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Seasons Greetings to you one and old and speaking of  auld, if you’re a supporter with memories of the early to mid 70’s you will recall that it was a changing time for goalkeepers at Celtic.  Faither time Ronnie Simpson had retired and Jock was chopping and changing keepers more often than new Rangers change owners.  For me I can recall seeing Ally Hunter, Patrick Barclay, Roy Baines and Denis Connaghan all vying for the Number 1 jersey before Big Peter Latchford secured the first choice position and it’s Denis that we turn to for this Christmas Podcast edition.



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To quote Noddy Holder “It’s Christmaaaaaaasss!”  It’s the season of goodwill to all men and times when we all deserve a little treat so hopefully my treat to you is worthwhile and one you actually want.  I’ve had a chat with Lawrence Donegan and with his regular invites over to the @bytheminCeltic podcasts I thought it only right to return the favour so we have Lawrence and his regular guest Mr Remy McSwain nipping across to The Celtic Underground for a chat.


The bhoys review the Motherwell game, chat about how wonderful it is that even our worst domestic performance garners 3 points and then we turn our sights onto BBC Sportsound and the radio punditry in Scotland.



The Celtic Underground - Kenny, Brendan and St Anthony of The Celtic


We pride ourselves on the quality of guests here on Celtic Underground and of late we’ve been to Australia and back with the world of Sport and Japan and back with music, but sometimes great guests can be found on your doorstep and this week we speak to someone of this Parish to discuss Celtic…our very own St Anthony and if you’re a fan of Celtic books you’ll know him as author of Kenny of The Celtic Mr Stephen Murray.

Stephen and I start by having a brief review of our final Champions League game of this season, the 1-1 draw with Man City, before moving on to the meat and bones of the podcast which is his latest book on Kenny Dalglish.

Stephen gives us some idea of what we may come across in the book before discussing the perfect Celtic team of the Kenny years and the “what could have been team” of the 10 years after he left.  After that trip down memory lane we then fast forwardto the Rodgers Revolution and discuss just how enjoyable times are.



You can buy the book;


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There are fewer games bigger in football than Champions League matches and in Glasgow these don't come much bigger than Celtic v Barca.  We are only in the embryonic stages of the Rodgers revolution but already we can all see that the club is taking it's first steps on what looks like it will be a wonderful journey and the podcast starts off with chat from Brendan giving an insight into his vision for this club.  He does this whilst interweaving chat about Barca and the forthcoming Cup Final.


After the Brendan chat Jack Lyons and I have a brief conversation about how the two teams may set up before the podcast returns to the main pre-Barca press conference with chat from Broony and more from the manager.  If you wonder why the main conference occasionally jumps from one topic to the next it's where I've chopped out the Spanish translation and just missed the start of the next question.



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Continuing our series of interviews with celebrity Hoops fans, this week we are joined by a man plying his trade in another form of "football", that is Rugby Football. This week we are joined by Leeds Rhino forward and MASSIVE Celtic fan Keith Galloway.

Keith, son of a Dundonian, was born in Sydney and played for the Leeds Rhinos. A New South Wales State of Origin and Australian international representative forward, he previously played for the Wests Tigers and Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks. Keith is also an ambassador for 3 charities.


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The joys of this podcast are the many occasions when we get to chat with Celtic fans who are experts in another field and this week I had the pleasure to sit down and chat Celtic and music with the gentleman James Grant.

Brought up in Bridgeton then Castlemilk, James was part of that group of Scottish musicians that was so prominent in the 1980's.  His career commenced with the band Friends Again but James really came into his own as the front man of Love & Money.  Hopefully you find this chat as fascinating as I did.

Naturally the podcast makes reference to The Celtic FC Foundation Christmas appeal and there'll be links on the site.  Also St Anthony (Stephen Murray) has a new book coming out just in time for Christmas.  It follows on from his book about the 4-2 season Ten Men won The League and is about his (and many other's) first Celtic hero.  The book is Kenny of The Celtic and is launched this coming week;




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This week on the podcast we have a respected journalist and a blast from the past.

Harry is joined by Hugh MacDonald to discuss all things Celtic and journalistic. Hugh's discussion of his earliest games and heroes moves quickly to the the modern club and the job being done by Brendan.

Following from this long ranging discussion we then have the return of an old favourite with the dusting down of the Tales From The Celtic Wiki. In conjunction with the Celtic Graves Society we bring you Patrick Gallacher.

So don't forget;
Sat 5th 12 Noon - St Kentigerns Balmore Rd
Sat 5th pre game - GB Foodbank Collection
Sun 6th 3pm - St Marys Mass
Sun 6th all day - Founding Fathers Fast


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This week Harry is joined by Matt Clark, manager of Australia's first world heavyweight champion...for 3 weeks. Matt is also a Celtic man and the podcast is a fascinating meander explaining a second generation Australian, who's Grandad questioned Rudolph Hess ('with Whiskey on his breath") came to be such an avid Celtic fan. It jumps from the Hess story to being his fighter being punched by the Chechen President, being secretly drugged and then cleared through to predictions for Celtic Playing in Aberdeen and Germany.

A joyride of a podcast it also includes new music from Glasgow band The Snuts.


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Oh Hampden in the Sun, Rodgers skelped Mark Warburton..

This week Harry is joined by Jack Lyons to discuss and dissect the League Cup Semi Final victory over the Zombies. The bhoys review the tactical changes both managers made before and during the game and decide the Brendan is of course best. The briefly touch on the performance of the clown Thompson before switching attention back to a brief review of the loss midweek to The German Team.

Following ALL of this we get a quick prediction from Jack for the scoreline in the forthcoming Ross County and Aberdeen games which are the last bit of proper football before Scotland get beaten at Wembley and the media get all agnsty for a couple of days about the state of our game.


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This week Mark Cooper joins Harry to discuss the fantastic coverage that the club received following the dramatic 3-3 draw with Manchester City in the Champions League. Following on from that the bhoys then have a preview of the forthcoming tia against the Germans and then the Cup Semi Final against the former Huns and in previewing realise that victory on Wednesday all but provides for European football beyond Christmas and victory on Sunday all but guarantees the resignation of a manager!

It wouldn't be a South American podcast without discussion on why Celtic don't fish in that pond - an interesting debate considering the departure of John Park the day after this was recorded.

There is new music as usual (links on the site) podcast recommendations and the Foundation.


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We are in the desert of international football and out of that desert comes the oasis of a Celtic Underground Podcast. Following on from the close season podcast with James Kelly MSP on his process of trying to repeal OBFA Harry has a catch up with Jeanette Findlay of Fans Against Criminalisation on the act, its consequences and how YOU can help with its repeal.

Jeanette is joined by Jim to provide us with how this act is being implimented by the police and fiscal.

If, like us, you find this act rediculous, illiberal and not fit for purpose then you can write to your MSP, attend a surgery or complete the Parliament survey;


Also, sadly, a name familiar to many of us online, @Napoleon_Celtic died suddenly at the end of September. For those who'd been on The Big Lhist or just kicking around Celtic supporters groups will also have come across and know him by his real name of Iain Tarbet. Iain's funeral is this Friday (14th Oct) in Ardrossan and his family have organised a collection for the Celtic FC Foundation;



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This week we have a very VERY special guest on the podcast - Brendan Rodgers!

We chat with Brendan one to one to discuss his first few months at Celtic, how he's settling in and a bit about his thoughts and ideas on football. This is a fans podcast by the fans so we follow up the Brendan chat with a preview of the game and St Anthony is joined by his mate Chris Kenny who hails from the Blue Moon side of Manchester. The two lads discuss both clubs and Chris ends with a 2-0 Man City win - booo!

New Music this week comes from The Island Dwellers;
Jayce - https://soundcloud.com/theislanddwellers/jayce
Ania - https://soundcloud.com/theislanddwellers/ania

We also have podcast recommendations of;


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This week's podcast is an eclectic mix of analysing the past, discussing the future and hearing about the present. Harry Brady is joined by Jack Lyons for a tactical review of the last three Celtic games prior to the podcast which were;
The 5 - 1 thrashing of Scotland's newest club
The 7 - 0 Humping in Catalonia
The 2 - 2 Draw in The Highlands

The boys also touch on the predictions for the Killie game on Saturday and what Celtic might do to combat the might of Barca in the return game.

Mixed in with all of that we have the post match interviews from the Alloa game including the press guys laughing at a colleagues inability to pronounce a Latin American name. Oh, and whilst this was being recorded we drew a diddy team in the League Cup.

New music is from The Label https://listentothelabel.bandcamp.com/album/vodka-and-lemonade

There are also podcast recommendations for Tim Podcasts;


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This is the audio from the 5-1 game. I picked up celebrations of both the 4th & 5th goals and sandwiched between is my prediction of 5 goals on Sportsound and interviews with Brendan and Dembele.


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This week Harry is joined by Hullbhoy to discuss the first New Glasgow Derby in the league. The bhoys discuss what we all know - it's the same fans, supporting a team wearing the same colours in the same stadium but that it's NOT the same club...it can't be because THE OLD ONE WENT BUST! Harry regails a tale from his starring role on Sportsound but is then taken down a peg or two by being reminded that St ANthony was in the New York Times.

After this bit of banter the bhoys get get down to brass tacks and review what the team for the New Derby will be before Harry grans a bit of audio from the archives and plays and Omnishables Special

There is new music as usual (links on the site) no new podcast recommendations (as Harry needs to get himself organised) and of course the Foundation.


This week Mark Cooper joins Harry to discuss the summer transfer window which, in the usual fashion, closed without much Celtic business being done on the last day. The boys discuss whether it was good bad or indifferent and decide it was pretty good. It could have been better with perhaps one more signing but all in all we have a better squad than we started it with.

In addition to the transfer window the bhoys briefly touch on the Aberdeen game and the changes to the Champions League.

There is new music as usual (links on the site) podcast recommendations and the Foundation.


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This week Jack Lyons returns to analyse the behind the sofa game in Isreal and look forward to the Champions League.

Harry and Jack discuss the fearful game that was the final qualifier away leg and try to understand why we were so bad, but also take the positive that no matter how bad we were we went through. The guys then go on to dicsuss our Champions League Group. Current standings;
Celtic v Barca - Played 12, won w and drawn 3
Celtic v Man City - Played zero
Celtic v Munchengladbach - Played zero

Upon final analysis, the bhoys work out that we'll go to Manchester on 9 points....!

Podcast recommendations are in;
Cambridge Election Podcast
Guardian Politics Podcast
Off Message Podcast

No new music this week as it's all about the Champions League.

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This week Harry is joined by our South american correspondent Mark Cooper to discuss the marvellous events at Celtic Park, when a fantastic atmosphere urged on a wonderful game that delivered 7 goals - Five for Celtic.

Mark and Harry review the goals, the team and the performances and come to the conclusion that Celtic will go through. At the end of the podcast they briefly review Scottish football medai people asking diddy questions and Mark predicts a 5-0 v St Johnstone. It's all very pleasant...oh and is it Sin -Clair or Sinclur?


PS Harry has a wee sweary word in when discussing the diddy question and this weeks new music comes from Jargo
Photograph The Feeling - Dropbox

Jargo - At Night When The Wind Calms Down

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The season is about to start but before that happens we need closure on the Ronnie Deila years and what better way to have that closure than for the world's longest running football fans podcast to analyse the players and how they performed in Ronnies last season.

Normally the voting is from the closed shop of the exclusive Celtic Undergroud Panel however this term we opened it up to you, the podcast family. The first 2 places were as you'd expect but thereafter there were some interesting players in interesting positions in our top ten. You will hear on the podcast but perhaps of note were the absence of players - Scott Brown the club captain and two of our higher profile summer signings (not in money but in being dtalked about) Scott Allan and Nadir Ciftci.

The full list was;
1 Griffiths 2 Tierney 3 Sviachenko 4 Rogic 5 Roberts 6 McGregor 7 Gordon 8 Lustig 9 Bitton 10 Johansen

New music is from Misha Non Penguin;

Get your new Music on NOW.
Email - podcasts@celticunderground.net

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This week Jack Lyons once again joins Harry to discuss a Celtic away performance in Europe, but a more successful one than last time.

Celtic travelled over 3,000 miles and played a makeshift central defensive pairing and achieved a credible away draw and now have an excellent chance of progressing to the final knock out round of the pre-group stages.

New music this week comes in the form of Easy Signals;


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Football's back and I wish it wasn't.

What a remarkable first game for Brendan. Some of the worst moments of the last 18 months were revisted...and then some! It's the first game under Brendan and so time is on his side and these are aspects that are discussed between Harry Brady and Jack Lyons on this weeks podcast.

Don't forget to get your new music on the podcast then just email us;
If you want to get your Celtic story in to us also email at the same address.

This week the new music is from Room 42 who consist of Grade A from Dallas, TX and Freeky L. from Las Vegas. "Say My Name" is produced by Krush Kaprice.




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This week St Anthony is joined by a legend of Celtic Park Mr Tom Boyd. Tom is well known to all as a former Celtic player who (unlike many) has refused to take the Kings shilling and has remained a Celtic fan and defender and advocate of our club after retirement.

Tom began his career at Motherwell and famously led the team to their 1991 Scottish Cup Final From there he moved to Chelsea for 12 months before arriving at Paradise in a swap for Tony Cascarino. At the hoops Boyd made 304 appearances, socring just twice but significantly was part of the team that stopped the ten and was also part of Martin's treble winning side. Tom also made 72 appearances for Scotland and is in the Hall of Fame.

New music comes from Ghost Dance Collective, an Edinburgh band who emailed podcasts@Celticunderground.net If you want your new music or Celtic story on the podcast just email a file or link to a file and it'll be used - we have no editorial line here.

The two songs are Byrd-Man https://soundcloud.com/ghost-dance-collective-256761231/byrd-man


Something's Happening https://soundcloud.com/ghost-dance-collective-256761231/somethings-happening?in=ghost-dance-collective-256761231/sets/ghost-dance-collective


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The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 was introduced by the SNP and passed by MSPs by 64 votes to 57 without any opposition support. Labour, the Tories, Lib Dems and the Scottish Greens said the bill was "railroaded" and the Scottish Government has since faced calls for an early review into how the legislation is working. It has been challenged on the grounds that it compromises the principle of free speech. In June 2013, The Herald described it as "knee-jerk legislation" which needed to be revisited, arguing that "Scotland cannot arrest its way out of sectarianism". Fans groups have also raised concerns about the law.

Following the loss of an overall SNP majority in May Labour stated their intention to repeal the act and the man leading the charge is James Kelly MSP.

If you are interested in the repeal of this act, contact your MSP or James by email, letter or at a surgery. James can be found on twitter - @JameskellyLab

ALSO, last week we stated our intention to get your music and your Celtic stories on the podcast and the first band to contact us were The Urchins and this is their YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5j4SO6FnnZp_NtPOGEt3ig


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This week Saint Anthony is in conversation with Jim Delahunt. Fed up with all the criticism of interviewing people in a Greek Restaurant, this week decides to interview the guest via a transistor radio...! The guys speak football and then Harry moves on to boxing with a wee 5 minute tribute to The Greatest.

Also on this weeks podcast Harry gives an insight into changes coming for next season. If you have your own band or create your own music and would like it featured on the podcast, email us on Podcasts@CelticUnderground.net and get an audio file over to us.

Also we'd like to hear from you. We want to know about a Celtic event that had particular resonance with you. So whether it was your first game, a memorable game or a poignant game, record a 10 minute audio and send the file (or a link to the file) to podcasts@Celticunderground.net.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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What can I say? What a week?!

Friday 20th May, mid afternoon I was given a clue to stand by my bed as confirmation of the new manager was pending...Brodgers was coming!

Even as news started to spread that we had got our man, there were still those who doubted Celtic could attract someone of Brendan Rodgers caliber but attract him we did and if he had any doubt that he'd made the right decision I'm sure these were swept away by the avalanche of goodwill which greeted his arrival on Monday with 13,000 fans pouring into Celtic Park to meet him.

Brendan, welcome to Paradise.

The podcast contains exclusive chat with Brendan, The Anfield Wrap Liverpool Podcast, the Celtic Fans Liaison Officer John Paul Taylor and Uber fan Paul The Tim.


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What a weekend!

At around 3pm on Friday 20th May I was told to stand by my bad, THE announcement was imminent. Just after 5pm Celtic announced that Brendan Rodgers was coming to his spiritual home and taking over the reigns at Celtic Park.

After such a wonderful and joyous appointment how could we not have a quick podcast so I texted Hullbhoy who was most abliging...


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This week, with all the managerial rumours there was only one thing to do, get on Skype, get on to Lachie and discuss the rumoured cadidates. Surprisingly Lachie seems less than excited about the two leading candidates and discusses what he wants. Harry tries to suggest that Lachie wants Ronny version 2, a claim Lachie shoots down.

Lachie discusses his desire to get in a quality manager who wins the key games and the bhoys agree that whoever they get, this is what we all want.






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This week Harry is joined by the editor of the influential website Politics Home to discuss Celtic, Holyrood, Westminster and more Celtic.

Kevin sets out his credentials detailing his early time as a Celtic fan before getting onto how this young hoops fan ended up being one of the most recognised journalistic faces around the Palace of Westminster. Through this ramble the bhoys manage to touch on the forthcoming Holyrood elections, the EU referendum, the Hillsborough Inquiry and all the fallout from each of these events before getting back to the future of the hoops.




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May 3 1986: Heart of Midlothian travel to Dundee in need of a single point on the final day of the season to secure their first Scottish League title in 26 years. In Paisley closest challengers Celtic face St Mirren in need of a miracle. With seven minutes of the season to play the miracle comes from the boots of a Dundee substitute by the name of Albert Kidd...

This week Harry is joined by author of Heartbreaakers: Celtic, Albert Kidd and 1986 - Mr Stephen McGowan the Cheif Football writer at The Scottish Daily Mail.

Enjoy the book - here;



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This week is a rather sad podcast. I am sure, like me, whenever someone walks through the door of Celtic Park you are desperate for them to succeed and therefore when it doesn't work out, that person's departure is always tinged with a little sadness.

St Anthony joins Harry to discuss the cup semi final defeat and the confirmed departure of Ronny Deila. Since around February everyone has been aware that Ronny would be leaving in the summer but the nature of the defeat to the Zombies and then the subsequent leaks to the Norwegian media made an announcement before season end inevitable. St Anthony and Harry review the cup final and that discussion meanders onto a review of Ronny's tenure.

Enjoy (if you can)

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This week Harry is joined by a man who played for 18 clubs and although he only managed 3 games at Celtic, one of those was truly memorable - Mr Tony Warner.

Tony has very fond memories of his brief spell at Celtic and we have fond memories of him! His second game was the 5-1 game where Dr Jo showed he could managed, Lubo showed he could play and Mjalby showed he could put Jorge Albertz up in the air. Tony tells tales of his time at various clubs, tells us how just one day of paper reading in Glasgow let him know that there was too much bias and puts two Celtic players in his all time top 4.

A great guy who had a great life in football...Mr Tony Warner.


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This week we are joined by our South American correspondent, Mark Cooper. Mark is based in Argentina and now works for a company to seeks out footballing talent across South America but principally in Argentina and Uruguay.

The bhoys discuss the Motherwell game before a more generic discussion on the clubs transfer stategy and how it appears to have lost its way a little, being neither one thing nor another. After the signing strategy they then discuss the management strategy and review what Celtic might do in the summer on the position of manager/first team coach before going on to both agree that they know little of our cup semi opponents apart from the fact that we'll win.

Find both bhoys on twitter;

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This week to prove St Anthony's ecumenical drive at CU towers we have an interview with Chick Young. Chick has been reporting on football from Glasgow for circa 40 years and certainly has a tale or two to tell.

Ignore the caricature on only excuse, sit back, listen to The Silencers, Rod Stewart and St Anthony in conversation with Chick.


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This week St Anthony is joined by John Fallon and his guest doesn't miss and hit the wall when discussing all things Celtic! This is a must listen - and apologies, we ran out of bleeps!

Fallon signed for Celtic from junior football team Fauldhouse United in 1959 to understudy for Frank Haffey and made his debut that same year against Clyde. He replaced Haffey as first choice goalkeeper in 1963 and played his part in the UEFA Cup Winners Cup run of 1964, where they lost out to the Hungarian team MTK Budapest 4–3 in the semi-finals, after holding a 3–0 lead from the first leg at Celtic Park. He remained first choice goalkeeper until the signing of veteran keeper Ronnie Simpson from Hibernian in 1965.

John was the unused sub in Lisbon, played in the Wrold Club Championship when Simpson was hit by a bribk (or iron bar) before the game in South America and would have played in the 1970 European Cup Final were it not for illness.

His views on Stein's "dreadful" man-management skills are not to be missed...


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This week St Anthony and Harry have a bit of a ding dong following the Hampden defeat at the hands of Ross County. The boys discuss numbers and positions and all that rubbish to debate the rights, wrongs and whatevers. I'm not sure a any agreement is reached.

Following a discussion of the past the bhoys discuss the present of the last day of the January transfer window.

Finally the bhoys move on to the future of the Aberdeen game. Saint thinks a 2-0 Celtic victory is on the cards. Here's hoping.


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This week St Anthony is joined by a Celtic star whom Saint would put into a list of potential all time great Celtic strikers - Mr Frank McGarvey.

Most will know that Frank began his career very succesfully at St Mirren before, in May 1979, McGarvey signed for Liverpool for £270,000. However, his tenure with the club lasted only 10 months. Unable to breakthrough into the first team, McGarvey sought a transfer. Liverpool accepted a bid of £270,000 by Celtic in March 1980, and for a short time McGarvey became Scotland's most expensive footballer.

McGarvey played 245 times for Celtic over five years, scoring 113 goals. In that time he won two League Championships, two Scottish Cups and a Scottish League Cup. However, Celtic manager David Hay decided Mo Johnston and Brian McClair would be his forward line for the 1985–86 season and declined to offer McGarvey an extended contract. His final, and perhaps most notable act as a Celtic player, was to score the winning goal six minutes from the end of the 1985 Scottish Cup Final.

In June 1985 McGarvey rejoined St. Mirren for £80,000. Two years later, he won a third Scottish Cup with them. In total he played 387 times for St Mirren, scoring 125 goals. Later in his career, McGarvey had spells with Queen of the South (where he was player-manager), Clyde (with which he won a Second Division Championship title at the age of 37) and Shotts Bon Accord.

Having retired from the game before footballers began earning high salaries (he notes that he "took home £190 a week after tax" while playing for Celtic) McGarvey now works as a joiner. In 2008, McGarvey wrote an autobiography called Totally Frank in which he described the highs and lows of his career and revealed how he overcame a long-time gambling addiction

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This week Harry catches up with St Anthony to discuss the events of the past few weeks.  There has been little football since the pre-Christmas podcast but the guys manage to stretch out the discussion on the Stranraer and Partick Thistle games to such an extent that you'd think they were exciting matches.  


The chat about Stranraer however leads to a discussion on flares (pyro not trousers). Finally the bhoys discuss Anthony Stokes and the club's inability to sign a decent striker...enjoy the ramble.

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