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After a week when the online chat has been about pyro, seats and signing policies, Harry Brady is joined by St Anthony to discuss... football!

The initial concept of the bhoys is to talk about the great performances of Hearts and Motherwell and the inglorious display in Barcelona.  Instead the bhoys discuss a bit of the good displays in Edinburgh and Motherwell and then move onto the challenge of how to move the best youths in Scotland into becoming the best first team players in Scotland, and don't really reach a solution apart from just playing them.

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This week Harry is joined by Dr Clifford Stott - one of the world's leading experts on crowd management and specifically policing of football supporters.  For once Harry's chat is limited as he listens to a real expert talk about crowd control and policing at football and what should and shouldn't happen.  In a Celtic context, the guys specifically discuss the recent issues in Amsterdam where Dr Stott identifies that there MUST have been a breakdown in communication and decision making over the course of the run up to and night of trouble in Dam Square.  The guys also then go on to discuss the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.  Stott discusses it's validity in the context of the Human Rights Act and also whether it has actually set back policing of football in Scotland - Overall a quite fascinating listen.

Dr & Professor Clifford Stott  joined the University of Leeds in September 2012 as a Visiting Professor to the Socio-Technical Centre. He then took up a full time post as Principal Research Fellow to the Security and Justice Research Group in September 2013. He previously held positions at the Universities of Liverpool, Abertay Dundee and Bath as well as running his own consultancy company.

Scholarly and Research Interests

Considered the preeminent expert in his field, his  research focuses on the social psychology of crowd conflict and its relationship to public order policing.  Stott has been published widely on these topics in leading journals and co-authored three books. For the last thirteen years he has worked regularly with police forces, Governments and football authorities globally advising on the implications of my work the management of crowd events, specifically working until recently with police forces here in Scotland.


He can be followed on twitter - @CliffordStott

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This week Harry is once again joined by Hullbhoy and discuss the appalling behaviour of the Dutch police along with some football - and the pleasant sight of 4 Celtic goals being scored in one game against Ross County.

The situation with regards to Amsterdam is continually evolving.  since recording Peter Lawwell has confirmed that Celtic have engaged the services of a leading Dutch football lawyer and will meet head on anyone who causes a problem for the Celtic support and as this podcast is published, John Paul Taylor is currently out in Amsterdam on behalf of the club.

More on this in subsequent podcasts

For more information follow @Celticresearch, @Theceltictrust, @celticfcslo

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This week, the guys move off the subject of the Celtic Champions League XI and move onto business matters - The 2013 Celtic AGM.

Harry & Hullbhoy share their business expertise to come up with the perfect preview of a plc AGM - The guy with the deepest pockets gets his way!  Whilst it's not quite like that, the Harry & Hullbhoy preview the meeting by agreeing that the first 9 resolutions are the board's and will be passed by upwards of 96% of the vote.  They agree that non board resolutions have a challenge being passed but that the board do listen to the pressure of many hands at the AGM.

The three non board resolutions (10,11 & 12) are;

10 - A more robust structure around the fan liaison officer

11 - The living wage proposal

12 - The SFA are crap and cheated on Rangers.

Next week we will discuss the Dam Square debacle and the football v Ajax and Ross County.  Then there will be a review of the AGM.

If interested get yourself along to the AGM at 10:30 on Friday 15th November.  If you can't, @HarrybradyCU, @Celticrumours, @CelticAGM and @Theceltictrust and others will all be tweeting live - follow #ticagm and (clubs one) #cfcagm and decide which version of the truth is real!


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After a brief brake caused by IT malfunctions and diary challenges, we're back to finalise our review of the ultimate Celtic Champions League XI.  This week Harry is joined by Hullbhoy to discuss the guys who win games - the strikers.  Very quickly Harry & Hullbhoy establish that the striking duo is Larsson and A.N.Other.  Also very quickly they whittle the candidates of that A.N. Other role to just 4 viable candidates, without overly criticising the others.

To vote on the ultimate Celtic Champions League 11, Email;


tweet - @Harrybradycu

post on the site - www.celticunderground.net

Walk around shouting your nominations very loudly and hope one of the team her you.

Next up - the Celtic AGM podcast.

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With the midfield such an important part of the team, it was decided that Harry needed two experienced hands to help him discuss the selection challenges and so he has been joined by two well known members of the Celtic Underground selection panel, St Anthony and Lachie Mor.  Straight away St Anthony puts his cards on the table to say Charlie Mulgrew would not get in his midfield, but says it in a nice way!.  The group then discuss the pros and cons of many and agree that they would prefer to see as many flair payers as possible in a Celtic CL XI.

In discussing the flair, Harry once again visits his Aiden McGeady arguments.  This time he is pleased to note that others have come to that particular party...

Podcast 200 (c) is part of a series of podcasts hoping to arrive at the best eleven players to have donned the hoops in Champions League Group stages or last 16.  To have your say, email Harrybradycu@gmail.com.  Tweet to @Harrybradycu or leave a comment on the site.

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Mark Cooper joins Harry Brady this week to discuss the men who stood in front of last weeks keeprs, the defenders.  Historically known as the sieve for its porous attributes Mark and Harry review the famous MoN back three before moving on to a general discussion of the full backs and centre halves in the more traditional back 4's which followed.

Mark's affection for Izzy and MacNamara are not hidden well, nor is his indifference to Paul Telfer.

Once again, this is a review of the 67 players who started in Champions League games for Celtic (prior to this season) with the aim of picking Celtic's best Champions League XI.  To vote you can tweet @HarrybradyCU, scroll down and comment on the site or email Harrybradycu@gmail.com.

This weeks contributors were @harrybradycu and @markocooper

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With Celtic commencing their next campaign in a Group of Champions, and Celtic Underground reaching the milestone of 200 podcasts, this week Harry is joined by The Human Torpedo as they start the process of The Celtic Underground Celtic Champions League XI.  This week it is the no1 spot - The Keepers.

Harry and The Human Torpedo manage to make a discussion about 5 players last an hour and at the end it's pretty clear who they think the No1 is out of

Douglas, Hedman, Marshall, Boruc and Forster.

Next week's podcast 200(b) will be the defenders and chosing might be slightly more difficult.

To get involved email your players to;


Put comments on the site or tweet - @Harrybradycu or @Thehumantorpedo.

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This week sees the long awaited (about 3 weeks) return of Lawrence Donegan to the podcast for the heavily trailed discussion about his @bythemin empire. Lawrence joins Harry to discuss how @bythemin started on twitter and his aim that it might one day be the bastion of proper sports journalism. From this they go on to discuss the Stiliyan Petrov game last week and then the recent Ian Black betting scandal which hasn't been too scandalous and the obvious issues this leads to around gambling and the issues around match fixing.

After that jaunt into non-Celtic stuff the guys then turn their attention to the forthcoming competitive games - Saturday football at Tynecastle and of ccourse the Milan game. After this discussion Harry gives a teaser on the forthcoming 200 podcast series when Celticundergorund.net will venture into picking our best Champions League 11. More to come on that next week.

PS - On the sound turned up, but first time recording a Google+ chat so gie us a bit of slack!

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This week Harry is joined by a very special guest - Mr Stiliyan Petrov.

Stiliyan very kindly took time out of his hectic schedule organising the Stiliyan Petrov game at Celtic Park this Sunday to discuss football with a fauning fan.  They obviously discuss the forthcoming charity match at Celtic Park where some of the greatest Celts of the last 20 years (and more) will return to once again grace the hallowed grounds.  Additionally Stiliyan gives an insight into his time at Celtic and more oimportantly discusses the drive and motivation required for a young footballer to make it at the top level.  Once listening I'm sure you'll agree stiliyan is a very compelling speaker - putting us all to shame by being SO articulate in a foreign tongue!

As this podcast is uploaded, a few thousand tickets (max) are still available at £10 & £5.  The beneficiaries are the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation and the Trussell Trust.  Yes in the 21st Century of one of the worlds richest countries we're playing a game to put food on tables of the poor in our city!

At the end of the podcast, Harry indactes that there may be some special podcasts coming up to mark 200 Celtic Underground podcasts.

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Hot on the heels of reviewing Kazakhstan and previewing Inverness with Lawrence Donegan, Harry has got his act together and has pulled together a podcast reviewing Inverness and previewing the Shaktar 2nd leg.  Harry is joined by Hullbhoy who provides his insight into these two games, past and present and assures us all that Celtic will win 3-0 AND will sign some players before the end of the transfer window, whenever the SFA decide that is.

Mixed in with all of this, Harry adds some audio which hopefully will get you in the right frame of mind for Wednesday night.

Since the podcast Celtic have confirmed that one of those young 1 Direction lads will be playing in the Stan Petrov game.  I'm sure that news means anyone who has not yet purchased their ticket will need to get their skates on.

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This week Harry is joined by musician, journalist, golfer, Celtic fan and alround good guy Lawrence Donegan.  They start with the good intentions of discussing Celtic, football and @bytheminsport and @bytheminCeltic but focuss so much on customer service (or lack thereof) at football that they run out of time for the twitter stuff and postpone that for Lawrence Donegan podcast part II.

After discussions Celtic and football with Lawrence, the recent tweets by new(?) to twitterland @theCelticNo1 remind Harry of his format pre-cup final and the idea to preview the next game with a run down on charts and cinema of a previous clash between Celtic and their forthcoming opponents.

So the podcast has been put together by Harry Brady who can be found writing on www.celticunderground.net and or course on twitter @Harrybradycu.

The guest is Mr Lawrence Donegan who can be found on many places INCLUDING @LAWRENCEDONEGAN and @bytheminCeltic; @bytheminsport and many many other @bythemin... you can think of.

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Return of The Pod!  The podcast soundtracks are dusted down after a summer of golf, cricket and not very much else.  Harry Brady cranks up the machine, puts the needle on the records and off we go.

This week Harry if joined by John Paul Taylor, formerly of the ticket office Parsih who, after an 8 year sabatical is now our fan liaison officer.  John Paul justifies himself as a true Celt before going on to explain the wide remit he now has.

Harry also reminds all of the very special place we should have for our flag hero, John Keane - a living Celtic legend!

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This week Harry is joined by....well actually he's Johnny nae mates as he singulalrly undertakes a betting and historical preview of playing Hibs at Hampden.  No podcast is truly complete with some music and the Human Torpedo and so this weeks podcast has some appropriate sounds of games gone past and a wiki piece entitled The Hammer of The Hibs - who ese but John (Dixie) Deans.

Hopefully you donwload before the game and get some decent betting form and odds and we all have a lovely Hampden double to toast.


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TRhis week the podcast returns after an absence of 6 weeks, enforced only by laziness.  Harry is joined by St anthony where they discuss the ongoing issue of 2013 - what excuse can we provide as to why the away from is useless.  The duo also praise the board for the season book pricing strategy for next season and then find time to discuss Moyes to Man Utd and who may or MAY NOT succedd him at Everton.

Some semblence of order is restored at the end when the Human Torpedo provides another slice of Celtic history with a tale from the Celtic Wiki entitled Celtic's Prince Charlie


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This week Harry is invited into the very heart of the club for a conversation with Tony Hamilton.  Tony discusses his role and time at Celtic to date and then provides an insight into the new post he will have from 1st April this year, taking forward the Celtic charity.

Tony's passion for Celtic and the belief that our charitable aims are as relevant today as they were when the club was funded are clear for all.

We then have the return of The Human Torpedo with another tale from the wiki.  This week - Return to Greatness.  Enjoy

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This week Harry is joined by Mark Cameron of the Celtic Chairty fund.  The guys discuss the marvelous evening at Celtic Park on Friday 1st March The Lions Roar Again, an event compared by Archie MacPherson and where all in attendnace were privilaged to meet the living legends of the 1967 team.

Harry & Marck talk about the fact that this evening and the work of the Celtic Charity fund, after a difficult week, restored Harry's faith in Celtic.

The bhoys then briefly touch on Juve game.

There is audio from the night with some of the Q&A'S.  This comes and goes a bit so be patient.

We are a wonderful club

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This week, I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore.  I'm joined initially by Mark Cameron and we talk briefly about the Lions Roar Again as a taster for some changes which will see the celtic Charity and Celtic Foundation become one with Tony Hamilton becoming the new CEO.

I then discuss a raft of issues with Lachie Mor before the sound goes wonky and wetie matters up on Celtic, cheats and other matters.

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This week I'm joined by Hullbhoy and we discuss the only game in town - Celtic.

Reserves thumping Celtic.

Figures that spell show we're on the best financial footing.

Juve in last 16 Champions league.

If Carling did football clubs…we know what the Juve result would be!!


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And the podcast returns!  Just as you thought I'd done a bunk and joined Eddie as a monk in his cave, after a 6 week absence the podcast is back!

This week I am joined by St Anthony of CU, KDS and Celtic Wiki fame.  We discuss the 4 goals a game enjoyment of SPL home games, the disaster at Hampden v St Mirren, league reconstruction and have a brief look forward to Juve.  Hope you enjoy.

Oh and at the end we have a musical tribute to raving Loony Charlie Green.

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