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When Brendan arrived we knew that season 2016/17 was going to be something special, but no-one could have foreseen just how wonderful it was.  Few if any of us will ever see a team go the entire domestic season in Scotland unbeaten and in the process pick up every domestic trophy with the youths chipping in too.


The Celtic Underground team always peruse the key moments from seasons past and this year is no different so Harry is joined by Hullbhoy and Mark Cooper to discuss the key games from last season that saw us start and finish the domestic campaign with thrilling 2-1 victories away from Celtic Park.


Of course we do not discuss whether, having only drawn 4 games domestically and beating the 2 best team in Scotland on 6 occasions we should be further ahead than we are over a team we thumped 5-1 in two games because that would be silly!



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