an insight to the finacial climate within which we operate and to ascertain if we could squeeze an extra £10m or so that might push us over the edge and into regular UCL last 16 territory.

Alan and Robin know their finances and are worldly wise so who better to have this chat with?


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There is nothing better after a nail biting game to be able to listen to some Celtic chat, whoever is producing it.  There is nothing worse after a defeat than recording said Celtic chat so my night was on a knife edge.  Not only with the Celtic game but whether I would be having an enjoyable or frustrating podcast chat with Mark Cooper.  Fortunately it was the former.


Mark Cooper and I discuss the victory over Rosenborg that guarantees European football to Christmas and we discuss the possibility that that football will take place in the Champions League - we hope and expect it will.


The music is - for intro A Forest by The Cure and for play out the cover version of The Patriot Game by The Bluebells.




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This past week has seen the feel good factor kicked the the baws at Celtic Park with the stramash over the Green Brigade followed by the Rangers Fraud whitewash and then the lack lustre home performance against Rosenborg.  The Rosenborg game was played after this podcast was recorded and this is actually part 2 of the long chat Hullbhoy and I had about all things Celtic earlier in the week.


Part 1 has already been uploaded and covers the football and the supreme court decision.  This podcast is all about the Green Brigade, their banner and their subsequent ban.  We tried to not make this adversarial and discuss the issues at hand.



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So, what do we have to talk about….Harry and Hullbhoy pondered that question and the chat quicker meandered into 2 hours of Celtic chat so we’ve decided that this should be cut down into two podcast - one mainly football and one mainly banners.  This is mainly football, with a bit of what to do with cheats.


The bhoys discuss the recent Linfield victory and the forthcoming tie against Rosenborg but as this podcast was being recorded the SPFL made some more noises about letting cheats go free so Hullbhoy and Harry also discuss that.  If you want banners, bans and brigades discussions - along the corridor, third door on the left.


The cover songs this week are Oasis Cum on Feel The Noize and Scott Bradley’s Post Modern Jukebox covering Creep.



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The world famous Celtic Underground Top Ten is finally here.

Celtic are about to kick off in the first competitive game in season 2017-18 and so we thought it about time that we finally unveil who you, the Celtic Underground podcast public voted for in the top 10 players of season 2016-17.

We pulled together some of the team and we all sat around a Skype mic and ran through that ten. Lachie Mor, Mark Cooper, Saint Anthony and Harry reviewed and discussed the ten along with the Samaras Award for top moment. So who won?
No spoilers here, you’ll need to listen all the way through.


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David Friel is a former journalist at The Celtic View and has previously written a Celtic Book - The Century Bhoys.  If that wasn’t enough to put him off David has taken the bravery pills and dived into the world of football authors again to write about the Invincibles.  We have a copy of the next book to give away and the question is at the end of the podcast.


David tells us about the book and that leads into a discussion about the marvellous past 12 months and specifically what makes Brendan so special.


The music is a tribute to Tony Hadley leaving 80’s band Spandau Ballet and also following my comments on the intro to Superstition last week, Andy Gronneberg suggested Waterfront - so there you go Andy.



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The big talking point in Scottish football is the Supreme Court decision which confirms the scale of the Rangers cheating during the latter half of the calamitous David Murray era.  We will no doubt have a detailed podcast on that soon but one key point to know - The top clubs DO have a large say in the actions of the football authorities.  Pressure from Celtic, Aberdeen and perhaps Hibs & Hearts would result in a judicial review of the LNS decision.  Celtic have made an important statement on this.  The silence of those other clubs is deafening.


The role of fans will now be vital.  We await fans of clubs like Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts making sure their clubs follow Celtic lead.  Meantime we have our chat on BBC GMS with Graeme Spiers.



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This week Harry is joined by Martin McCardie…you may not know his name but you will be aware of his work.  A writer and producer on River City, Martin has also starred in, written and produced many well know works on Scottish TV and also written and starred in Scottish plays.  Martin is here because he has also re-written the ply Lions of Lisbon, 25 years on from its debut to fit for its 50th anniversary.


This is a fascinating podcast for anyone who loves Celtic and anyone who’s thinking of getting into play writting or acting.  Oh and also tells a wee story that left me speachless about Mo Johnstone still being a Celtic fan…!



When Brendan arrived we knew that season 2016/17 was going to be something special, but no-one could have foreseen just how wonderful it was.  Few if any of us will ever see a team go the entire domestic season in Scotland unbeaten and in the process pick up every domestic trophy with the youths chipping in too.


The Celtic Underground team always peruse the key moments from seasons past and this year is no different so Harry is joined by Hullbhoy and Mark Cooper to discuss the key games from last season that saw us start and finish the domestic campaign with thrilling 2-1 victories away from Celtic Park.


Of course we do not discuss whether, having only drawn 4 games domestically and beating the 2 best team in Scotland on 6 occasions we should be further ahead than we are over a team we thumped 5-1 in two games because that would be silly!



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In 2012 our greatest rivals, Rangers Football Club entered administration, they never exited it.  They limped along, finished the season and died.  The story of that death is a decades long story of cheating in the vain attempt to compete with Celtic.  This is a podcast about that cheating.

As most of you will know, the blame for the death of Rangers was laid at the door of Craig Whyte by the fans of the that club and the media.  Such was the reach of the established order that when poor business practices led to the clubs death, fans git the courts to chase after Whyte.  His case was damning on that decision with no need for a defence case.  He won just from the evidence of the prosecution, but we don’t really care about that. Pertinent to Celtic was the confirmation during the trial that people within Rangers pursued an active policy to defraud all of our game. 


So desperate were those in charge to keep their club going with largess rather than living within their means that they cheated and defrauded to obtain a European license.  They nearly got away with it too.


This podcast sets out where we are now that the fraud has been confirmed and is about what could happen next.



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his week Saint Anthony returns with another reflection on a Celtic life in former left back Mark Reid.  When I was growing up the Celtic full back pairing was Andy Lynch at left back and Danny McGrain at Right Back.  This then changed to see Alan Sneddon come in with Danny moving over to the left.  Again that changed and our guest arrived allowing the world’s best right back into his natural position.


Over the years left back has been a challenging position for the hoops with younger fans spoiled by the likes of Tierney and Emilio.  Fans of my generation will no doubt have a soft spot for Mark Reid who was rather an unsung hero of the ‘80s.


For it was then that he made nearly 200 appearances for the club, winning several trophies including two league championships in an exciting and talented Hoops side.


However, with his first-team chances becoming more limited, the full-back elected to leave and join Charlton Athletic. As someone who had spent his entire career in Paradise, emerging from the club’s youth set-up, this was a difficult decision but one which he would ultimately reap the rewards from.


Reid helped the London side reach the old First Division and he got the opportunity to face some of the top teams and players in England of that era, staying there for six years before returning to Scotland in 1991.


After an injury-plagued two seasons with St Mirren, he decided to call time on his playing days and he has since carved out a successful career as a driving instructor.



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It’s summer time so we have something a wee bit different on this week’s podcast…basketball.  Now don’t worry we haven’t chucked our principles, our sport and and our game in the bin.  This is the Celtic Underground Podcast so obviously there has to be a Celtic angle to this and there is (thank goodness I hear you say).


This week Harry is joined by part owner of the Glasgow Rocks basketball team Duncan Smillie.  Duncan is in business with David Low running the Glasgow basketball franchise.  The team play on our doorstep and both men are massive hoops fans (that’s hoops of the green and white variety) so why not have a chat about our near neighbours?


There’ll be more podcasts along soon - old players, Res 12, The Lions of Lisbon play, the CU Season Review and the CU Top 10.  The close season isn’t long enough!



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The WORLD FAMOUS Celtic Underground Top Ten is here.  It’s time to vote!


Yes the Top Ten is back again and it’s your opportunity to cast your vote for the Celtic elite.  The podcast gives you a reminder of the runners and riders and also a reminder of past glory days and those more forgetable seasons.


This year we also have a new award - the Samaras Award for that unforgaetable moment in the season that just made it perfect to be a Celtic fan - the final whistle in Israel, the Lustig Goal at Ibrox, the Simunovic tackle on Miller, the Senderos slide or that Rogic winner.


All votes count, this is not a first past the post election.  Our STV methodology means that the best rise to the victory podium.


Enjoy and get voting podcasts@CelticUnderground.net

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The InVIncibles have their final game - the final chapter in a remarkable season.  Celtic Football Club are just 90 minutes away from finishing an emotional year with an incredible achievement - completing an entire season unbeaten domestically and in the process picking up all possible domestic trophies - a treble of senior honours and matching the Lions on the domestic front by also bagging the Glasgow Cup.


Harry is joined by Hullbhoy to preview the final and discuss the fantastic year.  We also have chat with Boyatta, Gordon and Roberts before closing out with some audio from the Hydro.



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It’s the night before and what else could we possibly do but release a podcast in tribute to one of the most remarkable achievement in all of Scottish sport.  25th May 1967 is a date written into the folklore of our club but for those of us under 50 it is only something we have read about or watched on video.  Our older fans were lucky enough to experience it so we thought it essential that we ask our own Lachie Mor for his memories.


Fresh faced and rosey cheeked, the 19 year old Lachie was at college down in Manchester but he made the treck back to Glasgow to watch the game at home.  And this is that story.


With one or two other bits of audio you might recognise (including a posh Archie) Enjoy…

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You will tell your grandchildren that you were there, that you saw Celtic win the league without loosing a game.  Wonderful.


This week we hear from Brendan Rodgers and Leigh Griffiths immediately after the Hearts victory.  Leigh still had the mud on his boots at the press conference whereas Brendan had spent quite some time on the park before the press conference commenced but it was all good.  Brendan talked a lot about being invincible, infrangible and Leigh talked about which boss is the best kisser!  As for Mark and I?  We just meander and ramble this way and that.



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This week Harry is joined by St Anthony, fresh from his trip to the hospital.  Many have wondered what part of his body Saint had enhanced...we couldn't possibly comment!  After discussing how difficult it was to have a hospital visit sandwiched between two humpings of a team from Ibrox, Harry & Saint then go on to discuss the victory over Aberdeen before a more mundane discussion around the parking proposals at Celtic Park, the lack of thought that surrounds the proposal and the possible impact.


After this chat the bhoys revert back to football and the forthcoming Thistle game.



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This week the guests (nearly) are all Celtic.

Following from the victory over St Johnstone when Celtic’s starting outfield 10 had a combined age of just 22, we hear from one of those young stars Patrick Roberts.  We also have 10 minutes from the manager where he discusses the performances of Ralston and Johnstone, the chances of keeping Paddy and his general thoughts on the victory.


Also this past week we had the launch of the new strip and at that event myself and a few other Celtic websites were able to have a chat with Stuart Armstrong, Callum McGregor and Kieran Tierney, so we have the 10 minutes per player exclusive chat also.  At the end we hear from St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright who confesses that we were just too good for his team.



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In the darkest days of the 1990’s, pre Fergus McCann, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would stand at Ibrox and witness such an imperious performance.  They may be a new club but it’s the same ground with the same fans and we absolutely thumped them.  Destroyed them.  Ground them into the ground.


From almost the first goal there was an air of menace, a thought that at any time their end could flip and go bonkers.  Brown’s attack, monkey taunts and Directors fighting.  This was THEIR Dallas Game, their Mars Bar game…except they have no Fergus coming!


So en-route home I was joined by gentle Jim to discuss the game.  We wanted a raw and fresh podcast that captured how we felt immediately post game.  It’s recorded on the journey home so please accept our apologies on the sound quality.



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This week Harry is back and joined by Hullbhoy to discuss the fabulous walk in the park victory of the Rangers.

Fresh from taking off his lycra blue/green body suit, Hullbhoy discusses with Harry how good Celtic were, how bad Rangers are and how a ref getting red card decisions wrong will be seen as having a good day!  The bhoys wax lyrical about the team and then at the end Harry reminds everyone that being Celtic is not just on the park performances but off the park charity.

Oh and good luck to Saint with his impending galbladder op.


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This Sunday, the Celtic Graves Society will host a special event to commemorate the final resting place of James Kelly, Celtic's first ever captain.  And it's appropriate that the event falls on the 125th anniversary of Celtic's first ever Scottish Cup triumph - a 5-1 victory over Queen's Park on April 9, 1892 - when James Kelly led the Celts to the first of the 101 major trophies that the club has won in its long and illustrious history.


The commemoration ceremony will take place at St Patrick's Cemetery, 29 King's Drive, New Stevenston on Sunday, April 9, starting at 2pm. 


Following this latest Tale From The Wiki we have audio from Brendan, James Forrest & Elbows.



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This weeks podcast revisits the Celtic Graves Society event that took place last week in Prague.  The work of the Celtic Graves Society in keeping the memory of former Hoops Heroes alive is amazing and never more evident than this past week with the guys travelling to the Czech Republic to commemorate a former Celt.  Jim takes us through the events of that weekend with audio in three parts from the Johnny Madden celebration and commemoration.  An early Celt Johnny was also the father of Czech football.

If you can listen to last weeks podcast extra and then this.



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This is is a trip that the Celtic Graves Society have been looking forward to for a very long time, commemorating the "Father of Czech Football", Johnny Madden.

The Celtic Graves Society and Odbor přátel have been working hard on various different aspects of this commemoration and we would like to extend the hand of friendship to all Slavia fans as we prepare to arrive in the beautiful city of Prague. Any Celtic Supporters in the Prague area are invited to attend to the commemoration on Saturday.

Alongside the committee they have 3 Supporters of the Society travelling with us to Prague. The Garves Society would a special thanks for the commitment shown to be able to join us. Your support will never be taken for granted.
They also have members of Johnny Maddens family arriving from Belfast for the commemoration.

A friendship formed through a common bond. Johnny Madden.



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This week we have the return of the Saint.  Fresh from his trip to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital St Anthony delivers and excellent podcast about Nutmeg magazine.


We can all be guilty of trotting out the lazy Scottish Mainstream Media label as a catch-all for bad journalism but to be fair we shouldn’t tar them all with the same brush.  There are some very good journalists out there covering the Scottish game and Nutmeg is one of the publications providing a platform those good journalists.


It’s a periodical which promotes itself by saying “It’s not a book, it’s not a magazine.  It’s somewhere in between, and something completely new in Scotland; a quarterly subscription-only long-form publication filled with top quality writers, great articles and fascinating stories.  And it’s all about Scottish Football.”



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This week we have a bumper guest filled podcast. In no particular order you will hear;
Harry Brady, a Pearson child, a member of the brady Bunch, Lachie Mor, Craig Gordon, Lewis, Robin & Robert!

Value for money if I do say so.

It’s a podcast of two halves. The meat and bones of the podcast is a chat between Lachie and Harry. The two bhoys discuss the recent St Mirren game and the “furore” around Brendan’s comment that St Mirren were quite good. We then hear from Craig Gordon after he signed his new contract and then it’s on to the Glasgow Derby. Lachie and Harry discuss this game before we get a very brief preview from 3 Celts, two of whom have come all the way from Singapore and Hong Kong to see the hoops triumph (Hopefully).


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This week the podcast was put together on the anniversary of Fergus McCann saving Celtic.  Celtic fans can rightly be proud of that period when the club was in difficulty.  A board built around family history and hereditory rights rather than business acuumen had been caught out by the arrival of brash big spenders at Ibrox.  This compounded with the need for massive infrastructure spend on the stadium had Celtic on its knees.  But when Celtic were in trouble  the fans didn’t wait around for a white knight.  They rallied around and created a solution.


Celts for Change galvanised the support behind a common cause and when the moment came the likes of Brian Dempsey, John Keane and Fergus McCann stepped forward, prevented the ignominy of administration and paid the bills.  From there Fergus oversaw the building of a new stadium, the stopping of the 10 and a fan investment programme which now sees 28,000 of us owning a bit of our club.


Fergus also re-established the clubs heritable foundations.  He created the Celtic Charity which has now become the Celtic FC Foundation and we have Magan Fallan providing an overview of her role and an insight into how the Foundation chnages lives.


So a wiki tale and Megan Fallan.



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By the time you are listening to this you will have heard the sad news about the passing of Celtic legend and Lisbon Lion Tommy Gemmell.  In his career Tommy played for Celtic, Nottingham Forrest, Miami Toros and Dundee.  whilst I was not old enough to have seen the Lions I was fortunate to to have caught a glimpse of one or two of them at the end of their careers to say “I saw them play” with my last recollection of Tommy as player manager at Dundee, the final place he won a trophy.


Tommy spent 10 years in total at Celtic, making 418 appearances and scoring 63 goals, two of those goals being in European Cup Finals.


“They never die who live in the hearts they leave behind”

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This week we are bringing you some very special guests - the Celtic management team.  Mainly we have  a sit down interview with Chris Davies, an insightful chat into his time at Celtic so far, his level of expectation for players and the high standards he and Brendan set. 


Myself, Celtic Quicknews and ByTheMinCeltic were fortunate enough to get a 45 minute one:one with Chris at Lennoxtown this week.  After our chat we were able to sneak into the Brendan press conference for the Inverness game on Wednesday and get some really intersting stuff from the manager.


Hopefully you find this as interesting as we did.



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On Saturday the 25th of February at St Kentigern's Cemetery Glasgow (prior to the Hamilton Academical fixture)  Celtic Graves will be commemorating one of the men who was a member of the team who lifted our first ever Scottish Cup, Joseph Cullen. 


This Podcast Extra is a tribute to that man.


Cullen was in goals for Celtic’s first Scottish Cup triumph in April 1892 and in August that year he played in the first match to be staged at the then new – and present Celtic Park. The great Dan McArthur would eventually oust Joe from his starting spot and after 73 games for Celtic he moved to London to Tottenham Hotspur in May 1897. 

Sadly he would die prematurely from pneumonia in 1905.

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This week Harry is joined by Mark Cooper from warm and humid Buenos Aires to discuss the state of play at Celtic and Scottish football.  Trying hard to not sound as sycophantic as Graham Hunter the bhoys meander through a discussion of the last two games, Brendan’s comments on the state of the pitch before somehow getting to discuss how good Maloney was/could have been!  Oh and they also find time to giggle at New Huns.


Prior to the bhoys chatting we have all the audio from the Brendan post Motherwell press conference and then we have the return of the Celtic Wiki with the tale of Jospeh Cullen who will be remembered at St Kentigerns Cemeterym Glasgow at noon on 25th February prior to the Hamilton Fixture. 


It’s a bumper filled podcast so Enjoy…

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This podcast contains audio first created as part of the Fergus 20 yr Anthology, covering the RFC omnishambles.  It also has audio from Brendan and Mousa after the ICT thumping.

When consuming my football it's always through the optics of Celtic.  Even when reviewing the success or failure of Cathro at Hearts, McInnes at Aberdeen or Lennon at Hibs it's viewed through the spectrum of the impact on Celtic or Celtic people.


It is with this in mind that I approach the anniversary of RFC Administration Day.  They are no longer relevant to us except in one way.  Until we get the myth that they somehow survived death, I will always celebrate and remind others of their demise.

This week it is St Anthony who is back on interview duties and his guest is a man well known to those listeners based in Scotland but may also be known to those further afield - STV Political Editor and big Celtic Man Bernard Ponsonby.


Bernard joined STV in 1990 and has gone on to be one of the heavyweights of political reporting in Scotland.  Journalist of the Year in 2015 he has covered some of the most momentous events in the last 100 years from the formation of a Scottish Parliament, the resignation of a sitting Speaker of the House of Commons and of course the Scottish and EU Referendum.  But is Bernard happiest of all when he’s watching the hoops…?



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This week sees the return of a man of culture…oh sorry a man from the City of Culture, Hullbhoy. Hullbhoy joins Harry to discuss the marvellous football under Brendan and specifically to review the Hearts and Aberdeen games along with the sales that we didn’t make in the transfer window.


In the process of the meandering chat Harry & Hullbhoy also touch on the runners and riders for 2nd spot. How the Dons would be a better team with a better manager, has Cathro started getting the Jambos playing his way and do Rangers fans sit listening to their manager playing Football Bullshit Bingo?



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Last night Celtic continued their master class of dominance in Scottish football with a 1-0 win over the country’s second best side. This is despite Celtic being without 4 of the top 5 scorers this season and fielding no recognised striker. This on top of the fact that Aberdeen had played on Friday evening and Celtic on Sunday. This gap of days would mean that the Dons players could have a day off following their victory over Dundee and still have 3 days to prepare. Celtic on the other hand would have had one day (Monday) off and trained Tuesday and more than likely no-one who played Sunday would have trained Tuesday. In effect we had zero days prep.


We saw the consequences of this prep as the game unfolded. Aberdeen did NOTHING productive across the 90 minutes. Their tactic was to stop us playing – something they did well in the first half. We had changed our shape to a back three but they had 3 men press when Gordon had the ball to minimise our ability to play out easily from the back. Superior fitness told in the end however. Despite needing to chase the game, the Dons were unable to press high in the final 20 minutes and Celtic saw out a victory.


Below is some post match audio with Dedryck Boyata, Brendan Rodgers and Derek McInnes. All have something interesting to say. Boyata comments on the challenges of motivating yourself when very far out of the first team picture. He discusses being on the treadmill at midnight to 1am. I am sure it is that will to succeed and get back that has prompted Brendan to work with him towards his first team return.


Brendan discusses the game and then makes a few light-hearted comments. One about how the team could do better – we dropped 2 points away in Inverness and the other about how Tim Williamson was asked to mark Dembele in London like Franco Baresi.


Finally we have McInnes and we learn that the Aberdeen manager wasn’t even at the game! He was sitting watching some other game on the TV where Aberdeen played well!


We have uploaded a podcast extra with audio from the Hearts and Aberdeen press conferences along with a clip from the STV Facebook Live transfer window chat.



This week Harry is joined by a guest from Ireland, living in Canada who loves Celtic.  The guest this week is journalist and one of the two stars of the new film Celtic Soul - Mr Eoin O'Callaghan.

Celtic Soul follows Canadian actor and funny man Jay Baruchel on an epic road trip through Canada, Ireland and Scotland with his new friend, well-known Irish soccer journalist Eoin O’Callaghan. It’s a story that spans 200 years of colorful history and that will take the duo eastward from Montreal to Westport, Ireland – where Jay’s ancestors set sail for Canada, like so many others – and finally Glasgow, where Jay will fulfill a lifelong dream: to watch a match at Celtic Park, one of the wildest and most hallowed grounds in world football.



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This week St Anthony returns to the podcast to interview Celtic Non-executive Director Brian Wilson.


Brian is well known to all in Scottish society and Celtic fandom for his numerous high profile roles.  A famous Labour politician, Brian was an MP for over 20 years, serving as a Minister under Tony Blair and was a we ll kent voice during the independence referendum.  Brian is also known for his roles as a journalist and commentator in addition to his numerous business roles.  In Celtic land Brian has been a Non Executive Director for some time and is a well known Celtic historian.  It is his latter role as a historian that interested St Anthony the most.



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This week I am re-joined by old favourite Lachie Mor.  Regular listeners may recall that Lachie was something of a doubting Thomas when it came to the appointment of Brendan…”what’s he won?” and “He’s not done anything in Europe” were two criticisms I recall.  With the halfway point of the first season under our belts I thought the season review and forward projections after the break would be the opportune time to revisit Lachie.  I don’t think I’m giving away too many spoilers when I say he’s changed his position on this.


Once this is established we review the Brendan first 11, discuss the window and the forthcoming 4 games.



Happy New Year.  We cannot believe it’s 2017 and Mark Cooper and Harry Brady cannot believe that our terrestrial highlights on TV are not as good as they were 30 years ago.


Mark Cooper is now safely tucked up in Argentina with all the warmth that the southern hemisphere brings at this time of year however he is only just home having popped back up North for the festive season.  During that time he attended the Rangers game and gives us a perspective of a man who’s been away from this dear green place for most of the last 10 years.  He reviews the game, the atmosphere and the TV coverage.


After all this we touch on the continued development of the team by Brendan and what players may come next.



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