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Big Data, The Squad and Brown


Data and statistics are increasingly playing a big part in sport but our guest today suggests that football remains largely in the dark ages in this field.  His belief is that this is changing, and rapidly and those clubs that are late adopters will find themselves at a long term disadvantage.


For those who follow him on twitter, @Jucojames has been at the forefront of detailing the numbers behind Celtic performances and, once we get past how he ended up being a Celtic numbers fanatic, we use the data to discuss the elephant in the room - at his age should Brown be playing so much football? 


I’ll not do a spoiler but your head will tell you what your heart denies on that one.


Hope you enjoy the podcast - all 2 hours!



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This week we continue with Antony Murray discussing with guests their all time Celtic XI.  This week the guest is our very own Lachie Mor.  Regular listeners will know that Lachie has been attending games since before Stein and so with an array of talent to choose from including the Lions, the first 9iar team and the Seville team his all time XI will be an interesting listen.


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It's a simple concept, get a guest on and ask them to choose their favourite/best all time Celtic eleven but sometimes the simplest things are the best things and today we bring you episode 3.  Hosted by Antony Murray listen and decide if you agree. 


If you don't tweet myself or Antony or email podcasts@celticunderground.net and we'll get you on.

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Transfers and season books


Most of our output during these past few footballless months have been our specialist series - the 9iar chronicles and the new Lifetime 11 podcast series.  There has been little else going on bar the season-book stooshie but far more important things going on in wider life and therefore we haven’t been as prolific as usual on the podcasts.  We decided that needed to change!


We contacted Lawrence Donegan and Antony Murray and had a chat about all that is going on at our club - transfer gossip, season book sales and preparation for the new season.  It’s all here in spades.


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It's like buses, you wait for ages and then they come along with the frequency of, well, buses!  It's episode two of the Celtic Lifetime XI podcast from Antony Murray.  This week his guest is Kes Devaal.

Both guys can be found on Twitter @KesDevaal and @antonymurray25

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