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This week saw Celtic snatch victory from the jaws of a bore draw with the late late  LATE show at Dens Park as Edouard scored in the 96th minute to stretch our lead at the top to 10 points and edge us closer still to Gr8ness.


With the title all but in the bag we decided to get Stephen Wray back on the podcast to discuss that Dens victory and then have a review of whether we think Lennon will be the man next season.  In short, mibees aye, mibees naw.



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“Once you’ve played for the Celtic, you’ll always be Celtic.”


This week we move away from the Brendan gossip and back to the usual business.  The team is marching towards Gr8ness with Lennon in charge and we have a podcast featuring 2 Celtic legends - Neil Lennon (with his pre-Dons game press conference) and John ‘Yogi’ Hughes.


Yogi was at Celtic from 1959 to 1971 before moving on to Crystal Palace and the Sunderland.  He was at the club to experience the transformation that took place under Jock Stein and Sean Fallon and his comments on these two are very interesting… not to be missed!


In the last week we’ve had the podcast with ALL the Brendan gossip we first told you about back in August (but few wanted to believe) and then we re-tweeted the links to the 20th Anniversary Fergus podcast (because 4th March this week was the 25th anniversary of Fergus and co sweeping way the old board and commencing the building works for this period or unequalled dominance of the domestic game.


We hope you enjoy our podcasts and find this one as good as all the others.




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What a week!


The last podcast was recorded on Monday night as the Brendan rumours were starting the surface and came out when he’d gone.  During that recording I decided to chat with Lachie about the possibility of Brdoge leaving and was concerned that I sounded too negative…in hindsight I was too positive!


He’s gone and his timing is awful however I seem to be not quite as angry as many fellow Tims.  I think this is down to my resignation last August that he would not be here next season and the expectation that he may not even see out the season (although once he was here past Christmas that fear had evaporated…what do I know?)


Anyway, on the “what do I know” theme I decided to take the audio of Lenny yesterday and then have a wee monologue about what I did know (or at least what I was told by people that I have every faith know), the stuff I discussed on a rival podcast!


I hope it’s not noo boring and that we can start putting this anger to bed.  He may have left like a self centred arsehole but he still won us 7 trophies in a row, filled us with hopes and dreams and had some great football and results.



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