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I pondered for a little while as to whether to call this a My Celtic Life podcast after all, Andy is a Morton Legend and only played a handful of games for the hoops but for those of us of a certain age you cannot think of players like Andy or Chcik Charnley and not think of the hoops they could have been.


Andy had talent but he was also more in the Griffiths Tunnock Teacake world of fitness than the John Collins multi sit-up one.  Whetever the reason he left Celtic early in his career and became a legend down Greenock way.


The man has more than a few stories and St Anthony and he enjoy a good 1 and a half chat over all things football.  As a consequence I thought it best to create two managable podcasts from the conversation which should give you something else to listen to until after May 7th.



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This week Harry has just about calmed down enough to do a podcast dissecting the ICT fall-out.  With more unsighted people in Scottish football than you'd find at a Ray Charles convention, Harry hops on Skype and chats with a man 8,000 miles away in Argentina - even he saw it - HANDBALL.


The guys naturally discuss what happened and Harry TRIES to come up with a valid defence for 5 unsighted officials.  After this the guys have a wider discussion on the team performance on the day before moving into the challenges we'll face with the squad before Mark gives us a run-down of who we won't sign from South America but will eventually sign for Arsenal for £10m or some other silly amount.


Between the football chat the boys also discuss hotel rooms in London and coffins in Kinning Park!



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This week Harry is joined by a man familiar with listeners to BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound and formerly readers of the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday - Mr Tom English.  Tom is a Limerick man and was a Limerick Utd and Liverpool fan growing up who pretty much stumbled across Scottish football when posted here in by the Sunday Times in the early 1990's.  

Over the course of a rambling hour and a half, the boys manage to fit in;

Limerick Utd, Liverpool, the glory of your first game, lush green grass, Fergus McCann, Ronny Deila, TV deals and the future of journamlism among many other things.


Both gents can be found on twitter;





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A REAL St Mirren fan in the media - yes apparently there IS one and St Anthony has found him!

This week St Anthony is joined by The Scottish Sun's Chief Football Writer Mr Robert Grieve to talk football AND Saint provides the bombshell right at the start that Robert IS actually a ST Mirren fan - yes a real live one - although a thought did occur that maybe that's why St Mirren's average attendance is so low, all the St Mirren fans are busy reporting at other grounds across Scotland....


I hope you enjoy and please don't forget your food parcels to mark 100th year of Brother Walfrid's passing.

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The hiatus of international football is over and so it's time to talk Celtic.  Lachie Mor joins Harry to discuss the shooty-in exercise of the final Dundee Utd game and the squad in general.  In addition to discovering that Lachie's best 11 contains a minumum of 12 players, the pair discuss the forthcoming triple and summer squad changes including Liam Henderson's loan move to Norway.  There is a brief mention of the Ibrox lunacy before Lachie picks his starting 12 for the St Mirren game.



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