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In 2012 our greatest rivals, Rangers Football Club entered administration, they never exited it.  They limped along, finished the season and died.  The story of that death is a decades long story of cheating in the vain attempt to compete with Celtic.  This is a podcast about that cheating.

As most of you will know, the blame for the death of Rangers was laid at the door of Craig Whyte by the fans of the that club and the media.  Such was the reach of the established order that when poor business practices led to the clubs death, fans git the courts to chase after Whyte.  His case was damning on that decision with no need for a defence case.  He won just from the evidence of the prosecution, but we don’t really care about that. Pertinent to Celtic was the confirmation during the trial that people within Rangers pursued an active policy to defraud all of our game. 


So desperate were those in charge to keep their club going with largess rather than living within their means that they cheated and defrauded to obtain a European license.  They nearly got away with it too.


This podcast sets out where we are now that the fraud has been confirmed and is about what could happen next.



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his week Saint Anthony returns with another reflection on a Celtic life in former left back Mark Reid.  When I was growing up the Celtic full back pairing was Andy Lynch at left back and Danny McGrain at Right Back.  This then changed to see Alan Sneddon come in with Danny moving over to the left.  Again that changed and our guest arrived allowing the world’s best right back into his natural position.


Over the years left back has been a challenging position for the hoops with younger fans spoiled by the likes of Tierney and Emilio.  Fans of my generation will no doubt have a soft spot for Mark Reid who was rather an unsung hero of the ‘80s.


For it was then that he made nearly 200 appearances for the club, winning several trophies including two league championships in an exciting and talented Hoops side.


However, with his first-team chances becoming more limited, the full-back elected to leave and join Charlton Athletic. As someone who had spent his entire career in Paradise, emerging from the club’s youth set-up, this was a difficult decision but one which he would ultimately reap the rewards from.


Reid helped the London side reach the old First Division and he got the opportunity to face some of the top teams and players in England of that era, staying there for six years before returning to Scotland in 1991.


After an injury-plagued two seasons with St Mirren, he decided to call time on his playing days and he has since carved out a successful career as a driving instructor.



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It’s summer time so we have something a wee bit different on this week’s podcast…basketball.  Now don’t worry we haven’t chucked our principles, our sport and and our game in the bin.  This is the Celtic Underground Podcast so obviously there has to be a Celtic angle to this and there is (thank goodness I hear you say).


This week Harry is joined by part owner of the Glasgow Rocks basketball team Duncan Smillie.  Duncan is in business with David Low running the Glasgow basketball franchise.  The team play on our doorstep and both men are massive hoops fans (that’s hoops of the green and white variety) so why not have a chat about our near neighbours?


There’ll be more podcasts along soon - old players, Res 12, The Lions of Lisbon play, the CU Season Review and the CU Top 10.  The close season isn’t long enough!



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The WORLD FAMOUS Celtic Underground Top Ten is here.  It’s time to vote!


Yes the Top Ten is back again and it’s your opportunity to cast your vote for the Celtic elite.  The podcast gives you a reminder of the runners and riders and also a reminder of past glory days and those more forgetable seasons.


This year we also have a new award - the Samaras Award for that unforgaetable moment in the season that just made it perfect to be a Celtic fan - the final whistle in Israel, the Lustig Goal at Ibrox, the Simunovic tackle on Miller, the Senderos slide or that Rogic winner.


All votes count, this is not a first past the post election.  Our STV methodology means that the best rise to the victory podium.


Enjoy and get voting podcasts@CelticUnderground.net

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The InVIncibles have their final game - the final chapter in a remarkable season.  Celtic Football Club are just 90 minutes away from finishing an emotional year with an incredible achievement - completing an entire season unbeaten domestically and in the process picking up all possible domestic trophies - a treble of senior honours and matching the Lions on the domestic front by also bagging the Glasgow Cup.


Harry is joined by Hullbhoy to preview the final and discuss the fantastic year.  We also have chat with Boyatta, Gordon and Roberts before closing out with some audio from the Hydro.



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It’s the night before and what else could we possibly do but release a podcast in tribute to one of the most remarkable achievement in all of Scottish sport.  25th May 1967 is a date written into the folklore of our club but for those of us under 50 it is only something we have read about or watched on video.  Our older fans were lucky enough to experience it so we thought it essential that we ask our own Lachie Mor for his memories.


Fresh faced and rosey cheeked, the 19 year old Lachie was at college down in Manchester but he made the treck back to Glasgow to watch the game at home.  And this is that story.


With one or two other bits of audio you might recognise (including a posh Archie) Enjoy…

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You will tell your grandchildren that you were there, that you saw Celtic win the league without loosing a game.  Wonderful.


This week we hear from Brendan Rodgers and Leigh Griffiths immediately after the Hearts victory.  Leigh still had the mud on his boots at the press conference whereas Brendan had spent quite some time on the park before the press conference commenced but it was all good.  Brendan talked a lot about being invincible, infrangible and Leigh talked about which boss is the best kisser!  As for Mark and I?  We just meander and ramble this way and that.



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This week Harry is joined by St Anthony, fresh from his trip to the hospital.  Many have wondered what part of his body Saint had enhanced...we couldn't possibly comment!  After discussing how difficult it was to have a hospital visit sandwiched between two humpings of a team from Ibrox, Harry & Saint then go on to discuss the victory over Aberdeen before a more mundane discussion around the parking proposals at Celtic Park, the lack of thought that surrounds the proposal and the possible impact.


After this chat the bhoys revert back to football and the forthcoming Thistle game.



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This week the guests (nearly) are all Celtic.

Following from the victory over St Johnstone when Celtic’s starting outfield 10 had a combined age of just 22, we hear from one of those young stars Patrick Roberts.  We also have 10 minutes from the manager where he discusses the performances of Ralston and Johnstone, the chances of keeping Paddy and his general thoughts on the victory.


Also this past week we had the launch of the new strip and at that event myself and a few other Celtic websites were able to have a chat with Stuart Armstrong, Callum McGregor and Kieran Tierney, so we have the 10 minutes per player exclusive chat also.  At the end we hear from St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright who confesses that we were just too good for his team.



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In the darkest days of the 1990’s, pre Fergus McCann, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would stand at Ibrox and witness such an imperious performance.  They may be a new club but it’s the same ground with the same fans and we absolutely thumped them.  Destroyed them.  Ground them into the ground.


From almost the first goal there was an air of menace, a thought that at any time their end could flip and go bonkers.  Brown’s attack, monkey taunts and Directors fighting.  This was THEIR Dallas Game, their Mars Bar game…except they have no Fergus coming!


So en-route home I was joined by gentle Jim to discuss the game.  We wanted a raw and fresh podcast that captured how we felt immediately post game.  It’s recorded on the journey home so please accept our apologies on the sound quality.



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