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This is the second of our two podcasts with forner General Manager Jock Brown where he discusses his time at Celtic.  This week there is more on his relationship with Wim Jansen and Murdo McLoed, how he would do anything to ensure there was no 10 in a row and his sadness at the leaks coming from the lesser member of that management duo.  Brown alos talks of his respect for Dr Jo and the excitement when Dr Jo took him to see Lubo.


If you've not listened to 210 (a) I would suggest doing that first, this one will then make more sense.


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This week Harry is joined by another man from Celtic's recent history, but this time it is one of the more controversial figures - former general manager Jock Brown.


At the club for just for 17 months, his tenure coincided with the final push of the failed Murray regime to achieve ten in a row and consequently this period also saw the hight of the media campaign to unsettle Celtic.  Many would argue Fergus assisted that campaign by dismissing Tommy Burns and then appointing Brown along with "the worst thing to hit Japan since Hiroshima" in a very different structure to anything else in British football.


Those around at the time will recall the events and will have their own recollections - this is Jocks.

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This week St Anthony is joined by the ever young Joe Miller.  For me Joe was the start of the realisation that I may never ever get to play for Celtic.  Born in the year of the lisbon success, I was studying for my O Grades when this young lad, the same age as my brother burst onto the scene at Aberdeen.  I began to realise I may be too late...


After 60 first team games for the Dons young Joe signed for his bhoyhood heroes and graced the hoops for 6 years.  Joe returned to the Dons and appeared a further 149 times for them.


St Ant & Joe discuss his career and his role in setting up the Celtic former players association.


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January 1994 and Celtic football club is approaching its lowest ebb. Whilst the new owner of Rangers decides to accelerate the south side's clubs splash the cash philosophy, over at Celtic the club lurches ever closer to oblivion. In a desperate attempt to hide the reality, the Celtic board provide manager Macari with some limited funds to spend on players to appease the fans. In come the likes of Martin, Biggins and Miggleton.

History has not judged that Celtic team well but were all the players THAT bad? It wasn't until Carl Muggleton's 7th league game for Celtci that he conceeded his first goal and on this weeks podcast Harry Brady is joined by Carl to discuss that time and his career in general. What comes through is a guy who, despite everything, remembers his brief time at the hoops fondly and more than anything is a guy who just loved playing football.

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Once again this week Harry makes way for the professionals as St ANthony talks with author of Paradise road, Mr Stephen O'Donnell.

Paradise Road tells the story of Kevin ‘Garra’ McGarry and his assortment of Celtic fan mates from Kirkintilloch as they struggle to get by in their mundane lives which are only brightened by the existence of their favourite football team.

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