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This week we have some audio from the Celtic History night which took place in the Admiral Bar on Thursday 19th November. Hosted by Paul Cuddihy the evening was a chance for Celtic chat with authors who have all apeared on this podcast;
Paul Dykes - The Quality Street Gang
Stephen Sullivan - Celtic's Iron Man
Stephen Murray - Ten Men Won The League

This is the first part of audio from the evening with part two up over the weekend.


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This week St Anthony is joined by a legend of Scottish Football, Pat Stanton. In these modern times of high wages, as we have seen, players like Pat would never have stayed at Hibs for so long but...well he goes into all of that on the podcast.

Stanton is the great-great nephew of Michael Whelahan, one of the founders of Hibernian FC and its first captain.[3] He signed for the club in 1963 and made his professional debut later that year.[4] He established himself in the Hibs first team, playing either in defence or midfield.[4] Stanton captained Hibs when they won the 1972 Scottish League Cup Final.[4]

Stanton left Hibs in 1976 when he was transferred to Celtic in a swap deal for Jackie McNamara, Sr.[4] Jock Stein, who had briefly managed Stanton at Hibs in the 1960s, identified Stanton as the man to stop Celtic conceding soft goals.[4][5] This was an apparent success, as Celtic won the Scottish Cup and the Scottish league championship in 1976–77.[4][5] Stanton suffered a bad injury early in the 1977–78 season, which eventually forced his retirement from playing.[4] Hibs and Celtic played a testimonial match for Stanton on 30 April 1978.


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This week the Celtic Underground team discuss cheating - wholescale, industrial cheating with the clear intent to defraud Scottish football, masterminded by a man hailed as business hero, but who was nothing of the sort. Knighted for services to business David Murray stacked up debts of £1bn with a £20m shortfall in his group's pension fund. And when this guy could no longer use his friends and contacts at HBoS to paper over the cracks of his business failures he then used the money of you and I to fund his ego.

Yes this podcast is about the illegal actions of David Murray and Rangers Football Club (In Liquidation). The podcast is long...but then again so was the period of time over which Rangers cheated. They died, but we now need to decide what we do with the legacy of that corpse.



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This week St Anthony is joined by a man who does not look to court the limelight yet has been an essential part of the Celtic fan story for over 20 years - Mr Brendan Sweeney. Many will have known of Brendan since his time at Celts For Change when he was a key member of the group which helped galvanise the fans into a movement which led to the transformation of our club. More recently Brendan has been part of The Celtic Graves Society and has just written a book entitled Celtic THE EARLY YEARS 1887-1892.

If you are interested in Celtic books, the Admiral Bar will be hosting a book evening on Thursday 19th November. More details can be found here - http://celticunderground.net/celtic-history-discussion-and-book-night-admiral-bar-19th-november/


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This week Harry meets up with Tony Hamilton (CEO) to discuss the fantastic work of the Celtic FC Foundation.

Tony and Harry firt spoke about the work of the Foundation 2 years ago on the podcast and so Harry thought it was about time to catch up and get insight into the work being done by the foundation and specifically the forthcoming Christmas appeal.

To learn more about the work of the Foundation log on to http://charity.celticfc.net/

The bhoys can be found on Twitter;

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