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This week Harry is joined by St Anthony to discuss the Maribor disaster analysing the many areas where things went wrong and looking for any positives which there may be to take from it - the guys don't think there were any.

After discussing what wasn't good about the game, the guys also discuss their hopes that Ronnie will get things right, some fears he may not but mainly criticism of the board for not adequately supporting him.

After this, the boys decide that now we're in the Europa League we may as well enjoy it and they look forward to who we may get in the group stages of that competition. With the games ongoing as the lads speak they make it up as they go along but decide it will be fun to see something different.

Please do your best to enjoy!

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With all the shenanigans of the last few weeks, in fact with everything that has gone on at Celtic since the departure of Neil Lennon Harry decided it was time for a podcast discussing the breif season so far.  Who better to join him than man in the know, musical expert, golf aficionado and @bythemin mogul Lawrence Donegan?


Lawrence and Harry discuss Lennon, Deila, Iceland, Warsaw, Perth and all things in between - and there has been a lot in between.


Also on the podcast is music from the Bluebells and Gary Bird.  The Bluebells track is a special one - it was written by Lawrence MANY years ago, when he was a fresh faced lad of 19.




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