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This week Harry is joined by the editor of the influential website Politics Home to discuss Celtic, Holyrood, Westminster and more Celtic.

Kevin sets out his credentials detailing his early time as a Celtic fan before getting onto how this young hoops fan ended up being one of the most recognised journalistic faces around the Palace of Westminster. Through this ramble the bhoys manage to touch on the forthcoming Holyrood elections, the EU referendum, the Hillsborough Inquiry and all the fallout from each of these events before getting back to the future of the hoops.




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May 3 1986: Heart of Midlothian travel to Dundee in need of a single point on the final day of the season to secure their first Scottish League title in 26 years. In Paisley closest challengers Celtic face St Mirren in need of a miracle. With seven minutes of the season to play the miracle comes from the boots of a Dundee substitute by the name of Albert Kidd...

This week Harry is joined by author of Heartbreaakers: Celtic, Albert Kidd and 1986 - Mr Stephen McGowan the Cheif Football writer at The Scottish Daily Mail.

Enjoy the book - here;



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This week is a rather sad podcast. I am sure, like me, whenever someone walks through the door of Celtic Park you are desperate for them to succeed and therefore when it doesn't work out, that person's departure is always tinged with a little sadness.

St Anthony joins Harry to discuss the cup semi final defeat and the confirmed departure of Ronny Deila. Since around February everyone has been aware that Ronny would be leaving in the summer but the nature of the defeat to the Zombies and then the subsequent leaks to the Norwegian media made an announcement before season end inevitable. St Anthony and Harry review the cup final and that discussion meanders onto a review of Ronny's tenure.

Enjoy (if you can)

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This week Harry is joined by a man who played for 18 clubs and although he only managed 3 games at Celtic, one of those was truly memorable - Mr Tony Warner.

Tony has very fond memories of his brief spell at Celtic and we have fond memories of him! His second game was the 5-1 game where Dr Jo showed he could managed, Lubo showed he could play and Mjalby showed he could put Jorge Albertz up in the air. Tony tells tales of his time at various clubs, tells us how just one day of paper reading in Glasgow let him know that there was too much bias and puts two Celtic players in his all time top 4.

A great guy who had a great life in football...Mr Tony Warner.


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This week we are joined by our South American correspondent, Mark Cooper. Mark is based in Argentina and now works for a company to seeks out footballing talent across South America but principally in Argentina and Uruguay.

The bhoys discuss the Motherwell game before a more generic discussion on the clubs transfer stategy and how it appears to have lost its way a little, being neither one thing nor another. After the signing strategy they then discuss the management strategy and review what Celtic might do in the summer on the position of manager/first team coach before going on to both agree that they know little of our cup semi opponents apart from the fact that we'll win.

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