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This week Harry is joined by musician, journalist, golfer, Celtic fan and alround good guy Lawrence Donegan.  They start with the good intentions of discussing Celtic, football and @bytheminsport and @bytheminCeltic but focuss so much on customer service (or lack thereof) at football that they run out of time for the twitter stuff and postpone that for Lawrence Donegan podcast part II.

After discussions Celtic and football with Lawrence, the recent tweets by new(?) to twitterland @theCelticNo1 remind Harry of his format pre-cup final and the idea to preview the next game with a run down on charts and cinema of a previous clash between Celtic and their forthcoming opponents.

So the podcast has been put together by Harry Brady who can be found writing on www.celticunderground.net and or course on twitter @Harrybradycu.

The guest is Mr Lawrence Donegan who can be found on many places INCLUDING @LAWRENCEDONEGAN and @bytheminCeltic; @bytheminsport and many many other @bythemin... you can think of.

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