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Sorry but how could I possibly have someone on discussing a CQN Book and not make one podium reference?  Anyway, this week I am joined by Brogan Rogan Trevino & Hogan to discuss the latest output from the Celtic conglomerate CQN - Seville: The Celtic Movement.


BRTH sets explains that at times many of us (especially the online Celtic community over the last 2 -3 years) can get too hung up on all the politics surrounding the Scottish game and forget that going to the football with your mates or family is a fun social event, none more so than Seville.  The book therefore is a celebration of that communal fan spirit that was never more evident than around that game.  The book therefore is a fans book telling the fans tails of the game - or more importantly getting to and from the game rather than accounts of the match itself.


Like all good book sellers BRTH refuses to divulge any of the stories (you need to read the book) but the lads do a little reminicing whilst discussing everything around the game.


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