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The Old Rangers cheated and then went bust. We all know this, but what the press have not gone into are the final desperate attempts made by that old club to stave off liquidation and use all means, fair or foul, to cobble together enough cash to trade through the season. When they ran out of tax avoidance and evasion schemes, they simply gambled everything on achieving Champions League football. With the acquiescence or ignorance of the SFA they nearly succeeded.

At the Celtic AGM of 2013 a group of supporters tabled "Resolution 12" which asked the club to take steps to ascertain how the old Rangers had obtained and kept the UEFA licence. Following dialogue with the club, that resolution was adjourned but that did not mean it had gone away. This podcast with Auldheid seeks to provide more information on the latest piece about Res 12 on the CU site and provide an overview of where they are.

If you have specific questions following the podcast please contact @Auldheid on twitter.

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Last week we had Derek Rae on the podcast.  We talked about his technique, love for the game and influences.  His start had been via David Francy but there was one man who is perhaps, the most important sports broadcaster in Scottish sport history.  I am of course talking about the legendary Archie MacPherson.


Those of us of a certain age grew up with the luxury of football highlights of games by tea time Sunday with Sportscene on BBC1 and Scotsport on ITV, which Archie on the Beeb and Arthur Montford on STV.  We may not have got all the games and all the goals, but what we got was far superior than the current fare.  Archie has been mocked for his come over, his sports jackets and his "swept away" turn of phrase, but all of that is done with the type of humour reserved only for those whom we truly admire.  This is no-one better than Archie so...Enjoy.

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