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This week Harry has a long range podcast with a guest who's packed more into the last 25 years than many would pack into 2 lifetimes - former ... well former many things including;

Wannabe footballer, Model, Boy Band Star, Host of MUTV, Celtic TV, Setanta Sports, Sky Sports, ESPN and currently beIN Sport based in Doha, Qatar.


A fascinating guest, Ally's ability to bounceback from adversity and move on to bigger and better things is clear in this podcast.


Ally & I spoke for an hour and a half and could have gone on for the same again.


If interested in more his book Begg to Differ can be bought online;




Ally can also be followed on twitter @ally_begg

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Lachie Mor is back in the house and Harry & Lachie discuss the ghost of Celtic Past, Present & Future and conclude that it's always good to support the hoops.


The bhoys discuss the recent performances where a total of 20 goals could have been scored against Motherwell & St Mirren (but weren't).


At almost the halfway stage in the season Harry tries to get Lachie's best Celtic 11 for this crop and the bhoys also discuss the upcoming visit of Inter from Milan.  Oh and they also wonder what the heck is going on at Ibrox...then decide who knows and who cares.


Merry Christmas and God Bless Us All.

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1978-79 was a season like no other, marking the end of an era and transition to a different world in more ways than one.  Jock Stein had managed Celtic for the final time and his European Cup winning captain was to take over the reigns.  The Rangers team which had been succesful in the post 9 in a row years were ageing and two clubs from the North East were starting to show how they would come briefly challenge the perceived order of Scottish Football.


Off the field season 1978-79 started with a song from the film of the summer at number 1 You're The One That I Want from Grease was there for 9 weeks, with 3 Times a Lady replacing it and in politics too we saw major transition.


The Labour goverment had lost its majority in parliament and despite being ahead in the polls, Jim Callaghan saw no need to call an election.  Over the course of the season we would see that lead of the old order be lost, the winter of discontent and the season ended with a woman prime minister.  Changing days indeed.


With all of this going on Celtic came from mid table oblivion to a final game showdown to face Rangers.  Only a victory would allow the Celts to secure another title and in 58 minutes at 1-0 down Johnny Doyle was sent off.  Things did not look good but the players rallied around and TEN MEN WON THE LEAGUE.


Stephen Murray has written a book about that almost mythical season and this podcast finds out more.


Listen to the end to find out how you could win asigned copy.  If you can't win one, buy one:



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