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This week Harry is joined by our South american correspondent Mark Cooper to discuss the marvellous events at Celtic Park, when a fantastic atmosphere urged on a wonderful game that delivered 7 goals - Five for Celtic.

Mark and Harry review the goals, the team and the performances and come to the conclusion that Celtic will go through. At the end of the podcast they briefly review Scottish football medai people asking diddy questions and Mark predicts a 5-0 v St Johnstone. It's all very pleasant...oh and is it Sin -Clair or Sinclur?


PS Harry has a wee sweary word in when discussing the diddy question and this weeks new music comes from Jargo
Photograph The Feeling - Dropbox

Jargo - At Night When The Wind Calms Down

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The season is about to start but before that happens we need closure on the Ronnie Deila years and what better way to have that closure than for the world's longest running football fans podcast to analyse the players and how they performed in Ronnies last season.

Normally the voting is from the closed shop of the exclusive Celtic Undergroud Panel however this term we opened it up to you, the podcast family. The first 2 places were as you'd expect but thereafter there were some interesting players in interesting positions in our top ten. You will hear on the podcast but perhaps of note were the absence of players - Scott Brown the club captain and two of our higher profile summer signings (not in money but in being dtalked about) Scott Allan and Nadir Ciftci.

The full list was;
1 Griffiths 2 Tierney 3 Sviachenko 4 Rogic 5 Roberts 6 McGregor 7 Gordon 8 Lustig 9 Bitton 10 Johansen

New music is from Misha Non Penguin;

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This week Jack Lyons once again joins Harry to discuss a Celtic away performance in Europe, but a more successful one than last time.

Celtic travelled over 3,000 miles and played a makeshift central defensive pairing and achieved a credible away draw and now have an excellent chance of progressing to the final knock out round of the pre-group stages.

New music this week comes in the form of Easy Signals;


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Football's back and I wish it wasn't.

What a remarkable first game for Brendan. Some of the worst moments of the last 18 months were revisted...and then some! It's the first game under Brendan and so time is on his side and these are aspects that are discussed between Harry Brady and Jack Lyons on this weeks podcast.

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This week the new music is from Room 42 who consist of Grade A from Dallas, TX and Freeky L. from Las Vegas. "Say My Name" is produced by Krush Kaprice.




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This week St Anthony is joined by a legend of Celtic Park Mr Tom Boyd. Tom is well known to all as a former Celtic player who (unlike many) has refused to take the Kings shilling and has remained a Celtic fan and defender and advocate of our club after retirement.

Tom began his career at Motherwell and famously led the team to their 1991 Scottish Cup Final From there he moved to Chelsea for 12 months before arriving at Paradise in a swap for Tony Cascarino. At the hoops Boyd made 304 appearances, socring just twice but significantly was part of the team that stopped the ten and was also part of Martin's treble winning side. Tom also made 72 appearances for Scotland and is in the Hall of Fame.

New music comes from Ghost Dance Collective, an Edinburgh band who emailed podcasts@Celticunderground.net If you want your new music or Celtic story on the podcast just email a file or link to a file and it'll be used - we have no editorial line here.

The two songs are Byrd-Man https://soundcloud.com/ghost-dance-collective-256761231/byrd-man


Something's Happening https://soundcloud.com/ghost-dance-collective-256761231/somethings-happening?in=ghost-dance-collective-256761231/sets/ghost-dance-collective


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The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 was introduced by the SNP and passed by MSPs by 64 votes to 57 without any opposition support. Labour, the Tories, Lib Dems and the Scottish Greens said the bill was "railroaded" and the Scottish Government has since faced calls for an early review into how the legislation is working. It has been challenged on the grounds that it compromises the principle of free speech. In June 2013, The Herald described it as "knee-jerk legislation" which needed to be revisited, arguing that "Scotland cannot arrest its way out of sectarianism". Fans groups have also raised concerns about the law.

Following the loss of an overall SNP majority in May Labour stated their intention to repeal the act and the man leading the charge is James Kelly MSP.

If you are interested in the repeal of this act, contact your MSP or James by email, letter or at a surgery. James can be found on twitter - @JameskellyLab

ALSO, last week we stated our intention to get your music and your Celtic stories on the podcast and the first band to contact us were The Urchins and this is their YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5j4SO6FnnZp_NtPOGEt3ig


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This week Saint Anthony is in conversation with Jim Delahunt. Fed up with all the criticism of interviewing people in a Greek Restaurant, this week decides to interview the guest via a transistor radio...! The guys speak football and then Harry moves on to boxing with a wee 5 minute tribute to The Greatest.

Also on this weeks podcast Harry gives an insight into changes coming for next season. If you have your own band or create your own music and would like it featured on the podcast, email us on Podcasts@CelticUnderground.net and get an audio file over to us.

Also we'd like to hear from you. We want to know about a Celtic event that had particular resonance with you. So whether it was your first game, a memorable game or a poignant game, record a 10 minute audio and send the file (or a link to the file) to podcasts@Celticunderground.net.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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What can I say? What a week?!

Friday 20th May, mid afternoon I was given a clue to stand by my bed as confirmation of the new manager was pending...Brodgers was coming!

Even as news started to spread that we had got our man, there were still those who doubted Celtic could attract someone of Brendan Rodgers caliber but attract him we did and if he had any doubt that he'd made the right decision I'm sure these were swept away by the avalanche of goodwill which greeted his arrival on Monday with 13,000 fans pouring into Celtic Park to meet him.

Brendan, welcome to Paradise.

The podcast contains exclusive chat with Brendan, The Anfield Wrap Liverpool Podcast, the Celtic Fans Liaison Officer John Paul Taylor and Uber fan Paul The Tim.


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What a weekend!

At around 3pm on Friday 20th May I was told to stand by my bad, THE announcement was imminent. Just after 5pm Celtic announced that Brendan Rodgers was coming to his spiritual home and taking over the reigns at Celtic Park.

After such a wonderful and joyous appointment how could we not have a quick podcast so I texted Hullbhoy who was most abliging...


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This week, with all the managerial rumours there was only one thing to do, get on Skype, get on to Lachie and discuss the rumoured cadidates. Surprisingly Lachie seems less than excited about the two leading candidates and discusses what he wants. Harry tries to suggest that Lachie wants Ronny version 2, a claim Lachie shoots down.

Lachie discusses his desire to get in a quality manager who wins the key games and the bhoys agree that whoever they get, this is what we all want.






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