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This week Harry is joined by financial whizzkid Hullbhoy to discuss Celtic, Lee Griffiths  and the implications of Scotland's newest club joining the ranks of Third Lanark, Gretna and Rangers as deceased clubs.


Before all of that discussion, Harry has a brief chat with Mark from the Celtic foundation about how to get involved in assisting the club raise funds for homeless charities in Glasgow.  The last game of the season special Celtic Foundation "Football For Good" badges will be available to buy with minimum donation of £1.  Helpers are required to rattle the buckets and sell the badges.  We often talk about what makes us different and the foundation of the club around charitable aims.  That charitable function disappeared for most of the 20th century but was re-instigated by Fergus.  As we know, March was the 20th anniversary of Fergus saving our club from the embarrassment of administration and how fitting that whilst other clubs use their charitable arm to stay trading (allegedly) our charity is going from strength to strength.


If you want to put something back and help our charity with deeds as well as money, email cfcfvolunteer@ceticfc.co.uk

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