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This week Harry and St Anthony join up on a podcast to discuss the burning question - Ronnie Deila: Stick or Twist.

Harry starts by comparing the league position with this time last year. Celtic are 3 points and 11 goals scored better off than after 18 points last year - surely sign of progress, but the bhoys go on and outline their concerns. After a few heated debating points along the way the agreed position is stick...for now. We shall see if this was the right thing to do.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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This week St Anthony is joined by Pat McGinlay. Pat grew up in Partick, Glasgow and was an outstanding schoolboy player captaining St Peter's Boys School in Partick and playing for St Thomas Aquinas Secondary in Jordanhill and Bearsden Boys Club. Though many Scottish clubs were watching his star performances as a schoolboy centre forward, he began his career as an apprentice with English club Blackpool but returned to Scotland to join Hibernian in 1987. He soon became an important part of Alex Miller's side who played Pat as a midfielder instead of forward/winger and he was part of the winning Scottish League Cup in 1991 Hibs side and went on to make over 150 appearances for the club in his first stint at Easter Road.

In 1993 he was signed by Celtic for a fee of £525,000 after he impressed then boss Liam Brady. He made his debut on 7 August 1993 as a substitute in a 2–2 draw away to Motherwell. However, after just over fifteen months at Celtic Park, he was on the move again as he was not part of Tommy Burns' plans. It was a strange move as McGinlay had been Celtic's top goalscorer in the previous season. At the time, Celtic were in the rebuilding process under Fergus McCann; McGinlay was part of the Celtic side that played at Hampden Park whilst Celtic Park was being rebuilt. With the cash raised from selling McGinlay, Tommy Burns bought Tosh McKinlay from Hearts. Ironically, Tosh was one of Pat's old St Peters Boys School teammates.

McGinlay rejoined Hibs for a fee of £420,000 on 1 November 1994. He remained at Easter Road for six seasons before moving to Ayr United. Whilst at Ayr, McGinlay enjoyed a cup run which ended with him being on the losing side in the 2002 Scottish League Cup Final. He made 74 appearances for the 'Honest Men' and scored 23 goals before retiring in 2005.

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This week we have the second part of the aduio from the Celtic History night which took place in the Admiral Bar on Thursday 19th November. Hosted by Paul Cuddihy the evening was a chance for Celtic chat with authors who have all apeared on this podcast;
Paul Dykes - The Quality Street Gang
Stephen Sullivan - Celtic's Iron Man
Stephen Murray - Ten Men Won The League

This is thesecond part of audio from the evening. If you've not caught the first go to www.celticunderground.net to pick it up from the usual places.


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This week we have some audio from the Celtic History night which took place in the Admiral Bar on Thursday 19th November. Hosted by Paul Cuddihy the evening was a chance for Celtic chat with authors who have all apeared on this podcast;
Paul Dykes - The Quality Street Gang
Stephen Sullivan - Celtic's Iron Man
Stephen Murray - Ten Men Won The League

This is the first part of audio from the evening with part two up over the weekend.


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This week St Anthony is joined by a legend of Scottish Football, Pat Stanton. In these modern times of high wages, as we have seen, players like Pat would never have stayed at Hibs for so long but...well he goes into all of that on the podcast.

Stanton is the great-great nephew of Michael Whelahan, one of the founders of Hibernian FC and its first captain.[3] He signed for the club in 1963 and made his professional debut later that year.[4] He established himself in the Hibs first team, playing either in defence or midfield.[4] Stanton captained Hibs when they won the 1972 Scottish League Cup Final.[4]

Stanton left Hibs in 1976 when he was transferred to Celtic in a swap deal for Jackie McNamara, Sr.[4] Jock Stein, who had briefly managed Stanton at Hibs in the 1960s, identified Stanton as the man to stop Celtic conceding soft goals.[4][5] This was an apparent success, as Celtic won the Scottish Cup and the Scottish league championship in 1976–77.[4][5] Stanton suffered a bad injury early in the 1977–78 season, which eventually forced his retirement from playing.[4] Hibs and Celtic played a testimonial match for Stanton on 30 April 1978.


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This week the Celtic Underground team discuss cheating - wholescale, industrial cheating with the clear intent to defraud Scottish football, masterminded by a man hailed as business hero, but who was nothing of the sort. Knighted for services to business David Murray stacked up debts of £1bn with a £20m shortfall in his group's pension fund. And when this guy could no longer use his friends and contacts at HBoS to paper over the cracks of his business failures he then used the money of you and I to fund his ego.

Yes this podcast is about the illegal actions of David Murray and Rangers Football Club (In Liquidation). The podcast is long...but then again so was the period of time over which Rangers cheated. They died, but we now need to decide what we do with the legacy of that corpse.



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This week St Anthony is joined by a man who does not look to court the limelight yet has been an essential part of the Celtic fan story for over 20 years - Mr Brendan Sweeney. Many will have known of Brendan since his time at Celts For Change when he was a key member of the group which helped galvanise the fans into a movement which led to the transformation of our club. More recently Brendan has been part of The Celtic Graves Society and has just written a book entitled Celtic THE EARLY YEARS 1887-1892.

If you are interested in Celtic books, the Admiral Bar will be hosting a book evening on Thursday 19th November. More details can be found here - http://celticunderground.net/celtic-history-discussion-and-book-night-admiral-bar-19th-november/


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This week Harry meets up with Tony Hamilton (CEO) to discuss the fantastic work of the Celtic FC Foundation.

Tony and Harry firt spoke about the work of the Foundation 2 years ago on the podcast and so Harry thought it was about time to catch up and get insight into the work being done by the foundation and specifically the forthcoming Christmas appeal.

To learn more about the work of the Foundation log on to http://charity.celticfc.net/

The bhoys can be found on Twitter;

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This week St Anthony brings us another guest from the world of the Scottish Mainstream Media - Mr Gerry McCulloch.

Viewers of STV and listeners to Clyde will be familiar with young Gerry as the the fresh voiced host of the long running radio football phone-in and occassional face of football on STV.

Before Saint discusses all things football and media with Gerry we get a chance to wish Willie Keane all the best for his wedding on Saturday 24th October and also at the end is a wee clip celebrating the time when a host like Gerry would have quality journalists as pundits and also celebrating a time when Only an Excuse was on the radio...AND FUNNY.


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This week Harry is joined by Celtic Legend Packie Bonner.

Packie has a book coming out called The Last Line and Harry discusses is "lucky" career and the influences on him which led to making nearly 500 appearnaces for Celtic in 20 years.

He was Jock Stein's last signing for the club when he left his native Donegal for the city of Glasgow in 1978, where Packie evolved from being a shy, homesick teenager into a confident, world-class talent and first-choice goalkeeper. Billy McNeill handed him a debut on St Patrick's Day in 1979, and Packie went on to provide the last line of defence a record 641 times for the club. A seasoned Irish internationalist, Packie was a vital component in the most-celebrated Irish national squad ever, playing in a golden era under the tutelage of the inimitable Jack Charlton.

The podcast could have covered so much more but as you will hear, from a quiet start the noise from the kids playing nearby meant we eventually had to bring the interview to a close.

To get to know more you can;

Buy the book - http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Last-Line-My-Autobiography/dp/1785031848

Attend An Evening with Packie and Friends - http://tickets-scotland.com/ane22

Or win a book by answering the question and emailing Harrybradycu@gmail.com

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The Old Rangers cheated and then went bust. We all know this, but what the press have not gone into are the final desperate attempts made by that old club to stave off liquidation and use all means, fair or foul, to cobble together enough cash to trade through the season. When they ran out of tax avoidance and evasion schemes, they simply gambled everything on achieving Champions League football. With the acquiescence or ignorance of the SFA they nearly succeeded.

At the Celtic AGM of 2013 a group of supporters tabled "Resolution 12" which asked the club to take steps to ascertain how the old Rangers had obtained and kept the UEFA licence. Following dialogue with the club, that resolution was adjourned but that did not mean it had gone away. This podcast with Auldheid seeks to provide more information on the latest piece about Res 12 on the CU site and provide an overview of where they are.

If you have specific questions following the podcast please contact @Auldheid on twitter.

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Last week we had Derek Rae on the podcast.  We talked about his technique, love for the game and influences.  His start had been via David Francy but there was one man who is perhaps, the most important sports broadcaster in Scottish sport history.  I am of course talking about the legendary Archie MacPherson.


Those of us of a certain age grew up with the luxury of football highlights of games by tea time Sunday with Sportscene on BBC1 and Scotsport on ITV, which Archie on the Beeb and Arthur Montford on STV.  We may not have got all the games and all the goals, but what we got was far superior than the current fare.  Archie has been mocked for his come over, his sports jackets and his "swept away" turn of phrase, but all of that is done with the type of humour reserved only for those whom we truly admire.  This is no-one better than Archie so...Enjoy.

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After the loss to Malmo in midweek, everything online with Celtic got a bit hectic and frenzied with lots of gnashing of teeth and searching for a villain to pin the blame onto.


With such a critical online atmosphere Harry decided that a more calming and measured perspective was required and therefore asked Hullbhoy, with his calming Hull tones to provide his overview.  The bhoys started by discussing the Europa League draw and then moved on to review Tuesday.  Harry asked who was to blame and what could be done.  Hullbhoys responses were interesting...






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This week Harry is joined by leading sports commentator Mr Derek Rae.  This was recorded the morning after the night before and the first topic of conversation is the Malmo game, but the chat soon moves on to wider topics covering Derek's varied (by location) broadcast career.


Derek started broadcasting for hospital radio at just 15 and as he goes onto explain, got a lucky break at 19 which resulted in becoming a lead commentator at Radio Scotland.


Since then Derek has established himself in Scotland, left, established himself in the United States and now, again, finds himself back in Scotland covering the game he clearly loves.




The boys can be found on twitter;



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Scott Allen - Welcome to Celtic!

Celtic have signed another Scottish talent and in the process managed to get three of their targets into one.

Scott started his career at Dundee Utd - Tick

Scott has been signed from Hibs - Tick

Rangers fans were singing his name as they thought THEY were signing him - Tick and Ha ha ha ha ha

With Celtic playing in Europe (West Asia Region) this past week Harry thought he should speak with some of the globe trotting Celts to get a feel for what is what like.  Paul The Tim was otherwise engaged hunting down Scott Allen for his selfie pic so that left only a handful of others and Mark Cameron (@leftybhoy) fitted the bill.

The bhoys chat about Qarabag, Killie and have a little chuckle at the expense of the fans formerly known as huns.  New club, same old fannies!

Anyway - it's late and we want Celtic chat when we make a new signing so here you go...



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This week, fresh from getting 1 step closer to the Champions League we have St Anthony in conversation with another former Celtic hero - Joe Craig.


Craig, a striker, joined Partick Thistle in 1972 from Sauchie Juniors. After an impressive start, scoring seven goals in his first twenty games, he helped the club to the First Division title in season 1975-76. Joe signed for Celtic in September 1976 for £60,000 where he won the Scottish Cup and League Championship in his first season. He moved to Blackburn Rovers in September 1978 where he remained until 1981 when he joined Hamilton Academical. He retired in 1983.

Whilst at Celtic, he earned his only international cap against Sweden in April 1977. He started the match as a substitute and came on after 75 minutes and famously scored before having even kicked the ball, scoring a header just two minutes after replacing Kenny Burns.



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The domestic season starts on Saturday so there is one VERY important job to be undertaken before this begins and that is the unveiling of the Celtic Underground Committee's choice of top ten players for Celtic in Season 2014/15.


Starting with a new manager with new systems and new ideas on players it was a challenging time for our election committee with few players feature as first team stand outs all term.  A common point made by the voters was that the first 3 or 4 was easy, but after that everyone was much of a muchness.  So settle down and see if you agree with the voting panel which ended up with the following Top Ten;














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As we approach the start of a new season, St Anthony has a guest who reminds us that sometimes just one or two signings can be the difference for a team - Mr Billy Stark.


Billy was your typical "good honest pro" in the Scottish game so hardly had the fans flocking to the front door when he signed for the hoops yet for many he became one of THE reasons Celtic won the double in our Centenary Season.


Player at St Mirren, Aberdeen and Celtic among others, he also was famously part of the Tommy Burns management team at Celtic.  Stark therefore has some interesting tales to tell about Tommy, Fergie...and Any Townsend.



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Just in time for the schools breaking up, the world's longest running football fans podcast brings you another feast of football chat to get you through the dearth of quality chat in a tournamentless summer (yes I know there's the women's thing but that doesn't count).


This week Harry is joined by Grant Russell of STV, known to those on twitter as @STV Grant.  The boys discuss Grant  credentials as a real fan of a lesser team before getting on to the meat of the discussion...how they'd cover the game if they ruled the world.





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You may be all just about to embark on your summer holidays with the prevailing sports of golf, cricket and tennis on the tv but football never goes away and neither does the worlds' longest running fan podcast!


The last Scotland game was just a week ago but the Celtic players are back in training, the fixtures are out and the Champions League draw has been made so we know you want some football chat so your quest is fulfilled here with St Anthony in conversation with Graham Spiers, the man who proves Scotland's deference to authority by getting all the respect in the world just by dressing like a teacher.



On twitter;



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It's milestone in more ways than one.  We have now reached the end of the first season of the Ronny Deila era and it's also the end of the first 250 podcasts from Celtic Underground.  Eddie may be still living in a cave but we still have enough regulars from the podcast to have a multi-cast review of Ronny's first term.


Hullbhoy & Lachie passed on their apologies but we Harry was still joined by St Anthony, Mak Cooper, Mark Cameron and Lawrence Donegan to doscuss season 2014-15.


The bhoys start with the departure of Lenny and the fact that they weren't really surprised (not that they didn't appreciate the work Lenny had done, just that there seemed to be a natural ending to his time).  The rambling chat rolls along from there through the preparation of the squad for Cahmpions league and then onto the "challenge" from the Dons, stopping off for a discussion on youth before a quick look over the fence at next term.








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Steven Purcell has is a Celtic fan with a unique insight into the dramtic events in Glasgow and Scotland over these past 12 months.  Steven got into politics during the turbulent times of the 1980's and became a Glasgow City councillor at 22 and leader of the City just 10 years later at 32.  Close to Donald Dewar, steven was tipped to become the leader of Labour in Scotland before his high profile resignation and departure from public life.  Before leaving the City council, Steven was the man who led the team which brought the Commonwealth Games here in 2014 and remains close to the movers and shakers of Scottish politics.


Steven talks of his love of Celtic and the Labour Party and the challenges facing the second of those two - he identifies the 5 challenges he sees facing the Labour Party UK wide and how the simple use of the single name "Nicola" could spell real problems for Labour in Scotland.


In a wide ranging conversation which covers Sectarianism, Gasgow's uncomfortable relationship with football and the OBFA, the boys round up by discussing the joy of watching Celtic under Ronny Deila.



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Following the jolly discussions of the Aberdeen game and the remaining fixtures this term, guest Mark Cameron shows his ruthless side by discussing the big changes he envisages for the first team squad.  Some of his proposals are enforced with expected sales, whilst others are end of contract or fringe players whose disappearance tomorrow wouldn't be noticed.


See if you agree with @leftybhoy on who will come and go...




On Twitter;



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This week Celtic Globetrotter Mark Cameron drops in for a chat with Harry.  Their wide ranging discussion covers the joy of being champions at Pittodrie, how the manager will deal with the squad for the last two games and what the squad may or may not be after the (brief) summer break.


It's such a long and wide ranging chat that Harry has decided to split the podcasts up into two bite sized chunks.  Podcast 248a is about this season and part b will be along in a few days time where we look at next.  Oh and don't forget it's Lisa Hague's birthday bash at Celtic Park this week - funds to Marie Curie.





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Last week we uploaded part I of the conversation between St Anthony and Andy Ritchie.  Since that upload, both sides with whom Andy is synonymous (Celtic & Morton) have secured their respective league titles...magic!


If you've not listened to 247(a) it's available from all the usual places.  If you have then please enjoy the 2nd part...

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I pondered for a little while as to whether to call this a My Celtic Life podcast after all, Andy is a Morton Legend and only played a handful of games for the hoops but for those of us of a certain age you cannot think of players like Andy or Chcik Charnley and not think of the hoops they could have been.


Andy had talent but he was also more in the Griffiths Tunnock Teacake world of fitness than the John Collins multi sit-up one.  Whetever the reason he left Celtic early in his career and became a legend down Greenock way.


The man has more than a few stories and St Anthony and he enjoy a good 1 and a half chat over all things football.  As a consequence I thought it best to create two managable podcasts from the conversation which should give you something else to listen to until after May 7th.



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This week Harry has just about calmed down enough to do a podcast dissecting the ICT fall-out.  With more unsighted people in Scottish football than you'd find at a Ray Charles convention, Harry hops on Skype and chats with a man 8,000 miles away in Argentina - even he saw it - HANDBALL.


The guys naturally discuss what happened and Harry TRIES to come up with a valid defence for 5 unsighted officials.  After this the guys have a wider discussion on the team performance on the day before moving into the challenges we'll face with the squad before Mark gives us a run-down of who we won't sign from South America but will eventually sign for Arsenal for £10m or some other silly amount.


Between the football chat the boys also discuss hotel rooms in London and coffins in Kinning Park!



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This week Harry is joined by a man familiar with listeners to BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound and formerly readers of the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday - Mr Tom English.  Tom is a Limerick man and was a Limerick Utd and Liverpool fan growing up who pretty much stumbled across Scottish football when posted here in by the Sunday Times in the early 1990's.  

Over the course of a rambling hour and a half, the boys manage to fit in;

Limerick Utd, Liverpool, the glory of your first game, lush green grass, Fergus McCann, Ronny Deila, TV deals and the future of journamlism among many other things.


Both gents can be found on twitter;





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A REAL St Mirren fan in the media - yes apparently there IS one and St Anthony has found him!

This week St Anthony is joined by The Scottish Sun's Chief Football Writer Mr Robert Grieve to talk football AND Saint provides the bombshell right at the start that Robert IS actually a ST Mirren fan - yes a real live one - although a thought did occur that maybe that's why St Mirren's average attendance is so low, all the St Mirren fans are busy reporting at other grounds across Scotland....


I hope you enjoy and please don't forget your food parcels to mark 100th year of Brother Walfrid's passing.

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The hiatus of international football is over and so it's time to talk Celtic.  Lachie Mor joins Harry to discuss the shooty-in exercise of the final Dundee Utd game and the squad in general.  In addition to discovering that Lachie's best 11 contains a minumum of 12 players, the pair discuss the forthcoming triple and summer squad changes including Liam Henderson's loan move to Norway.  There is a brief mention of the Ibrox lunacy before Lachie picks his starting 12 for the St Mirren game.



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With it being an international week our listeners will be thirsty for Celtic content and this week St Anthony returns with another My Celtic Life.  This week Saint is joined by Charlie Gallagher.  


Charlie is one of those Celts who's career spanned a dramatic chnage in the club.  Starting in the dark pre-Stein days he was fortunate enough to play alongside his hero, the late great Willie Fernie and played with the club through the start of the Stein era before finishing his career during the days of colour TV at Dumbarton.  Charlie's other claim was to be the first Irish Republic International born in Glasgow.


As I write I'm about to head off to the Celtic FC Foundation Zip Wire and it's VERY windy.  If I'm not heard of for a while can someone check to see if I landed in Norway?



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Why would anyone not be excited about going to watch Celtic at the moment?  Bombing on full backs, pace speed, ability - even centre halves scoring goals by playing a 1-2 in the opposition 6 yard box.  To quote Chris Tarrant on TISWAS - This Is What They Want!  Yes, this is sexy football.  Ronny Deila is bringing sexy back to Celtic Park!


This week Mark Cameron joins Harry to discuss attacking football being played the Glasgow Celtic way and Dundee Utd leaving the boot in.  That's right, we review the latest instalment in the Celtic v Dundee Utd saga and discuss how enjoyable supporting Celtic is.


The enjoyment of supporting a great team on the park is only added to by knowing that Celtic are a club like no other and Mark talks about his work with the Celtic FC Foundation.


The two contributors are on twitter;





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Jim Spence in conversation with St Anthony

Since the speculate to accumulate concept came crashing down in Scottish football, few journalists have provided a fairer and more bullish assement and commentary on our game than Jim Spence.  With 3 Dundee Utd games coming up St aNthony has dusted down his mic once again to meet up with Jim Spence and have a good football natter with a proper football fan.


Both gents can be found on twitter;



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This week St Anthony is joined by author of The First Game With My Father, Michael Tierney.  They discuss all things Celtic including Sean Connery, Gerard Butler, Ben Bradley et al.

Also the Celtic FC Foundation have just a few team places left for their first golf day which is taking place on World Autism Day - 2nd April, at Renfrew Golf Club.


CELTIC FC Foundation’s inaugural Golf Day will coincide with World Autism Awareness Day on Thursday, April 2.

World Autism Awareness Day is an initiative launched by the United Nations General Assembly to promote awareness and understanding of people with autism.

Celtic FC Foundation’s first Golf Day is scheduled to take place at Renfrew Golf Club with all proceeds raised going towards a project  that will help children and young people with autism. In collaboration with the University of Strathclyde, Celtic FC Foundation intend to create a project which will offer an opportunity to enhance each child’s wellbeing through supported physical activity such as football and dance with a focus on fun.


Celtic FC Foundation’s inaugural Golf Day, please email cfcfoundation@celticfc.co.uk or call 0141 551 4291.

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After Harry updates on the Celtic Graves Event of Saturday 28th Feb in Kilsyth and the forthcoming CFC Foundation events we have the meet of the podcast with St Anthony.

St Anthony meets up with Andy Lynch.  In February 1973, Jock Stein paid £30,000 to sign Lynch for Celtic and, although Lynch was initially a winger, Stein successfully converted him into a left back. While with Celtic he won three Scottish league titles and the Scottish Cup twice. He scored the only goal in the 1977 Scottish Cup final.

There will be more podcasts to come so please enjoy.

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This week Harry gets in from the Internazionale game at Celtic Park and has almost lost his voice.  There is just enough left to have a skype chat with our man in Argentina Mr Mak Cooper.


The two discuss the wonderful game at Celtic Park and conclude that this is wondeful but the best is yet to come.  Mark also provides an insight into what Celtic COULD be doing to get young South American talent.


Please enjoy the podcast and the goals


The two can be found on twitter;



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The Celtic Underground Podcast No.236 - Inter Milan Edition

This week st Anthony is joined by famous Celtic author and historian Pat Woods.


With the forthcoming tie with Inter Milan memories are bviously transported back to European joys and tears of the past, of ost note the 1967 Final and then there was the heartache of the 1972 European Cup Semi Final and the boys discuss these past times at length.


Also this past week I was fortunate enough to see the launch of the Celtic Foundation partnership with Poplar Harca Housing Association in a 3 year programme aimed at getting kids involved in positive activities.  When the English Premier League has just signed a £5bn tv contract it's heartening to see that our club, without these riches, is working in communities to improve the lives of others.


For more info visit - http://charity.celticfc.net/



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This week former host of Celtic TV Ally Beg and author of Begg To Differ joins Harry to discuss Scottish Football.  As Ally is a Dons fan & former Celtic TV man they discuss the two cup semi finals and also discuss the Dons in the league - can they hold onto 2nd with the challenge from ICT?

They discuss teh dreadful Hampden pitch, the Scottish transfer market and touch on the Inter Milan game.



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The Celtic Underground Podcast No234 - Michael Kelly

I decided to keep the title to this weeks podcast brief because mention the name Michael Kelly to many Celtcs and just stand back.  A man who certainly generates comment, his Celtic heritage goes back to the forming of the club.  The Kelly family and Celtic and the Kelly family and Glasgow are pretty interwined.


A man credited with halting the terminal decline of a once great City with the Glasgow's Miles Better campaign his arrival on the board with Brian Dempsey seemed to Herald the change many of us were praying for, but quickly his presence on the board became a point of much anger.


History is written by the victors and in the battle for the soul of our club, as we know unlike like other clubs the Celtic fans stepped up to the plate and saved it and Michael was one of the losers.


We've had Brian Dempsey on, now you can hear Michael Kelly who is joined by St Anthony.



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Celtic have a league cup semi final coming up over the weekend and we have brought Hullbhoy in from out of cold storage to give us his insight.


First up Hullbhoy and Harry discuss the performance of the team under Ronny and the changes and development of the playing style witnessed.  The boys then go on to discuss wider issues in Scottish football like how crap our refs are before finally looking at the weekend league cup semi games and Hullbhoy sets out what his starting 11 on Sunday would be.


The bhoys can be found on twitter;




ALSO - Wee request...look into sponsoring this guy please;


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This week St Anthony is back at the reigns for a chat with a man with 6 decades plus of Celtic and Scottish football memories.  Journalist and editor of the fabulous Playing for Celtic series of books.  One indicator of the difference in player/journalist relationship in past times - Rodger was Jim Baxter's best man.




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The Celtic Underground Podcast No231 - Expect Deila to Succeed? This Norwegian Would

Did you have a good New Year?  As they say may your best of 2014 be the worst of 2015.


Following on from Ally Begg on podcast No230, once again Harry brings a new voice to the CU Podcast in the Norwegian based in Glasgow, Christian Wulff or, @aHellofaBeating as many followers on twitter will know him.


Christian's interest in Scottish football began when his father established the Norwegian Stenhousmuir Supporters club and this Osloite who has recently been feeding insatiable demand for Norwegian football in Scotland since the arrival of Ronny Deila, writing for The Herald & SoS, as well as blethering on BBC & STV.


So hopefuly this year Ronny will save us from tears and deliver the football Christian reminds us he was famous for in Norway.


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