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This week's podcast is an eclectic mix of analysing the past, discussing the future and hearing about the present. Harry Brady is joined by Jack Lyons for a tactical review of the last three Celtic games prior to the podcast which were;
The 5 - 1 thrashing of Scotland's newest club
The 7 - 0 Humping in Catalonia
The 2 - 2 Draw in The Highlands

The boys also touch on the predictions for the Killie game on Saturday and what Celtic might do to combat the might of Barca in the return game.

Mixed in with all of that we have the post match interviews from the Alloa game including the press guys laughing at a colleagues inability to pronounce a Latin American name. Oh, and whilst this was being recorded we drew a diddy team in the League Cup.

New music is from The Label https://listentothelabel.bandcamp.com/album/vodka-and-lemonade

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This is the audio from the 5-1 game. I picked up celebrations of both the 4th & 5th goals and sandwiched between is my prediction of 5 goals on Sportsound and interviews with Brendan and Dembele.


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This week Harry is joined by Hullbhoy to discuss the first New Glasgow Derby in the league. The bhoys discuss what we all know - it's the same fans, supporting a team wearing the same colours in the same stadium but that it's NOT the same club...it can't be because THE OLD ONE WENT BUST! Harry regails a tale from his starring role on Sportsound but is then taken down a peg or two by being reminded that St ANthony was in the New York Times.

After this bit of banter the bhoys get get down to brass tacks and review what the team for the New Derby will be before Harry grans a bit of audio from the archives and plays and Omnishables Special

There is new music as usual (links on the site) no new podcast recommendations (as Harry needs to get himself organised) and of course the Foundation.


This week Mark Cooper joins Harry to discuss the summer transfer window which, in the usual fashion, closed without much Celtic business being done on the last day. The boys discuss whether it was good bad or indifferent and decide it was pretty good. It could have been better with perhaps one more signing but all in all we have a better squad than we started it with.

In addition to the transfer window the bhoys briefly touch on the Aberdeen game and the changes to the Champions League.

There is new music as usual (links on the site) podcast recommendations and the Foundation.


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This week Jack Lyons returns to analyse the behind the sofa game in Isreal and look forward to the Champions League.

Harry and Jack discuss the fearful game that was the final qualifier away leg and try to understand why we were so bad, but also take the positive that no matter how bad we were we went through. The guys then go on to dicsuss our Champions League Group. Current standings;
Celtic v Barca - Played 12, won w and drawn 3
Celtic v Man City - Played zero
Celtic v Munchengladbach - Played zero

Upon final analysis, the bhoys work out that we'll go to Manchester on 9 points....!

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No new music this week as it's all about the Champions League.

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This week Harry is joined by our South american correspondent Mark Cooper to discuss the marvellous events at Celtic Park, when a fantastic atmosphere urged on a wonderful game that delivered 7 goals - Five for Celtic.

Mark and Harry review the goals, the team and the performances and come to the conclusion that Celtic will go through. At the end of the podcast they briefly review Scottish football medai people asking diddy questions and Mark predicts a 5-0 v St Johnstone. It's all very pleasant...oh and is it Sin -Clair or Sinclur?


PS Harry has a wee sweary word in when discussing the diddy question and this weeks new music comes from Jargo
Photograph The Feeling - Dropbox

Jargo - At Night When The Wind Calms Down

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The season is about to start but before that happens we need closure on the Ronnie Deila years and what better way to have that closure than for the world's longest running football fans podcast to analyse the players and how they performed in Ronnies last season.

Normally the voting is from the closed shop of the exclusive Celtic Undergroud Panel however this term we opened it up to you, the podcast family. The first 2 places were as you'd expect but thereafter there were some interesting players in interesting positions in our top ten. You will hear on the podcast but perhaps of note were the absence of players - Scott Brown the club captain and two of our higher profile summer signings (not in money but in being dtalked about) Scott Allan and Nadir Ciftci.

The full list was;
1 Griffiths 2 Tierney 3 Sviachenko 4 Rogic 5 Roberts 6 McGregor 7 Gordon 8 Lustig 9 Bitton 10 Johansen

New music is from Misha Non Penguin;

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This week Jack Lyons once again joins Harry to discuss a Celtic away performance in Europe, but a more successful one than last time.

Celtic travelled over 3,000 miles and played a makeshift central defensive pairing and achieved a credible away draw and now have an excellent chance of progressing to the final knock out round of the pre-group stages.

New music this week comes in the form of Easy Signals;


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Football's back and I wish it wasn't.

What a remarkable first game for Brendan. Some of the worst moments of the last 18 months were revisted...and then some! It's the first game under Brendan and so time is on his side and these are aspects that are discussed between Harry Brady and Jack Lyons on this weeks podcast.

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This week the new music is from Room 42 who consist of Grade A from Dallas, TX and Freeky L. from Las Vegas. "Say My Name" is produced by Krush Kaprice.




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This week St Anthony is joined by a legend of Celtic Park Mr Tom Boyd. Tom is well known to all as a former Celtic player who (unlike many) has refused to take the Kings shilling and has remained a Celtic fan and defender and advocate of our club after retirement.

Tom began his career at Motherwell and famously led the team to their 1991 Scottish Cup Final From there he moved to Chelsea for 12 months before arriving at Paradise in a swap for Tony Cascarino. At the hoops Boyd made 304 appearances, socring just twice but significantly was part of the team that stopped the ten and was also part of Martin's treble winning side. Tom also made 72 appearances for Scotland and is in the Hall of Fame.

New music comes from Ghost Dance Collective, an Edinburgh band who emailed podcasts@Celticunderground.net If you want your new music or Celtic story on the podcast just email a file or link to a file and it'll be used - we have no editorial line here.

The two songs are Byrd-Man https://soundcloud.com/ghost-dance-collective-256761231/byrd-man


Something's Happening https://soundcloud.com/ghost-dance-collective-256761231/somethings-happening?in=ghost-dance-collective-256761231/sets/ghost-dance-collective


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