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This week Harry is joined by financial whizzkid Hullbhoy to discuss Celtic, Lee Griffiths  and the implications of Scotland's newest club joining the ranks of Third Lanark, Gretna and Rangers as deceased clubs.


Before all of that discussion, Harry has a brief chat with Mark from the Celtic foundation about how to get involved in assisting the club raise funds for homeless charities in Glasgow.  The last game of the season special Celtic Foundation "Football For Good" badges will be available to buy with minimum donation of £1.  Helpers are required to rattle the buckets and sell the badges.  We often talk about what makes us different and the foundation of the club around charitable aims.  That charitable function disappeared for most of the 20th century but was re-instigated by Fergus.  As we know, March was the 20th anniversary of Fergus saving our club from the embarrassment of administration and how fitting that whilst other clubs use their charitable arm to stay trading (allegedly) our charity is going from strength to strength.


If you want to put something back and help our charity with deeds as well as money, email cfcfvolunteer@ceticfc.co.uk

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This week St Anthony is joined by former Celtic midfielder Dom Sullivan.


Dom signed for Celtic in 1979 from Aberdeen for the not too triffling amount of £80,000, following the road taken by his former manager Billy McNeil.  This was a time when squads were small, typically championship winning teams could have as few as 15 or 16 players making first team appearances through the season therefore when a young Paul McStay broke into the side, eventually Dom moved on in 1983.  


In his time at the club Dom made 113 appearances scoring 15 goals.


More podcasts are to come but meantime if your making your plans for the last game of the season, don't forget the badge day for the Celtic Foundation;



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Sorry but how could I possibly have someone on discussing a CQN Book and not make one podium reference?  Anyway, this week I am joined by Brogan Rogan Trevino & Hogan to discuss the latest output from the Celtic conglomerate CQN - Seville: The Celtic Movement.


BRTH sets explains that at times many of us (especially the online Celtic community over the last 2 -3 years) can get too hung up on all the politics surrounding the Scottish game and forget that going to the football with your mates or family is a fun social event, none more so than Seville.  The book therefore is a celebration of that communal fan spirit that was never more evident than around that game.  The book therefore is a fans book telling the fans tails of the game - or more importantly getting to and from the game rather than accounts of the match itself.


Like all good book sellers BRTH refuses to divulge any of the stories (you need to read the book) but the lads do a little reminicing whilst discussing everything around the game.


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The book can be purchased "in all good book stores" inc;


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This is our first podcast since becoming the champions again and cenemting ourselves as the most succesful living club in Scotland.  No matter how succesful we become we must savour every success and one man who knew that was Sean Fallon.  A Celtic great for decades, Sean saw many good and bad times and his biographer, Stephen Sullivan is the guest for this weeks podcast.


Stephen, formerly of The Celtic View and Celtic website joins St Anthony to dicsuss all things Celtic and specifically his biography of the great Sean Fallon - Celtic's Iron Man.


St Anthony and Stephen Sullivan can both be found on twitter;



@Beverlyhill90210 sorry I meant @stephen62572390


You can buy the book in various places inc;


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