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January 1994 and Celtic football club is approaching its lowest ebb. Whilst the new owner of Rangers decides to accelerate the south side's clubs splash the cash philosophy, over at Celtic the club lurches ever closer to oblivion. In a desperate attempt to hide the reality, the Celtic board provide manager Macari with some limited funds to spend on players to appease the fans. In come the likes of Martin, Biggins and Miggleton.

History has not judged that Celtic team well but were all the players THAT bad? It wasn't until Carl Muggleton's 7th league game for Celtci that he conceeded his first goal and on this weeks podcast Harry Brady is joined by Carl to discuss that time and his career in general. What comes through is a guy who, despite everything, remembers his brief time at the hoops fondly and more than anything is a guy who just loved playing football.

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