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Are we at the end of the road


The Green Brigade - ostensibly a small group of fanatical “ultra” supporters below the age of 30 so who better to discuss their behaviours than a group of aging middle aged fans…?


Hullbhoy, Lawrence, Eddie & I appreciate that none of us share the likely demographic of the supporters group that we discuss, but Celtic is a broad church with fans from 1-100 and all within that spectrum are entitled to their views.  Online is principally in one place on the GBand so one element that we discuss is whether the wider fan base are broadly supportive of the GB and their actions or whether there is a “silent majority” who passionately disapprove.  Like all things the truth is probably somewhere between these two positions.


In general (and this is not a judgement by us, mere an assessment of the dynamics) we all agree that it’s probably the end of the Green Brigade as a recognised group within Celtic Park.  We discuss the damage the banner of 7th October did or didn’t do to Celtic’s reputation and yes, we do get on to talk about football, specifically the Motherwell game.


We very rarely edit the podcast and tend to put out the audio “as live” (as the recent ‘mother-in-law comments showed) however at times the debate got a little heated and there is a small section where we all talk over each other and it’s pretty much unlistenable and so if there sounds like a jump in the recording, it’s where this bit was taken out.


Enjoy….(if you can).

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Born to lead the green & white


Any goal for Glasgow City, another victory for the cause, another reason to giving another cheer just for the bhoys.


All week I have heard and read ill-informed nonsense about Celtic getting a heavy defeat and responded the same way - have you seen them?  We the best manager in Scotland and one of the best in Britain.  He’ll spend all week getting the team right…and he did.


A marvellous preformance by Celtic.  Bossed the first half and controlled the game to preserve the lead in the 2nd.  Should have scored on the breakway and we only get better from here.


Top of the league, one away Glasgow Derby down and 4 points clear of the Glasgow rivals and 2 points clear at the top.


Not bad for a club with half the 1st team missing.



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Sense and sensibility


Podcast No1 of the new season had 2 of us, podcast No2 had 3 of us and this week, podcast No3 we’ve got 4 (four) of us on it!  Whatever next…?


Following the victory over Aberdeen, we’ve got Eddie, Saint Anthony and Paul T on to discuss the game, where the club are at, signing gossip and the forthcoming game against Killie in the cup.  This weeks’ podcast is not as long as last week’s marathon but it’s still an hour of Celtic chat by middle aged Celtic fans - just what we all need on a regular basis.



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Just like buses…you wait months for a podcast and then two come along in a week and what a podcast we have for you.  I’ve no idea if it’s any good but it’s long, my goodness it’s long.  Nearly two hours of Celtic chat (although, it could be argued that it’s 2 hours of sport chat with around 45 mins of Celtic chat but I’ll let you be the judge of that).


Anyway, I am joined by Lawrence Donegan and Eddie Pearson to discuss all things Celtic, Scottish Sport, male grooming products, VPNs, youth development and everything in between.  In fact if you’re an avid listener and get all the way to end you’ll get a discount code for our Patreon site (if we were to ever have one!)


We enjoyed recording it and hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to it and if you do please rate us on apple podcasts and if you don’t then unsubscribe because they’re all like this!



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But who’s the left back…?


Nice to see you to see you…nice!  It’s good to be back and especially when we’re back to talk about the new seaso, with a new manager, new signings, new signing gossip and all for our 18th season of podcasting.


This week it’s the old team of Eddie and Harry who ramble and rumble over everything from fans objecting to people moving on, fans on message boards taking transfer rumoutrs too seriously, what those transfer rumours may be and our predictions for the next game.


It’s a huge bumper edition to kick off the new season so please enjoy…

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Ange train keeps on rolling


Sunday saw the coronation of Celtic as back to back champions in Scotland.  It was the 11th title out of the last 12 and the 11th of 11 titles were fans have been in attendance.  All in all a remarkable period of domination by Scotland’s most succesfull living club.


The game itself was a 2-0 triumph with Hearts trying hard for 20 mins or so before normal service was resumed.  A (valid) red card helped but no doubt Celtic would have gone on to win as they have done in all bar 3 previous domestic games.


Antony Murray is on the podcast this week to review the game compare this team with the invincibles and preview the next Glasgow derby.



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Double Denim Edition


First up an apology.  After every podcast this season we have promised the the paucity of podcasting provision from CU will ceases and a plethora of podcasts will follow.  If you’re being pedantic you could say that promise after every pod has been a pile of pish - and you’d be right.  So sorry.


With that out of the way I can talk about this week’s podcast -it’s a mammoth 2 hour extravoganza that starts by talking about the cup wemi and then just gets into a ramble and covers just about every topic - including (but not exclusive to) toxic masculinity and can grown men carry off double denim in the 21st century?


We also discuss being better than Rangers - in every department!



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I should be so lucky


Once again the lucky bhoys triumphed and Ange won his 3rd out of 4 domestic trophies he has competed for and Bullshit Bingo Beale went home with his tail between his legs.


Celtic won the league cup on Sunday with a 2-1 victory over Rangers in a game that was pretty comfortable throughout and that Celtic could, in the end, have won by 3 or 4.  St Anthony was at the game with Saint Jnr and they were larging it up with the young team in the Celtic End and so I thought who better to call up and discuss the game.


We review the match, the crowds, the Tifos and preview St Mirren.



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The Celtic Da Podcast returns


You can have all your whipper snapper podcasts with your Xthis and that but there is only one podcast that can continually hark back to the 90s and earlier and it’s this one - the world’s longest running football fans podcast.


We’re now in our 18th season (19th year) and although we may have taken a break, you can be sure that we will always have something old and hackneyed to say about the modern game and this episode is no different.


We discuss the League Cup semi-final victory over Kilmarnock, we discuss VAR, how rubbish Scottish refs are, group think of refs, the transfer window and then touch on the forthcoming St Mirren game.  Amazingly in all of that we manage to debate whether the Lambert challenge on Albertz was indeed a penalty.



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