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Steven Purcell has is a Celtic fan with a unique insight into the dramtic events in Glasgow and Scotland over these past 12 months.  Steven got into politics during the turbulent times of the 1980's and became a Glasgow City councillor at 22 and leader of the City just 10 years later at 32.  Close to Donald Dewar, steven was tipped to become the leader of Labour in Scotland before his high profile resignation and departure from public life.  Before leaving the City council, Steven was the man who led the team which brought the Commonwealth Games here in 2014 and remains close to the movers and shakers of Scottish politics.


Steven talks of his love of Celtic and the Labour Party and the challenges facing the second of those two - he identifies the 5 challenges he sees facing the Labour Party UK wide and how the simple use of the single name "Nicola" could spell real problems for Labour in Scotland.


In a wide ranging conversation which covers Sectarianism, Gasgow's uncomfortable relationship with football and the OBFA, the boys round up by discussing the joy of watching Celtic under Ronny Deila.



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Following the jolly discussions of the Aberdeen game and the remaining fixtures this term, guest Mark Cameron shows his ruthless side by discussing the big changes he envisages for the first team squad.  Some of his proposals are enforced with expected sales, whilst others are end of contract or fringe players whose disappearance tomorrow wouldn't be noticed.


See if you agree with @leftybhoy on who will come and go...




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This week Celtic Globetrotter Mark Cameron drops in for a chat with Harry.  Their wide ranging discussion covers the joy of being champions at Pittodrie, how the manager will deal with the squad for the last two games and what the squad may or may not be after the (brief) summer break.


It's such a long and wide ranging chat that Harry has decided to split the podcasts up into two bite sized chunks.  Podcast 248a is about this season and part b will be along in a few days time where we look at next.  Oh and don't forget it's Lisa Hague's birthday bash at Celtic Park this week - funds to Marie Curie.





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Last week we uploaded part I of the conversation between St Anthony and Andy Ritchie.  Since that upload, both sides with whom Andy is synonymous (Celtic & Morton) have secured their respective league titles...magic!


If you've not listened to 247(a) it's available from all the usual places.  If you have then please enjoy the 2nd part...

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