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Tonight Celtic played a team who are vastly inferior to us.  They had three attempts on goal and scored with two of them.  Meantime our manager picked a starting 11 with no striker and didn’t bring one on until the 78th minute.  I get that Ajeti may not quite be fully fit and I fear Klimala not starting is because the manager doesn’t rate him.  what a shit show


We wanted to get a podcast out and to your ears as quickly as possible and so we start with just Antony Murray and after 25 mins are joined by St Anthony.  We discuss what to do and don’t come up with solutions, just moans.


If you can, enjoy…

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Viva Espana


We have had a very eventful time of things both on and off the park at Celtic since our last podcast discussing the current squad.  In that last podcast Juco James disected the pros and cons (minus the pros) of continuing to play Scott Brown.  we then had the Killie game which was the usual purgatory on plastic.  We lack creativity and gave away a stupid goal and many fingers pointed at Jullien and Brown.  After that we had the Boli 24 hour Spanish holiday jaunt.  In between we signed Ajeti.


With all this going on we needed a podcast and we needed some calm heads and so we have Hullbhoy and Duncan to discuss all this and more.




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Antony Murray returns to discuss the all time Celtic XI of another hoops fan.  This week Paul Rutherford picks his favourite Celtic XI with some alternative options from the norm.


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The first game of the new season has just finished with a 5-1 victory over Hamilton so if you're looking for Celtic chat, we have episode 5 of the Lifetime XI podcasts.  It's the first official podcast of our 15th season and features our old friend Lawrence Donegan.

He's had plenty of time to get the pronunciations correct so hopefully no mangling.

It's Antony Murray with Lawrence Donegan's best XI.


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