Celticunderground:The Celtic Football Fan Podcast (general)
A Celtic Fan Podcast. We discuss all manner of things to do with the greatest team in the world - Celtic. The world's longest running football fan podcast

This podcast contains audio first created as part of the Fergus 20 yr Anthology, covering the RFC omnishambles.  It also has audio from Brendan and Mousa after the ICT thumping.

When consuming my football it's always through the optics of Celtic.  Even when reviewing the success or failure of Cathro at Hearts, McInnes at Aberdeen or Lennon at Hibs it's viewed through the spectrum of the impact on Celtic or Celtic people.


It is with this in mind that I approach the anniversary of RFC Administration Day.  They are no longer relevant to us except in one way.  Until we get the myth that they somehow survived death, I will always celebrate and remind others of their demise.