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The Celtic Underground Podcast No234 - Michael Kelly

I decided to keep the title to this weeks podcast brief because mention the name Michael Kelly to many Celtcs and just stand back.  A man who certainly generates comment, his Celtic heritage goes back to the forming of the club.  The Kelly family and Celtic and the Kelly family and Glasgow are pretty interwined.


A man credited with halting the terminal decline of a once great City with the Glasgow's Miles Better campaign his arrival on the board with Brian Dempsey seemed to Herald the change many of us were praying for, but quickly his presence on the board became a point of much anger.


History is written by the victors and in the battle for the soul of our club, as we know unlike like other clubs the Celtic fans stepped up to the plate and saved it and Michael was one of the losers.


We've had Brian Dempsey on, now you can hear Michael Kelly who is joined by St Anthony.



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